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  1. a genuine pleasure every time I see your videos…I am now using your information in central Canada…thanks and God bless…doug

  2. Great job thinning the fruit by making those pruning cuts! I'm glad to see your grafts took. I've heard you should leave on a "nurse" branch to keep the systems active until the graft is established. Any thoughts on that?

  3. ÓLA Jaime Sacadura, faz-me bem ver estes videos sobre ,podas enxertos manutençao e por aí.A propósito todos estes videos (trabalho), são feitos na sua propriedade? abraços …ALBANO

  4. Suggestion: when you are adding text to your video be mindful of what COLOR your font is against the scenery. Your yellow text is very difficult to read against the golden green of the field grass and the green foliage of the young trees and fruit. Your videos are very helpful and illustrates in great detail your techniques but in many videos are very difficult to read switching from scene to scene. I see you use the same color in all of your videos but not all scenes have the same " busyness" in the scene's texture or the same color backdrop where you add your text so some text are more difficult to read than others. Or you can box your text against a neutral color… ( more work)

  5. I feel sad for them while being cut. But I know this is for their best results of growing up a strong tree in the future.

  6. My apple tree is not growing . No fruit at all. In the ground given it all I could .. in return nothing . I can’t even prune it nothing has grown . What should I do? Rip it out and start over .

  7. What do you spray to keep caterpillars from drilling holes in your apples? Also, do you have to worry about birds pecking holes in your fruit looking for a sources of liquids like they sometimes do on tomatoes?

  8. Worst thing you could’ve of done is cut the central leader of the tree, ruins the whole balance, as you can see a year after the top of tree is out of control and few fruiting buds

  9. muy instuctivos tus videos,una pregunta ,en planta nacida de semillas en cuantos años comienzan a producir frutos si no son injertados?,se que no se debe plantar de semilla por que el arbol que se obtiene puede ser mejor o peor que la planta madre

  10. I learned that ANY pruning is helpful (for the most part) , but the great techniques here, really make for the best outcome.

  11. almost the same as bonsai, it has the same idea but on a different scale.
    I'm wondering about the thinning fruits for better quality (is it the same for all fruits? is it based on your experience as this fruit tree can support x fruits per branch or based on size of the tree?)

    since I'm interested in doing fruit bonsai trees (lack of space for real trees living in an apartment building) I've subscribed

  12. Thanks for the video.I am having a hard time with bears breaking down my five year old apple trees.I have twelve trees I don't think much can be done about that though.What are you cutting or scraping with your knife after you prune the leaders.regards

  13. How i wish that apple can grow from any part of the world(land) in any climate condition. I would love to pick fresh apple but its not happening since I'm here in the Philippines. 😢

  14. I have a year old apple tree n grafting is not possible here. I don't know what to do help please help me.

  15. The same vídeo with AUDIO Commentary – https://youtu.be/8yE6EwnRkro
    Check also my latest video on "Pruning Fruit Trees in the Home Orchard | A step by step video guide" to know more – https://youtu.be/ispF8zyr4pU
    Table of Contents:
    0:49 – First Pruning
    2:17 – Removing suckers
    3:28 – Removing excess fruits to prevent breaks and young tree exaustion
    4:32 – Correcting Unpruned Apple Trees
    6:53 – Summer pruning

  16. Lástima que Guatemala no tiene un presidente como el del Salvador . Para que ponga a trabajar tanto empleado huevon del gobierno. Que les pagan a costillas de tanto impuesto que pagamos sin recibir nada.

  17. Para mi fue muy sufrido verlo todo… Porque no elimimar el excedente durante la floración? He visto que se hace con las flores, se reduce del grupo de 5 a sólo una o dos por llema y se garantiza la polinización de ésa y se concentra la energía de la planta en esas. No después! Ramos cargados de frutos cortados! 😢

  18. What a wonderful video, very informative, this will be a bunch of ideas to those planning for an apple farm. How lovely of seeing how you take good care each and every tree of apples:) Good job! Thanks for sharing.

  19. why did you cut those productive branches with small apples 😡 if you want just uproot the whole tree!!!! 😡😡😡

  20. Wow friend very good Videos. It make me happy smile and good Education in the Videos . I love all your Videos that's products and post

  21. This would have been an excellent video if it hadn't been for the foreign writing over top of the English . Made it impossible to read .

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