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hello my name is Jake Berney and I’m a
graduate from the Physical Education course and now I’m currently studying my
master’s in strength and conditioning. My name’s Joseph skeet I’m a UEA Physical Education alumni and now I currently work in the student support department
here at the university as a student support coordinator. Alongside my Master’s I’m currently working at Saracens women’s rugby club and that’s
just about ensuring that they’re performing optimally particularly in
their big games such as the Six Nations. My roles are really varied working for
student support department at the moment, no two days are the same so one day
I can be writing a funding application to get some money into
develop a new programme for the students and staff, another day I’m out refereeing
a football tournament out on the pitch, another day I’m getting to go and watch student
rugby cup finals at Twickenham. So it really is such a brilliant role, no two days
are alike and I love that variety about my job. During the physical education
course I was fortunate enough to take part in a variety of different
internships working with Leicester Tigers youth athletes and kind of setting
their strength and conditioning sessions. I had the opportunity to also work with
the UEA Athletics Club as well as the Norfolk United Netball club, so again,
it provided me with that coaching experience necessary to kind
of take the next step. So the modules that I enjoyed most were ‘partnerships
in physical activity’ and ‘sports psychology’ and ‘health promotion’. I
knew I didn’t want to be a PE teacher when I came to UEA but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and the content of those modules made me realise I really wanted
to get into organising events in getting people active, increasing
participation in sport, so they gave me lots of the background knowledge about how
the sporting landscape works but also the theory behind and the psychology
behind why people do sport. My most memorable experience at UEA was probably
performing in the Outdoor Championships at Bucks so that was with the athletics
team and that was kind of a really good atmosphere in terms of
you know egging each other on to perform to our best, we were also able to
go out afterwards so that was a real good social side to that. My best bit of
advice and what I heard within my first week of doing the degree here at UEA was to say yes to everything, so obviously you need your degree but
you also need lots of experience and qualifications around your degree to
make you stand out as well so I realised what roles I didn’t want to do by all
the different volunteering and everything else that I did and it made
me narrow down what I did actually want to do, so take on as many
opportunities and experiences as you possibly can. Be proactive, go out there and seek internships and we have fantastic facilities on campus that
can help you achieve that such as career central, they’re able to help you with
cover letter writing, CV writing and even personal statements and so I do
really recommend getting after that UEA

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