Secondary ICT – Web Literacy (Greek Subs)

listen to these year nines and be afraid be very afraid I’ve just been going on to the website copy and paste in reading it and then giving it into class a lot of the times just agree with it and just think well it probably is right if it’s not into that if I want information on my work you just I copy it and then you just paste it onto he work well go to a search engine and just take whichever site comes up first if it’s on the internet it must be true so why does it matter if pupils believe that the Internet is as safe and reliable as a library so we asked ICT expert James green to lead an experiment he showed a group of year nines three websites about Martin Luther King the Holocaust and Victorian robots the sites are easily found on search engines and all could be used by pupils completing homework or coursework but they’re not what they seem would the pupils be suspicious the experiment is fascinating did you find out anything that you didn’t know previously yeah the Victorian robot site is simply a good-natured spoof so you on the so what’s your first impression of this I just read it it’ll be quite useful if you do a nice trip the Martin Luther King site is more dangerous it’s a front for racists in terms of subjects you’re using if you just wanted to know about truth by and more like just all information I’m just click on one of them it’s easy to find out piece of information and would you use this and the Holocaust site provides a platform for deniers so what’s the main message of this item from your understanding questioning the fact that terms of usefulness how would you ain’t it I really in it and you have to take re for GCSE so it might be a bit useful to know the pupils are completely taken in by all three sites failing to question their validity or reliability despite what they’ve been taught in ICT it’s actually part of the statutory national curriculum that kids should be taught to check the authenticity of sites but and it’s a big but there’s a real difference between what young people can do and what they do do they’ve been taught to check the validity of a site so they can check the validity of a site that doesn’t mean that when they’re doing their job review homework and they’ve got half an hour to find something out they move something else that they actually will do that so I think what we’re seeing is young people’s skills largely through conscious teaching they’ve got a lot better whether or not they apply those skills is perhaps a more open to debate it’s the people that use the internet to misinform that we have to be wary of and the problem lies centrally that the children don’t question enough they don’t look at where they are they don’t say is this actually real they don’t use the techniques they don’t stop and question why is this person doing it what’s it about why haven’t I heard about this before and they’re not actually referencing it when they go on the internet they think that they’re you know they’re safe because they’re at home they’re at in the school within the library but ultimately they’re going out into an open area with the free access and people can be there you know pretending to be somebody that they’re not think about the Internet is that its strengths are also its weaknesses the Internet’s are fantastic publishing house at the same time it’s an information resource but it’s an unstructured unregulated disorganized information resource it’s like a huge huge huge barn in which everybody’s tipped everything they know about anything and if you can find it it’s great but if you can’t you way through a lot of well actually not just on informative and not just on in helpful but sometimes actually misleading information after our experiment at work Lee school in Leeds we asked James Green to lead an ICT lesson revealing the truth about the three sides what we’re going to do now is we’ve been change attack slightly and we’re going to look at so empowering yourself to look at sites to look at the internet and understand what you’re seeing so the number of things here number of questions they’re called the five W’s and 1h we want to know who is written the site who is written the website why has the author written this what is it about is it factual also when was the site last updated where does this information come from where is the information link to do those links actually go out to other websites and finally the big question is how good is the information so we’re going to go through a couple of the sites that we looked at and we’re going to apply these five W’s and one H to it we looked at this site earlier what we’re going to do is we’re going to have a look at this site what we can do is we can start to use some different techniques so we can use things like site colon now if we do site codon and then we put in the URL and here we see our web site there but it’s also giving us all the sites that are housed within this website if you look at the name of the site for the the robot site it’s called www.a and links and so forth coming off it are because good so this site is going back in itself constantly what does that tell you about the site is it like it’s just keeping up going back to itself so it’s got a wide range of information yeah can we trust this site what’s happening inside here now about Victorian robots and like you don’t know if it’s exactly true cuz it’s just about what the person who’s like dug the sites for it and it’s not like sort of mentioned anywhere else so what we need to do is do we need to investigate that and we need to find out what is in big red hair don’t we so let’s have a look this is big red hair the reaction of the pupils is remarkable I thought we were on Victorian robots it’s all about big red hair when I first saw the Victorian robots I thought that it was all real when it came to our knowledge that the Victorian robots were on a comedy that’s when I was like I just started laughing at that time because I was like so shocked I’ve I believed in her and I was actually gonna go home and say a lot there were victoria robots in 8th 9:53 I thought the truth that the world robots but then when you see that it’s a comic it’s like well it looks quite real at first it one so just open up the Holocaust site and I want you to put the author’s name into Google so who’s the the author there who’s the author dr. er fields what’s coming out at you when you put in that that guy’s name was it safe the Jewish origins of communism by dr. really feels the twenty page booklet filled with documents from both Jewish and Jewish in the US state we’ve put in eight fields dr. ed fields is given us back this actual website here which is about white nationalism it’s a racialist discussion board for Pro wide activities what’s happening now to your bells and indicators about that last website that we looked at maybe they’re a bit racist or something I believe in that the Britain should be just full of white people and making it stronger and being better than other races next time I’ll just learn look look but not just go with the first thing I see but look around a bit and then effort if he’s more saying are well that is what happens and West’s for the other then I believe the woman where it’s a majority are so much of like playing didn’t have much color so didn’t make you want to read them and then when they went math Martin Luther King would like lots of links and different like phones made you want to read it with the easy who is enter the domain name there which is WWE King and this is going to tell you who owns this site scroll down then who owns this site why is storefront involved with Martin Luther King make him sound like right bad that he hits here it’s white people and making like white people turn against black people yeah exactly what do you think about using this now then girls would you use Martin Luther King no I like the Martin Luther King to start with but I saw like four well it is a bit racist boys I call one sided you don’t think it’s Lobby racist known so I did think it’s just gonna be for hair but it long validate it check it don’t believe anything that you see on the internet until you are happy with it and when you’re happy with it you can check it out in the library and these other things talk to other people about it but don’t believe everything you read on the Internet interestingly for ICT teachers the pupils seem to have the skills required to question and validate sites they just tend not to apply those skills to school work one of the things I find really interesting is that young people really understand what they got something like MySpace or YouTube or whatever that this is just other people publishing that stuff they don’t give it any special credence necessarily they take it for what it is they don’t apply the same judgment when they go and do a search through one of the search engines to find out the answer to their history homework they don’t say hold on a minute for all I know this is a thirteen year old in her bedroom or his bedroom just working something out on the internet and publishing it they see that in a quite different way and they give it an authority that it doesn’t always deserve that beguiled by the presentation of the thing that it’s nicely laid out that it has you know really good graphic images it might have a bit of an animation or something like that and that makes them think I think that the thing has perhaps more credibility than perhaps it has youngsters traditionally don’t transfer their skills it’s it’s one of these frustrating parts of being a teacher they do do web literacy in Key Stage three it looks at all the elements of creating websites and so forth but it doesn’t quite go far enough and and it’s up to schools local authorities to push that movement towards information literacy and for pupils to understand what the motivation behind and sites may or may not be next time I look for some onions now I’ve got to study a bit more and look for if it is true or if it isn’t everything on the website it’s not always true you’ve got to go through and find out if it’s true and find out other links it made me think well yeah I had just gone onto it and got the information off it and then gone to my teacher said here but what I didn’t know is what we did today so every site now I’d like to do that with so it’s taught me to look behind the site and see what’s actually there and not what’s right for me but I was really I was really I’m really surprised at what happened today I couldn’t believe it to be honest and I’d like to go away and tell everybody else about easy who isn’t that so I’ve really learnt something today Jameses tips and advice on how to find out more about websites can be found on the teachers TV website you

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