Progress in Motion – High-Rise Fire Training

“Whenever we go to a roof, we’re taking tools, right? But probably the number 1 tool we’re always gonna have with us and a compliment, is we’re always gonna have halligan bar, right?” As the City of Frisco grows, its office buildings grow taller. To keep everyone safe, Frisco firefighters trained to respond to these mid-rise and high-rise buildings. “This is really a special opportunity that that we get to have to to train in this type of facility.” Frisco’s skyline is changing, so that means the way police and fire respond needs to evolve as well. “It’s very difficult to replicate a structure of this size in a training environment.” Using different types of scenarios, both departments are training in two buildings at HALL Park slated to be demolished. “This is kind of a once in a career opportunity to be able to actually go into a real building, an actual building, and perform what you would normally do under under only a training situation or where there was a fire or something like that.” Frisco firefighters conducted different types of office building responses. “What we’re going to be able to do is practice a lot of the techniques and procedures that we would use on any of these similar mid-rise buildings that are all over Frisco.” Firefighters simulated search and rescue call techniques that may require cutting through doors walls and the roof of the building. “We’re gonna make our head cut and then we’re going to do a relief cut on it.” “Lots of different skills and drills and full-scale scenarios that we’ll be doing to really kind of hone in on a lot of the techniques procedures that we do.” Other North Texas fire and police departments are also taking advantage of the buildings to train throughout the month of January.

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