Sean Lowe – Liberty University Convocation

>>DAVID NASSER: Well real quick let me just
introduce to you our guest for today, none other than–yeah–the Bachelor’s Sean Lowe.
In case you’re wondering, Sean Lowe is the gentleman to the right, that’s Sean Lowe,
all right? All right. I told him just look at the camera so all the snow will just melt,
right? All right. Come on, without any further ado, can we just welcome Sean Lowe to the
house, everybody. Come on up.>>SEAN LOWE: Thank you, everybody. I hear
nothing but women out here. I see some dudes, but I don’t hear any dudes. NASSER: Well buddy, I–first of all, I want
to tell you that I don’t think I’ve ever received more texts for people wanting to get to come
and meet you, people who have felt led by the Holy Spirit to receive a rose from you,
and I keep saying, “He’s married,” and they’re like, “She might die,” you know, and I don’t
even understand what’s going on. LOWE: Yeah, I don’t think that was the Holy
Spirit. NASSER: No, I don’t think so. LOWE: That was Chris Harrison. NASSER: Well man, welcome to Liberty University.
Obviously, for the few people in the room that might have not watched the series when
you were on the Bachelorette, and then the Bachelor, catch us up a little bit about your
history before the world kind of came to know you man. LOWE: Yeah. Actually, so before I get started
on that, you guys do this three times a week? NASSER: Three times a week. Largest gathering
of college students on the planet. LOWE: Seriously, just–standing back here
for worship, you guys are so lucky. I wish I had this. NASSER: It’s amazing. LOWE: If I had this in college, it would have
enriched my life so much, so you guys are really fortunate to be here. NASSER: Thank you, man. LOWE: Anyway, back to the Bachelor. NASSER: Hey, can you tell them real quick,
how did you–the first time you ever heard of Liberty, tell them about that. You were
telling me the first time you ever heard of us–where were you, K State? (Kansas) LOWE: Yeah, I had never heard of Liberty until
college. K State, women’s basketball was really good–there’s one really loud K State fan
here–K State women’s basketball was really good, so everyone would go to the games, it’s
a big party, and–we were like top ten in the country. A school called Liberty comes
in and beats us on our home court. I had no idea who you guys were, so, that was my first
experience with Liberty. NASSER: That’s awesome. Take us back, so you,
you’re coming through college, and then–did you audition for the show The Bachelorette,
or how did it all come about? LOWE: No. See, I never wanted to do reality
TV. Never would I have ever dreamed that I would be on a reality TV show, much less a
ridiculous, cheesy, over-the-top, just, corny show like the Bachelor. And I can say all
those things cause I met my wife on the show, so it’s okay. It is absolutely ridiculous.
I’m living a fairly normal life, I had taken a big risk in my mid-twenties and I raised
a bunch of money to start a financial service company. Long story short, due to some government
regulation, it shut us down, and I lost all that money, the investor’s money, and it was
a really big blow for me personally. And so, my family business is insurance, and I always
knew I’m not an insurance salesman, but my dad, my grandfather, my brother-in-law, they’ve
all been in the insurance business, done well for themselves, whatever. I just didn’t want
to sit behind a desk and pedal insurance. It’s not me; it’s not in my DNA. But after
this failure that was my company, I said, “Alright, you know, I got to move on with
my life, I need to get in to something safe and secure, I’m going to give insurance a
try. I hated it. It sucks selling insurance, I’ve got to tell you. And I’m walking my
dogs one day after work, I got my cell phone on me and my phone rings, it’s a Los Angeles
area code, I don’t know anybody from LA. You know, they warned me if I said any city people
were going to cheer. Bismarck. Oh. Anyway– NASSER: We represent, man. We got people from
all over the world here. LOWE: So I’ve heard. A woman’s on the other
end of the line and she says, “I’m a casting director for the Bachelor. We received your
information, we want to talk to you.” “I’m sorry, what?” Totally caught me off-guard.
What information? It didn’t take me very long to figure out that my sister had signed me
up. She submitted the application and my picture and the whole bit, and so this lady’s talking
to me and I told her, I said, you know, no offense, she was very nice, but I’m not going
to do a reality show, no way. And she said–before we got off the phone, she said, “Well, just
think it over, at the very least it could be a free vacation, you could travel the world.”
All right, whatever. I go back to work the next day, I’m like pedaling auto insurance
and I’m thinking, “Free vacation sounds pretty awesome.” And so I called her back, and I
said, “All right, let’s do this,” and after a couple other auditions I was on the show. NASSER: Wow, that’s amazing. You were on the
Bachelorette, right, and so you go in there, you’re a believer, you’re not necessarily
thinking, “This is my mission field.” You’re thinking, “I could make cold calls, you know,
selling insurance or I could go on vacation.” You walk right in there. But they had (5:37),
right, they had talked to you and you talked to them about your faith and your convictions
as a Christian and, tell us a little bit about that, like, what was it like going to that
process and then being on the show as a Christian, what was that like? LOWE: I really had no idea what to expect,
I only did it because it was an experience. It was a free vacation, and I thought, “Why
not?” And, so, I walked into it a little naive, I didn’t really watch the show beforehand,
I didn’t know what to expect, and so I was just trying to be me in that kind of crazy
world that I was stepping into. And so, I knew, I was at least smart enough to know
if I’m going to walk into this world that doesn’t really create a healthy environment,
it’s not really going to nurture my spiritual life, then I better go in grounded and I better
go in with a game plan. So I knew I was going to have to stay in constant communication
with God, I needed to start every day with devotional, spending time in the Word, and
throughout the day I would just shoot out what my preacher at home calls little “shotgun
prayers,” which is like, you know, just “God, help me,” “God, lead me,” “God, give me discernment,”
that kind of thing. But, on the Bachelorette, you know, I’m one of twenty-five guys, and
so, we were in this great big mansion in North Carolina and I—I’ve really got to stop
naming places. North Carolina. And every day I would go out on the patio. There were no
cameras or anything, but I would just do my devotional and spend time with God, and then
one day one of the other guys comes out and he says, you know, “What are you reading?”
And I told him, I said, “Yeah, I’m just reading the Bible a little bit,” and I was reading
“Jesus Calling” at the time, which is a great little daily devotional. And he said, “Well,
do you mind reading me a passage?” And so I read him that day’s devotion and I could
tell, this guy wasn’t a believer, but he was drawn to it, and I’ve always said like the
Truth is magnetizing and this guy–his name is Charlie–Charlie was just drawn to what
I was saying and he was asking me, “Can you read me some more?” And then Charlie kept
coming back each morning, and then, more guys were coming, and–I knew that I’d probably
be the only Christian. I think there was one other. And some of these other guys had never
even heard the gospel; they didn’t know what it was. And after a while, there were ten
or twelve guys out there on this patio who were listening to God’s Word, who were being
pulled in by the Truth, and it was so amazing, because like I said some of these guys had
no idea who Jesus was, why He came to earth, if He was real, or is He just another fictitious
story that’s been created and told over time. And so I thought, you know, this is why I’m
here, this is why God put me on this crazy show, it was to share His faith and Charlie,
the guy that came out the first time, eventually gave his life over to Christ after the show,
which is amazing. NASSER: It’s amazing. LOWE: And throughout the show–to answer your
question–throughout the show I just tried to maintain that, and I tried to stay connected
with God throughout that entire crazy journey. NASSER: So, obviously some of that, or most
of that, ended up on the editing room floor. We didn’t see those devotions that you were
doing. So, not only were you there to be a part of the show, but you were there, and
you were making a difference in the life of those guys. You were telling me a little while
ago that one of those guys who you led to the Lord, actually, you gave the devotion
book, “Jesus Calling,” to? LOWE: Yeah, well, one of the guys—a really
brilliant guy, named Alejandro, and he was on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list, like, brilliant,
he did urban farming in Oakland, and he was one of the guys there–he just knew nothing
about Jesus or the gospel or about His saving grace. And so it was such a pleasure and,
like, I was just in awe of the fact that he wanted to hear it, and I was being used as
kind of the vessel to bring him the Good News. And so, I eventually gave him a copy of “Jesus
Calling” and that was two years ago, and today he still emails me and says, you know, “I
keep it by my bedside and read it every day.” NASSER: That’s amazing. Man, it’s so great
to see how, you know, rather than making fun of something in culture, or rather than just
kind of saying as a Christian I just want to stay away from it, you decided to not be
divided from it but be distinct from it, but just go in there and be in it, not of it.
You just kind of walked into that context and then how the Lord used you. Eventually,
people got to know you as the “Virgin Bachelor,” right? That wasn’t–you didn’t label yourself
that, but– LOWE: Yeah, no, I didn’t. NASSER: Tell us about that. LOWE: It’s not a self-proclaimed nickname.
You know, I–so after the Bachelorette, I’m thinking I’ve got it all figured out as I’m
on the show. I’m going to end up with this Bachelorette; this is how my life’s going
to pan out. God put me on the reality show so I could meet her, and I’m going to live
happily ever after. Well, you know, every week there’s a rose ceremony, and if there’s
five guys there’s only four roses, so one guy’s not going to get a rose; he’s going
to go home. There were three guys left; I’m one of three. The other two guys were Jeff
and Arie, okay. And I–I’m so confident in what I have with this woman. Rose ceremony
don’t make me nervous, I’m getting a rose, you know, this is just a formality. And so,
we come to the last rose ceremony, and I’ve become great friends with Jeff and Arie, you
know, it’s kind of weird: you’re going after the same girl but—at the same time I think
guys can kind of compartmentalize this stuff and we can still be buddies and bros and what
not. So anyway, she–I remember, she hands the first rose to Jeff, and in my head, I
kid you not, the first thing I thought was, “Ah man, Arie’s going home!” ‘Cause I – you
know – I was going to miss my buddy! Then she says, “Arie,” for the second rose, and
I’m just stunned, like, I’m, “What?” And so, I got sent packing, and it hurt, ‘cause
I had never really, you know, said like, “I want to end up with this woman,” and kind
of given her all of my heart and–to be sent home like that on a TV show, it’s cruel, but
that’s why this show is so great, cause they capture that, you know. They capture your
misery. And a couple months afterwards, I went home, and of course I’ve got great
family and friends back home and they just loved on me and I was able to get through
that pretty quickly and it’s – I wish everybody – here’s what I wish. Everyone who has experienced
heartbreak, I wish you could watch on TV the person that broke your heart make out with
other people, cause it helps you get over that so much faster. NASSER: It’s a healer. Yeah. LOWE: Yeah. It’s amazing. And a couple months
after being home, the producers call me; ask me if I wanted to be the Bachelor. And, you
know, I told them, I said that first go round didn’t really go as expected and it ended
kind of rough, I don’t know if I want to do this. And so, I said, “Let me think about
it and pray about it and I’ll get back to you guys.” And I called my parents. My parents,
you know, they offer great wisdom and they’re good Christian people and so, I called them
just wanting some advice and I thought that they would say, you know, you gave it a try
but it’s probably time to move on, and actually, they said the opposite. They said, “We think
God has opened a door for you and you probably owe it to yourself to walk through it.” And
that just resonated with me and so I called the producers back and I said, “All right,
let’s give it a try.” And so I go on the show, and I went with kind of the same game plan,
I wanted to stay grounded, I wanted to, you know, just walk hand-in-hand with God throughout
the whole thing and at times that can seem challenging. It feels very unnatural to date
twenty-five women at one time and–the funny thing is, it’s like the guys, guys would come
up to me and they’d be like, “Bro that’s incredible!” But once you experience it, you’re like, “No,
I got to put up with twenty-five women; that’s really hard.” That’s not easy. And, you know,
I told myself I’m just going to be me, and being me means putting God first, living an
honorable life, treating each one of these women with respect, and of course, it’s a
TV show and so there’s going to be crazy women and there’s going to be drama but despite
all that I’m still going to be me and live for God. And, fast-forward I of course meet
Catherine and I reach a point where I feel like I–yeah, yeah, Catherine. She’s awesome.
I reach a point where I just know God has placed her in my life and I cannot live without
her. And it was really funny because I had an internal struggle that said–my heart was
saying, “She’s the one for you. You’ve got to spend the rest of your life with her.”
But my mind was telling me, like, “You idiot, this is a reality show, this isn’t real. You
should not be proposing to this girl.” But, toward the end God just gave me this peace
about the whole thing and I knew that she was going to be this incredible woman of God
who’s going to chase after God’s heart and challenge me in my own faith, which she has
done. And so, I proposed to her on a TV show, which sounds absolutely ridiculous and, we
got engaged in Thailand and then we–after getting down on one knee and proposing, we
rode off into the sunset on the back of an elephant. NASSER: Who hasn’t? Honestly. LOWE: So, you know, for you guys out there
I dare you to top that one. You can’t. But it wasn’t my doing the producers did it, so
I can’t take all the credit. And then after the show, you know, you got to do a million
interviews and you got to do the media circuit and all that stuff and somewhere along the
line, someone thought to ask me, “How’s the sex?” or “How’s your sex life?” I don’t even
remember that question being asked, but I must have answered it honestly and said something
along the lines of, you know, “We’ve decided to wait until marriage to have sex.” From
that moment forward, that’s all anybody wanted to talk about. Tabloids, talk shows, even
the respectable talk shows: Good Morning America, or whatever. That’s all anybody wanted to
talk about. And then they label me the “Virgin Bachelor” and at first I got to tell you guys
it really bothered me. Not because of the stance I was taking and because I was ashamed
of it, it’s because I felt like, “They’re just trying to label me as an outcast, and
they don’t want to hear why I’m taking this stance.” And it just, it kind of hurt, you
know, like, they want to label me as this weirdo. They look at me and they say, “Well,
you look normal, and, you know, you’re the Bachelor, you’re in this position where you
have all these women to choose from. Why are you acting so abnormal?” And after a few months,
I started to realize, people were coming up to me, and they were saying, you know, “Thank
you so much for standing up for your faith,” or, you know, “I actually let my daughter
watch you because of the man of Christ that you are,” and, you know, “What you’ve done
has impacted my teenage son so much.” And so I realized, like, it became an incredible
platform to share Jesus’ love. And so, that was a really long-winded way of answering
your short, simple question, but, you know, the “Virgin Bachelor,” at first it kind of
seemed like something that I didn’t want in my life and now I’m proud and for me, I want
you guys to know, that’s just a part of being faithful. I want to live in God’s blessing.
I struggle with it a lot, you know, I sin just like everybody else and I make a lot
of mistakes but I want to try my best to live in God’s blessing. And being faithful sexually
is just one aspect of that, and there’s many different aspects, but that’s just one, but
it’s been an incredible opportunity for me to share God’s love with the world. NASSER: Absolutely. I’m grateful, you know,
as a father of a teenage daughter and just honestly as a pastor I’m grateful and I was
never really personally that interested in the show until your reputation preceded you.
Your platform was more than just a guy on a show but a guy with a conviction that’s
unlikely on that show, and that’s when the world starts to take note of what God’s doing.
So now, obviously, that’s why you’re here. Like, if you weren’t on that show, both of
them, both seasons, we probably would have never been, you know, here and in this moment.
But God has given you this platform. I’m interested in knowing how are you and your
wife, what are your thoughts about–I know you just wrote a book, tell us a little bit
about that, and then how else are you going to use your platform for the glory of God? LOWE: Yeah, you know, my–this has been my
feeling long before I was the Bachelor. We’re called to save souls. I firmly believe that.
You know, God certainly wants us to experience a lot of the wonderful things that this life
has to offer, He wants me to be a great husband and one day be a great father and to lead
by example and to experience all of the wonderful things this world has to offer. But at the
end of the day, the only thing that really truly matters is expanding the Kingdom of
Heaven, and that’s a thought that I realized long before the Bachelor and that just kind
of carried through and now I do have this platform where I can share it with many more
people than I was able to before. And so, I don’t know what the future holds, I don’t
know what it’s going to look like, but I do know that no matter what comes my way I’m
going to continue to talk about God’s goodness and His grace and try to infiltrate the mainstream
media and kind of the secular world and–here’s the other thing: before going on to the show,
as I said my dad is just an amazing man of God, and he told me something that didn’t
really resonate at the time but it did later. He said, “When you go on the show, you’re
not going to have to go out of your way to preach.” He said, “People are going to be
able to see Jesus in you,” and it–I don’t think I really understood it when he said
it. And then after the show started to air on TV, that’s when people were coming up to
me and saying, you know, “Thank you for standing up for your convictions and being a man of
faith,” and all these things. And even non-Christians–non-Christians would come up to me and they would say, you
know, “It’s so refreshing to see someone with your kind of character or morals.” And what
they’re really saying, they just don’t know it, is, you know, “I’m seeing Jesus in you
and I’m drawn to it,” they just don’t know it yet. So, I don’t know what the future holds,
but I know I’m not going to stop talking about God’s goodness and His grace and His mercy,
and you mentioned my book, you know, I’m proud of it. I’m not here to pedal my book by any
means, but I am proud of it and I share my message in my book and, you know, I’m so thankful
that it’s been able to–it hit the New York Times bestseller’s list, which is–I never
thought a normal dude selling insurance, hating life, would eventually be a New York Times
bestseller, but it happened and, you know, I know God’s hand was involved in it all. NASSER: Now people can be critical all day,
but I was thinking about the reality that on the night that the Grammys were on TV,
you had your wedding on TV. Not everybody gets to have their wedding on TV. And your
father got to officiate your wedding. I’d love for you to tell them about what you got
to do on that night. LOWE: Yeah, well, first of all, a lot of people
asked me–what did I miss? I’m in the dark on this one. NASSER: What is it? LOWE: I don’t know. NASSER: Just keep going, man. Just mention
a state. North Carolina. Dubai. All right, let’s get back on track. LOWE: All right, I’m going to find out afterwards
why everyone’s laughing. I actually looked down to see if my fly was open and I don’t
have a fly. The wedding. NASSER: Yes. LOWE: All right. So a lot of people asked
me, “Why would you have a televised wedding?” You know, that’s something that’s supposed
to be intimate and share with your closest family and friends and that kind of thing,
but– NASSER: Six million people watched your wedding? LOWE: Yeah, I think so, somewhere around there,
and my answer is it’s a free wedding, why would I not? Like, are you kidding? I’m a
dude, that’s just the way I think, you know. They gave us this five-star wedding and I
don’t have to pay a dime, I’ll take it. Lost my train of thought. Alright, so, my dad officiated
our wedding, and I’ve talked a lot about my dad already but my dad, because it was a live
wedding, he had to submit his script to the producers of the show so they could make sure
the timing was exactly right, and they told him in advance, “We’ll probably edit it and,
you know, move some things around, because we need it to fit our format, and this is
ABC. You know, it’s a major network, broadcast nationally of course, and my dad just filled
the script up with Jesus, I mean he was sharing the gospel in his message at our wedding and
so he submits this script, and I’m thinking they’re just going to rip this to shreds.
I mean, you can’t share this on ABC, you know, maybe ABC Family, the 700 Club, but certainly
not ABC Primetime TV. And they didn’t change a thing, and it was incredible because my
dad stood up there and he talked about the saving grace of Jesus on live TV with six
or seven million viewers. And he just got to preach it, and so many people were kind
of drawn in to that because they wanted to see me and Catherine get married and complete
the Bachelor fairytale, and what they got instead–in addition to, is they got to hear
the Truth and that’s really all that matters. NASSER: Yeah, they got to hear the gospel.
That’s amazing. LOWE: And, I’ll say this, too: if you think
God’s hand wasn’t in that, you’re crazy, because just being on TV the little bit I have, that
stuff doesn’t make it. And somehow it made it in that circumstance and I know that God
was the One responsible. NASSER: So I’ve got my questions that you
and I discussed beforehand on my iPhone, so I’m gong through it, and now I’m getting blown
up why everybody was laughing. They’re saying that I asked you how’d it go your wedding
night, and– LOWE: It was awesome! NASSER: Come on. I think you and I are so
heavenly minded that we’re no earthly good sometimes. But– LOWE: Well, all right, let me go back to that
for just a second. NASSER: You don’t have to, but– LOWE: It was awesome, and so many people—all
right, this is, you guys know this, this is what the world will tell you: you have to
find sexual compatibility before you marry the person you’re in love with. It’s a must.
You have to test-drive the car before you buy it. That’s what the world will tell you,
and that’s all I heard when the whole “Virgin Bachelor” thing started up. “Are you crazy?
You got to find sexual compatibility with your mate before you marry them.” And I know
this is a Christian university and so I know that most of you guys probably have your heads
on right, but I want to say this for those of you who are struggling with this, and I
know for a lot of people it’s a major struggle: do not buy into that lie. It is a lie. It’s
a lie; I promise you it’s a lie. If you center your relationship, your marriage, on Christ,
the sex will be amazing and that’s just the truth. And if it’s not the first time, give
it some practice and then it will be amazing. But don’t buy into the world’s lie. Any relationship
founded on Christ, the sex will be so much better because of it. NASSER: Thank you. I thought you’re not pedaling
your book? Apparently you’re pedaling–there’s a chapter on that. That is so good, you know,
because there is a, there is this one moment here where it goes from a moment where we’re
just watching your life to all of a sudden you’re giving advice to a bunch of bachelors
and bachelorettes, right? You’re–and right now, you’re just kind of investing into them
and just saying to them, “Man, seek purity, trust that the ways of the Lord are better
than the ways of the world, don’t buy the lie that you have to just–you have to be
about the things of this world, that’s God’s design is greater, right, then man’s– LOWE: Yeah, and–you know, I–this is something
that I’ve struggled with in my younger years, college. Here’s the deal; I accepted Christ
at an early age, and I was always a Christian. I knew that Jesus was in my heart. I knew
I was supposed to live for Him. My parents drug me to church, that kind of thing. And
I’m the classic case of, you know, kid goes to college and he’s free and doesn’t know
what to do and self-destructs. So, you know, I slacked off in every area of life: in the
classroom, skipped a lot of class. Did terrible on tests, really just went to church sporadically,
whenever I felt like it. Slept in most Sundays, just–I wasn’t being the man that I knew I
needed to be. And so I just became a really lazy Christian, and when you become a lazy
Christian and you’ve been really dependent on your parents like so many people are in
college, leading up to college, you start to slip in every aspect of your life. And
so, I–what I found is, I didn’t make a conscious decision, like I’m going to–I’m just going
to go out and I’m going to start hooking up with girls. I just kind of slid into it unintentionally,
and that’s because I really lost my grasp on my relationship with Christ, and it wasn’t
until after college, I just reached a point where I realized, like, “This is all cyclical.
I’m starting here where I’m not happy, and I’m going out and doing these things that
I think are going to make me happy, but after it’s over I come back to this point where
I’m unhappy again. And I realized I’ve got to take ownership of my own faith. I’m not
a Christian because my parents drug me to church when I was young, I’m a Christian because
I have Christ in my heart and I need to seek Him. And that’s when I really started to mature
in my faith, and that’s why I feel like I was so well prepared to go into such a secular
environment like the Bachelor, and really walk hand-in-hand with God through that crazy
world. And so here’s my plea to everybody in here: don’t wait like I did. If I could
go back–you know, I was a college football player at Kansas State, and in college, or
at Kansas State, college football is king. I mean the players are celebrities. I could
have reached so many people and I could have had such an impact if I had lived for Christ
during college, and I didn’t. And I know there are people that are lost today because I didn’t
witness to them, because I was lazy. And I would do anything to go back and relive those
years so I could make an impact for Christ, so–don’t do what I did. Realize that you’re
job is to seek Christ. Everything else will fall into place. NASSER: Yeah, that’s great. That’s great advice,
great wisdom. Sean, you’re such a testament, buddy, of what good is it for man to gain
the whole world but to forfeit his soul? And you have stood on your convictions. Your marriage,
you know, is viewed by many of us, and I think your greatest testament, your greatest sermon
that you’re going to preach is not going to be how you weathered through those couple
of seasons of the show, but how we’re watching you live a Christ-centered marriage, and how
we’re watching you use the very platform God’s given you in moments like this, where you’re
just speaking into their lives. And I actually do appreciate the fact that, you know, you’re
not afraid to talk about the very topics that God’s not afraid to talk about in the Bible,
including sexuality and including purity and including who they date, you know, in this
very season of their life, and honestly I think the big takeaway for some might even
be, just being lazy in their faith and being lazy in their academics during their college
years, but I would love–I would just love for you if you would, just to pray over these
students–you know, you’re former bachelor, but we have a lot of bachelors here, you know,
and I’d love for you to just pray over them and just, would you do that, man? Would you
pray for us? LOWE: Yeah, absolutely. God, thank you so
much for bringing us here this morning. Thank you for allowing me to take about your love
and your goodness and your forgiveness. Jesus, I just ask that you please speak to each and
everyone’s heart in this room, and everyone watching. Lord, light them on fire, let them
know that you, God, are the one they should be chasing after, above all else. Lord, I
just pray that you guide us, direct us in all that we do. May we be a light in a dark
world, Jesus, we love you, we pray all these things in your name, amen. NASSER: Amen. Can we put our hands together
for Sean? Great job, bro. LOWE: Thank you.

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