Samson, Resource Guarding aggression- Before & After | Dog Training In Buffalo, NY

*growling and snarling* Samson, come! Good boy! Yes. Samson, come! Good boy! Yes. Out! Good boy, good job buddy. That’s beautiful. Break! Yes. Good boy! So I’m fine with that. I don’t feel the need to push him beyond that. I just want to test to make sure that okay,
what if he has a bone and someone accidentally bumps into him, like is that going to be this
horrible thing? Samson, out! Yes. Break! It doesn’t have to be in his mouth, if he’s
standing over it, he’s possessing it. *Samson, out!* Yes, good boy! Samson, come! Beautiful. Good boy! Yes, good boy! Samson, place! Good boy! Very good!

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