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My name’s Michael Garden. I’m the head trainer at
Eastern Companion Dog Training. We also run the dog boarding school here at Abba Boarding Kennels
in Dandenong South in Melbourne, Australia. In the dog boarding school, one of the things we
train for is what we call real life obedient. We want a dog that’s
obedient in real life, not just under certain circumstances. And all our commands are taught
until they’re told not to. I’ve placed Arwen into a sit, and she’ll remain there
until I tell her, free. That’s she now free to go. She can sit there if she chooses, but she’s now free to go. When I’m ready, I can re-command her, zah, which is our sit command. She then goes into that sit position, and I tell her how good she is. She’ll now remain there, even I try and pull her and drag her out, until I tell her, free. It’s a clear end signal to say to her that she doesn’t
have to do it any longer. That the dogs do it from the
moment I tell them to do it, until I tell them not to. A clear start and an end to the exercise, making it much clearer
for the dogs to understand what is required, and that they’re to do it
until they’re told not to. You’re very good aren’t you? You’re such a clever dog. Such a clever dog.

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