Polar Beat Free Fitness and Training App | Introduction

Polar Beat is the ultimate free training and exercise app that turns your Smartphone into a fitness tracker. You can start training immediately without any external devices, but to unlock the advanced Smart Coaching features you need a Bluetooth heart rate sensor like the Polar H10 OR OH1. Get Started – by downloading the Polar Beat app from Google Play or the App Store. Sign In with your Polar account or register as a new user. With an account, you get access to over 100+ sports profiles and Polar Beat will keep track of your training sessions throughout the year. Start training with the Basic Features – Make sure your GPS is turned ON. Choose your sport from the quick list, and tap the icon to access training specific settings. Choose your training target from “Free training”, Distance or Duration. Tap start to begin! And keep the phone with you during the training. Analyzing the results – When your workout is done, tap pause, and stop the workout. An overview of your training results will automatically open. Polar Beat will also record your training route, so you can re-live the experience and analyze your performance during different phases. After your amazing workout, share the experience with your supporters. Tap the share button and choose the photo you want to share with your workout. If you don’t want to share a photo, you can share a snapshot of your trail. Before you tap DONE or close the app, wait until the loading symbol disappears. This means your data is syncing with your Polar Flow service. If the internet connection is poor, don’t worry, your records will stay on the phone until the internet is again available and you open up the Polar Beat app again. This way you’ll always keep your training data even when you switch phones. Tap upgrade when you are ready to take your fitness to the next level. Here you’ll find a list of all the advanced smart coaching features that will automatically unlock when you pair a Bluetooth heart rate sensor with the Polar Peat app. If you don’t have a Polar heart rate sensor at hand, tap to learn more, and you can get one delivered to your home. Perfect, now you know all the basics. Have fun and get moving with Polar Beat! Order your convenient heart rate sensor from polar.com

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