100 Replies to “Preschool Teachers Play Never Have I Ever”

  1. My mother is a kindergarden teacher. My school is near the kindergarden so I sometimes pass by. And when I do, the children run up to me and they hug me yelling "It's Maya! It's Maya!". And it's so cute😍!
    But then there are some kids that don't remember me and they may ask me a question like: "Miss, where do I put this?" and I just laugh and tell them that I'm just their teacher's daughter. The fact that I'm just a teen and they see me as an adult…
    Also! Sometimes I draw there, and there are 2-3 kids that always stand next to me and they ask me loaaads of random questions. I love this!!
    Or when I watch a boy and a girl saying that they're married and I remember myself their age. I used to be married too, you know. 😂 Yeah… Things didn't work out so we got a divorce…
    I also love it when they give me drawings that they've made. They're so sweet! I have lots of these!
    Oh I just adore young kids. I'm an only child, but I've always wanted a younger sister or brother! 💖💖

  2. When I was in pre-K my teacher was reading an animal book and she read a paragraph about buffalos and I yelled “What the hell is a buffalo” and my teacher started to laugh so loud I don’t think she even yelled at me but she said I can’t say that again. So my parents need to stop saying stuff like that around me even though they still do but not as much. The moral of the story is that never shout out “what the hell is a buffalo in your pre-k class. 😂🤣😅

  3. Lmao my friend said he showed a girl his pp in preschool, and she showed her privates to him, and my friend thought she was a freak because she didnt have a pp

  4. I am an intellectual, did not attend preschool and I'm an A student. No, but seriously, what's the point of preschool.

  5. When i first seen this Video, i thought the girl in the pink shirt was Alyson Stoner lmao or like her sister.

  6. what age group are they referring to though? because i work at a daycare/preschool center and we only consider “preschool” the rooms that have 3-4 yr olds…the other rooms are toddler or infant rooms… they said “so many diapers” but most of the 2 year olds where i work are starting to be/already are potty trained so they don’t wear diapers by the time they get to preschool

  7. a 3 year old that I babysit for started crying and yelling at me because she didnt want me to put my hair in a pony tail.. MY hair.. it was 95 degrees out and we were playing outside

  8. I once called a teacher Mum but the worst part was that my teacher was a man. And it was so embarrassing plus the thing was the whole class heard me say it. So yeah. 😅🤦🏼‍♀️

  9. All of these people seem like they are or were in the right line of work working with kids. They all seem so kind and laid-back.

  10. Preschoolers be like:
    Teacher: what’s wrong?
    Preschoolers: I DONT WANNA GO TO SCHOOL
    Teacher: you’re already at school

  11. In Preschool me and this girl had a full on argument that lasted like 3 whole hours on what Lego girl looked better.

  12. I'm confused. What in the world are preschool teachers? We don't have them in my country. We have people that used to be called Kindergardeners (they are now called something different) and then we have teachers. Teachers work with children ages 6-18 (6-10 is elementary school, 10-16 is secondary school. 16-18/20 is either job-school or college) and Kindergardeners work with children ages 4 months to 6 years.

  13. The only reason I was friends with the family was because we went to church together. I knew the family before the child was even born.

  14. The guy saying “penis competition”, “that’s a big one”, and “chode” sounds like he’s had quite and experience as a preschool teacher

  15. I‘m so confused, I’m from Germany and I guess preschool can be compared with German “Kindergarten”, but them calling the children “students” and themselves “teachers” seems so weird to me, am I alone with this? lol😂

  16. Preschool was actually school in the usa
    In Scotland it was running around painting stuff and teen substitutes that had bright pink hair

  17. Changing diapers in pre school hell no ya'll americans crazy our children in my country have to be potty trained before starting pre school

  18. When kids think words like “Poopy” are inappropriate! They kinda are to there age but not really a big deal like curse words!

  19. Story from when I was in preschool so at my preschool there were these blocks that were about 30 cm high and me and my friend stacked them up and climbed up and got over the fence and the teachers thought me and my friend got kidnapped and called the police only for the police to find me and my friend and the park across the street

  20. Stephanie looks like the type of teacher that purposely forgets they have homework so she doesn't have to correct them. I like that

  21. How bout teachers that teach a split class cause I have to deal with being in a split class and being the oldest xd rip

  22. I'm not from America so I might get this wrong.

    But u is telling me. Boys were having a PP CONTEST IN THE BATHROOMS… IN PRESCHOOL! THEYRE LIKE 5. HOW COULD THEY EVEN CARE OR KNOW?!?!?!?!?!!!

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