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Teacher tells my little sister she can’t have
her lip balm, sister gives her a shriek inducing smile.
OCM This is my sister’s story, but it’s too good
to not share. This was back when she was in second grade, and this girl was the perfect
child. I wish I was kidding, but no. You know that ONE kid with the halo and the sweet smile,
the manners to make a parent proud, and cutesy little voice? Yep, that’s her. But, she DOES
have a mean streak when you push her. You would think that ALL the teachers loved her,
right? Nope, not her second grade teacher. This woman was hellfire personified, and she
for some reason hated my little sister. More often that not, my little sister came out
of that classroom trying to hold back tears. Two more very important things about my sister
– she has always had lips that would get so chapped they would bleed, and she always carries
around Carmex with her. So, one day, she’s sitting in class with Heck’s
favorite teacher when she pulls out her little tub of Carmex and the teacher immediately
starts screeching at her to see her after class. End of class, and the teacher tells
her that she MUST keep the Carmex with the school’s office because it says “medicated”,
and back in the day you had to be literally dying just for the office to give you your
things (no joke, I’m asthmatic and it took almost dying on the office floor for them
to hand my inhaler over but that’s another story). My sister tries to explain that without
the Carmex her lips will bleed, but the woman does not care. Well, Heck hath no fury little
a sweet baby scorned. Very next morning, she doesn’t use any in
the morning, doesn’t use any for the ride to school, doesn’t use it before sister hands
the little tub of Carmex over to the office lady (who looks at her very confused but just
does not give a crap) and she heads off to class. She does her best to keep calm when
she starts to feel her lips get chapped, keeping her lips as drawn in and neutral as she can.
She spends most of the day with her head down and not speaking, until finally the teacher
calls on her to answer a math question. Now, I should probably warn everyone this might
get a little graphic. Sister lifts her head up, looks this woman right in the eyes and
smiles as wide as she can. Tears are rolling down her cheeks as she can feel her lips splitting
open so badly that they’re not just bleeding a little. It’s rolling down her chin, mixing
with her tears, down her neck and onto the collar of her shirt. This woman screamed so
loudly that us third graders across the hall could hear it. She ended up ripping her lips
so badly they had to page little third grade me to call my mom to pick her up, and she
had to stay home for a couple of days to recover. When she came back, however, not only did
the teacher personally hand her Carmex over, she had bought her a few more little tubs
of the stuff for “just in case she ever ran out” and never bothered her again. I don’t
know if it was coincidence that year was the last year she taught, but a little part of
me likes to think that she met her match in my little sister. Posted byu/Adptt
2 days ago Silver
Teacher ask why I take so long in the restroom. OCS
Context: I have a weak stomach causing me to be in the bathroom for extended periods
of time. This incident happened about 2 months ago
in my literature class. I had just finished an exam when I started to get the craps. I
got up from my desk and asked the teacher if I could use the restroom. She said yes
and I headed down the wing to the restroom. I wasnt feeling to well and ended up spending
20ish minutes on the toilet. Once I started to feel better I headed back to class. I walked
in the classroom and my teacher began berating me about how I was skipping class, that see
was going to get me ISS etc. I tried to explain myself but she wouldn’t believe me unless
I gave her evidence,so I ended up getting a week of afterschool detention. Fastforward
to yesterday, I again wasnt feeling well and asked to use the restroom. My teacher gave
me a snarky response saying ” Your not going to skip are you?” I just ignored her and headed
to the restroom. Once I got there I ended up releasing the flood gates being stuck in
the bathroom for about 30 minutes. Knowing if I went to class I would get chewed out.
I took my phone out and took a photo of my creation. I head back to class and my teacher
starts her rant about me skipping. I tell her I was in the restroom and again she doesnt
believe me, so I pull my phone out showing her the photo. She was disgusted beyond belief
starting to gag, throwing up in her trash can. It got so bad that she ended up leaving
early. Sadly though I did get In School Suspension for it. I did it my way
OCS Many moons ago, after I married a narcessist
a-hole; he started revealing his douche-baggary in subtle, stupid ways. One way was: he stopped
doing his chores, and stopped cleaning up after himself altogether. That was really
insulting because I had always worked a full-time job, and before we had wed, I had been VERY
clear that I was not going to be a housewife; that we would do things equally. Well, his answer to that was to say that I
couldn’t MaKe him do anything- if I wanted the house cleaned, I’d have to do it myself.
For some reason, this made me thing of the
Simpson’s episode with Blinky the three-eyed fish; where Homer says to Marge, She can express
herself with her lovely home. So, I replied the way Marge did, “Okay, I will!” I said.
…and immediately set to work. Starting with the living room, I gathered
my (now) Ex’s jacket and clothing he’d left strewn about, and tossed them on his computer
chair. His backpack and books, also dropped on the computer chair. Then I went in the
kitchen and took his dirty dishes, and boom onto the chair. His dirty laundry? Plop, onto
the chair …which had fallen over by now. Etc. Etc. until the house was clean, yay! Now, my ex couldn’t use his PC, till he cleaned
up his crap. That first night, he took it like a man. The next night when I dumped all
his stuff on his chair, and for good measure, vacuumed the rug and dumped the canister over
his crap; he squealed like a pig, “What are you doing!?” “I’m cleaning!” I answered him, “You wanted
me to do it all- well, this is how I’m going to do it!” He started doing his chores after that. The
divorce came later. Teacher wants proof that my feat are hurting,
so I show her my ingrowing toenails OCM
Yes, I known the titles wrong: blame autocorrect. Warning: not for the squeamish. Just be glad
I don’t have photos. So, when I was about 15, I developed ingrowing
toenails on both of my big toes. My own dang fault for trimming them too close to the sides,
but live and learn. Anyone who’s had ingrowing toenails, or known
someone with them, will know just how much they hurt. Especially when a bunch of expletives
at school start thinking it’s funny to “accidentally” tread/stamp on my feet. There aren’t words
to describe the pain, because your mind kind of shuts down for a moment. Which, if they’re
smart, gives the freak-knuckle responsible time to move. If not? Well, it turns out that picking up
a chair and hitting someone round the head with it, pro-wrestling style, is a reflex
action. One that will result with you having to sit down with your parents, across a table
from your tutor teacher (I believe that the American equivalent is Homeroom teacher) and
your Head of Year (teacher responsible for your entire year group all the way through
high school). Now, I did not get on with my Head of Year:
she never really forgave me for not being the perfect student my older sister was, and
well, I was certainly responsible for more than my fair share of the paperwork on her
desk. So, you know, we had almost five years of mutual loathing between us at this point. So we’re sat there, the HoY convinced that
she finally has grounds to expell me. To his credit, my Tutor was trying to be a bit more
fair, holding the position that, while I over reacted, I had been the victim of bullying
to begin with. My mother, who’s in full Mama Bear mode, is trying to explain that I’m in
pretty much constant pain, to the point where I had to sleep with my feat poking out from
under the sheets, but HoY was having none of it. To her, no amount of pain could possibly
excuse what I’d done. Then my mum tells me to take my shoes and
socks off. And this is where my compliance becomes malicious, because I also took off
the dressing that were covering my toes. Dressings that were there because my toes had become
infected, and I was on some pretty strong antibiotics at the time. They. Did. Not. Look. Good. I won’t describe them in any detail, because
I’m sure Reddit probably has rules about that kind of thing. Let’s just say that my HoY
turned an interesting shade of green and looked ready to bring back up everything she’d eaten
in the previous 24hr. My Tutor… not so much. But he was Irish, therefore made of stunner
stuff. HoY bids me to put the dressings back on,
not able to even look at me. Mum asks her if they looked painful enough to her. Meeting
ended VERY quickly. Now school rule was announced the next day:
anyone who even “accidentally” trod on or in anyway hurt the feet of someone with ingrowing
toenails got an automatic two days suspension and had their arse chewed off by the HoY.
The look on her face as she announced this made it clear that, not only was she not joking,
but was actively looking for someone to make an example out of. Couple of weeks after my GCSE’s, I had my
toenails removed. They had to end off the nail beds, so they won’t ever grow back. Got
a couple of interesting scares, but they’re only visible if I’m wearing sandals. So, yeah, be careful cutting you toenails. I was required to wear a suit…PROBLEM !
OCM Years back when I worked in retail ( menswear
) I was required to wear a suit…PROBLEM ! I’m 6 ft 3 inches tall…and at the time I
only weighed 147 lbs…I was a 39 inch chest…with a 28 inch waist…but by god I was FIT ! Even
if you could count my ribs at a hundred yards on a moonless night. So most of my clothes, including shirts and
ties…which were never long enough…had to be made to measure ( except for jeans ). Expensive…but I looked GOOD. Our area manager came in one day and and says.
‘Nice suit…is that one of ours’? I opened the jacket to show him the label of a competitor
( one that did made to measure ). He was FURIOUS…. Then he DEMANDED that I
either A. Get my suits from them ( the company I worked for ) or B. Have that label removed
and one of ours put in it’s place. I told him that we didn’t have anything like
the size I needed…and that I’d been ( most strongly ) advised NOT ( under ANY circumstances
) to get a made to measure suit from our company…’cos the people who made the suits NEVER got it
right. He INSISTED that when I needed a new suit
to call him…and HE would come along and measure me up. Cue the malicious compliance. So…the next time I need a suit I called
him and he came along and he took the measurements…after about 8 weeks the suit duly arrived, I tried
it on…then phoned him. When he came in I put the suit on and walked
out of the fitting room…holding up the trousers with both hands…he laughed and told me I
didn’t need to do that…that they couldn’t POSSIBLY fit that bad. So…I let go…and they promptly fell to
my ankles…in shop filled with customers and with all the other staff watching while
they served customers. So of course they promptly go into hysterical laughter…although I hadn’t
actually SAID what I was going to do…they knew me pretty well….so they had a pretty
good idea of what going to happen. The people who had made the suit obviously
couldn’t read…the waist was THIRTY EIGHT INCHES ! As for the jacket…a family of four could
have set up camp in it…it was HUGE. It went back…and he never said another word to me
about buying suits from other companies. Sweet, Short and Cheeky MC I want to preface this MC by saying that my
mother and I have a great relationship and this was just me following orders SCENE Kitchen, post-dinner wash up CAST Mum Me as my smartass self STORY Me – (filling up the sink to above halfway
like I usually do) Mum – “Fill it up more! I have to rewash half
the dishes in the morning when you don’t fill it up enough” Me – (turns tap on for half a second and turns
it off again while maintaining full eye contact) Mum – (Gives me a withering stare)”Turn that
bloody tap on until I say when” Now many readers who frequent this subreddit
may have caught the glaring error my mother has just made and the subsequent path it took
us down. Tap: On Me: Smirking Mum: Distracted -20 seconds later- Mum – “Holyfish96, what the f**k!” Me – (still smirking as the water envelops
the kitchen floor) “You didn’t say when” Mum – (huge sigh) I had to clean it up but it was fully worth

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  1. The chapstick thing reminds of two stories the school who rather risk skin cancer because they want the kids to get burned because sunscreen is a drug and also the kids might eat it and someone might be allergic. Also the schools who won't allow life saving medicine to be with the kids instead had to be in office or the nurses office.
    Though miss why are you in the bathroom could have been sued the minute she punished him. I doubt his doctors don't know about his problem and considering that one those things the school insist on you telling them in the yearly paperwork. To punish someone for a legitimate medical condition has become even more illegal in schools not they are paying attention.

  2. Wowza! This is a great group of stories! One winner after another. Thank you, Sterling Storytime 😉💖😉

  3. Honestly i dont get the thing about not allowing students to have medice with them. As long as I can remember have I had at least two kinds of meds with me (pills and eye drops) for my allergies with later increased to 3 with a nose spray (all prescription) and then I was like 13 would I start to carry around two kinds of pain killers (just store bought which requires 18+ where I'm from) too incase of headaches and I never had any issues

  4. I'm glad we bigfoots never had to worry about teachers out here in the forest, I could go to the bathroom tree for as long as I wanted

  5. I got a doctors note in grade school to satisfy the tyrants. because for some honest reason I poop (and pee) quite often. Doctor didnt think I had any sort of actual malady. Just a frequent flyer for some reason. He laughingly just took my word for it and wrote the official 'ffs let the kid poop' memo and the tyrants grudgingly had to concede.

  6. The little sister is a champion for what she did. Me and my sisters lips get chapped pretty bad, but not that bad.

  7. Um…how does the water level mean the mum had to rewash dishes? All aboard! Next stop, Crazy Town! 🤦

  8. One of your videos was posted with a very offensive picture.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qQwATOIFPw&t=31s r/prorevenge – Nightmare Neighbors VS A Perfect Plan
    "In 1993, Homolka began serving her 12-year jolt in jail after pleading guilty in the sick sex slayings ofschoolgirls Kristen French, 15, and Leslie Mahaffy, 14."

  9. The rule about medicine in schools should be changed to a need basis. Pain killers? Office
    Inhaler/other immediate effect, on person

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