Qkids online teaching: ACE your demo video! (JUNE 2019)

Qkids is finally hiring and now it is time
to make your demo video. But, what rhyme will you use? How long does it need to be? How does your back ground need to look? And does it even matter? If we haven’t met, my name is Kristina, very
nice to meet you, and I’m so glad you ended up here. I offer free hiring help for qkids so make
sure to hit the bell and subscribe so that you can be notified every Tuesday. By the end of this video, you will have six
solid strategies that you can use to ace your demo video and move onto the next stage in
the hiring process. Step number one: write your intro. It should be simple, this is what I said:
my name is Kristina and I can’t wait to work for Qkids. Then, introduce yourself and your experience. I have a masters degree in occupational therapy
and six months of teaching children in the classroom and I will be reading “oh the places
you will go.” Step number 2: this is obvious but you need
a book or a rhyme and do not get stuck on this stage. You don’t even need to buy a book. You can simply google children’s nursery rhymes
and decide which one that you would like to read. I didn’t even have my book in my hands when
I was reading the video, this will make sense when I talk about step number four. Step number three: choose how much of the
book or rhyme you are going to read. Teachers get so hung up on this stage, they’re
like oh my god how long is my rhyme and is it 3 minutes, its under 2 minutes, choose
the book and he hates the camera, and choose how much you are going to read. You can shorten your book. It doesn’t matter how long or how short it
is because you get to decide. Ok step number four: you can use the stickies
feature on your computer. Remember when I said you can shorten the length
of your book, well once you’ve decided how short you want that rhyme to be, open stickies
on your computer, type in everything you want to say and use it as your teleprompter. Initially I did try to read the book, but
this was very awkward. Oh, the places you will go, oh, wait, can
the camera see it, what what, I didn’t know what I was doing so you can easily use stickies
as your teleprompter. Now I want you to keep watching because the
last step is very crucial, it’s the most common mistake teachers make when making their intro
videos and you can definitely avoid this mistake. Step number 5: be extra expressive. The people going over these videos are looking
to see that you are not a robot. So you need to be very expressive, smile a
lot, even if it feels extremely strained, use your hands and talk a lot. And basically whatever you think you’re doing
is expressive, you need to take that up a notch. So if you think this is expressive: oh the
places you will go, you need to do this: oh the places you will go! Use your eyes, use your eyebrows, just act
ridiculous. Step number 6 and the most important step
is don’t overthink it. Please do not waste too much time on this
stage. The sooner you get your video in, the sooner
you can move on and start actually interviewing and start actually teaching for qkids. Would you rather spend 2 weeks making sure
that your demo video is absolutely perfect or would you rather get your video in today
and start interviewing next week? I’m pretty sure you know the answer to that
one. All you need is your script, your webcam which
you need to teach for Qkids anyways, a lamp, some natural daylight, no need to worry about
having the perfect background, that will come later. Right now the goal is to get you teaching
for Qkids as soon as possible. Now that you’ve finally sent out your demo
video what is next? I will be uploading a video next Tuesday going
over what to expect during your first Qkids interview and how to show up as someone that
they want to hire. If you found this video helpful and you are
considering applying to Qkids, please use my referral code in the description below
and why are you still watching, go make your video, good luck and I will see you next week. Bye!

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  1. Amazing channel and great video. I love your energy and vibe. Thanks for sharing, very informative. New subscriber! 😊💜

  2. I'm currently taking a gap year before university, so I don't have any degree, and technically am not working towards one right now, However I have tons of experience tutoring kids and volunteering in an elementary school.. Do you think it's possible to get hired by Qkids? Thanks!

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