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hi this is to say a few words about eduemaster and the instructor Priya with whom I did my advances SAS. Eduemaster has provided me with the theoretical and practical training in advance SAS The training was very informative and Practical regarding the instructor Priya she is always on time and able to explain difficult topics in simple terms thank you so much Priya and Thank you Eduemaster wishing you a good luck. This is manisha and i have done my clinical SAS course with Eduemaster and the Course content is very good of a Eduemaster and the SAS Trainer Priya she is very knowledgeable and she also has a good experience in teaching as well as a nice working experience ,her about teaching method is very nice she simplifies everything and also she gives some assignments to do every day and I love doing the course thank you. Hello I’m glad to say a few words about SAS Trainer Priya are being learning clinical SAS with her for the last six weeks she’s a very well experienced and Determined and confident teacher she’s got a good knowledge of SAS programming and experienced too, the best part of her teaching is she explains every concept very clearly along with the practical application in your day-to-day life as a SAS programmer and she’ll be telling how the questions will appear in certification exams as well I’m glad that I got SAS Priya is my trainer I am quite new to programming language but in the last just six weeks I am confident that I can say it through this profession as SAS programmer I definitely recommend Priya to be the best SAS trainer as I have seen and……another best part of her teaching is she keeps on giving you assignments every day and every weekend on topic very patiently she will e clearing your doubts she’ll be responding to your emails if you send with your doubts that is the best part of her before you need to be confident in your trainer to spend time with you whenever you have some doubts I’m glad I got Priya as my SAS trainer thank you. I just want to take a minute to talk about my SAS trainer Priya …Priya is a is very very knowledgeable about the SAS contents she’s always ready to explain whatever concerns or doubts that up I have she she even goes as far as you know replying my message as soon as soon as I send it to so hard if I don’t understand any codes she she replies me like immediately with them to try and resolve whatever issue I have with my program I’ll recommend to anybody she’s she’s very nice she’s a friend to the teacher she’s just the best teacher i think i can get for this program and I’m loving every minute of of the training it’s um it’s a great it’s been a great experience for me and I would I would recommend out any day to anybody that wants to learn SAS you will understand it because she’s a great teacher thank you. hi this is Sankar I’m working as an SAS administrator for the past 5 years and I just wanted to learn SAS programming so I just have approched multiple training centers for the SAS programming course but I was not satisfied with their training. so finally I have found a trainer like Priya she’s very good at SAS programming as well as her Teaching skills also i have i had assumption like the online classes will not be very efficent compare to the direct class room training but now I can say confidently that even the claesses can be made very useful depends on the trainer so thanks Priya for the training thanks ok here I just want to say a few words regarding my training experience with Priya she’s awesome trainer with excellent training capabilities she definitely makes sure that I understand each and every concept and she makes me so comfortable in in the while teaching that which makes me to raised for the question even if it’s even if it looks like it’s silly small doubt she definitely makes sure that I understand it and if it requires she will explain even hundred times until my doubt is clarified so the method of her teaching programming aspect is certainly building confidence in me is that I can do this programming in real time so I really appreciate and thank her for being my trainer for this program and I would definitely recommend her for everyone thank you once again Priya you

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