RYA WINDFOILING INSTRUCTOR ENDORSEMENT with RYA Training – Learning to Foil and Teach

so this week we’ve been running a win
for constructive endorsements and it’s been a great way of getting people
looking at running first fly sustained flights and Porter’s five forces
discourses ain’t their existing intermediate structures or intermediate
planning instructors and it’s a great four-day bolt on so a bit what they’re
really teaching with it I start filing myself because it’s a new part of the
discipline son so new to try out and also cause it just really widens the
range of conditions that we can use from a teaching point of view it’s all about
getting people on the water in that range of conditions and really
maximizing the season I wanted to do the funny endorsement course because I’ve
really enjoyed falling and I wanted to learn how to teach it to other people so
for me the highlights of the course were understanding how much of an effect kits
that can have on the performance of the foil and you’re falling experience and
then also some one-to-one coaching on my fulfilling jobs and getting a lot better
win7 structures should do the falling endorsement because they’ll learn how to
deliver foiling safely to their students and also break it down into the three
levels of first flight sustained flight and performance wise yeah boiling is not
as difficult as everyone thinks it is it’s definitely a very different
sensation that if you’re in control in your first shots really achievable skill
with a right to issue I just believed that foiling is is a very new part and
definitely a growth industry in the sport and the more instructors we can
get out there teaching it and spreading the love the batter that’s gonna make

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