“see blue.” at the University of Kentucky

When you step onto campus for the first time
and it already feels like you’re your decision gets pretty easy pretty quickly. I saw every
kid; every student was smiling and was so exited to be on campus. Everybody here is
so friendly. There was warmth at UK that there wasn’t anywhere else. It was just like, “Oh
my gosh, I have to be a Wildcat.” I just want to be here. I fell in love with the campus
that day; I applied as soon as I got the opportunity. It’s just one application and you apply for
all of your scholarships. That scholarship means everything. I already knew that I loved
UK, but I wouldn’t have been able to come here were it not for the scholarship. There
is not a day that I don’t want to be on campus. There are a lot of flowers and pretty spots
and pretty benches. I love the city of Lexington. You go downtown and you can walk around…It
has the different local restaurants, all the shopping places. Then you drive 10 minutes
and there are horse farms. Lexington is horse capital of the world…green grass and the
horses. You have the horse farms and the Keeneland races, but you’re still in a university and
you still have amazing opportunities to learn and grow. Undergraduate research is really
big here. I was really surprised to see how many students were getting involved right
off the bat. All of a sudden I’m working in the lab of a world-renowned professor. Research
opportunities here at UK are incredible. My honors class was probably one of the best
classes I’ve ever taken….learn about stuff that’s not in your major but you still find
very interesting…My honors class has 17 kids in it. He knew all of our names by the
second class. The professors, everybody, they’re willing to help you. He just had a way of
making the class fun and making you want to learn. My advisor is awesome. They are emailing
you internship opportunities. The internships are there and UK will definitely help you
get them. I’ll be interning at 3 chimneys farm, which is one of the best farms in the
country. I’m ready to go out into the real world and I’m prepared to meet new people
and try new things. I think they make the education kind of about you. Here I just have
the motivation to learn. It’s very exciting to be down here freshman year and to look
around the campus and to see cranes. We’re going to have the most modern living learning
space you can find anywhere in the country. Being in a living-learning program, you get
to meet twice as many more people as you would on a normal basis. It gives you the opportunity
to be in a small little class with people who live in your building. You learn more
about different cultures and to just hangout with different people from all around the
world. You definitely want to go check out the Education Abroad office. They’ve got a
big library with all sorts of opportunities. The chance to teach in a different country
will help me be more diverse and help me connect with different sorts of students. I went to
England for a semester and it was amazing. The amount of things that are possible on
this campus is just amazing. K Week is the best way to get involved from the beginning.
K Week was just a great overall icebreaker to the whole college experience. My favorite
part of K-Week would probably be the Water Balloon Fight If you pay for a meal during
K Week you have done something wrong. You get to know all the university organizations.
I’ve connected so much with a lot of people. It creates this second home, this home away
form home. DanceBlue is an organization that benefits the UK Children’s Hospital. You have
a twenty-four hour dance marathon. It’s a great opportunity to help. We’re on our feet
the whole time but it’s for the kids. It’s such a complete experience. I really enjoy
Greek life just kind of the bond you get with those people. The academic side of it I have
older people in the fraternity that help me out with classes. My favorite place on campus
is definitely Willy T Library. Just walking in there makes you feel ten times smarter.
It’s big, quiet, comfortable. Resources are just unbelievable there. I love Ovid’s. I
eat there almost everyday. I am a sucker for Commons, not only because it’s five feet from
my dorm but it can’t get better than a buffet. The Johnson Center is great it’s probably
the best gym I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s so much to do you can never get bored in one
area. Just the environments as a whole, the school spirit, the sports it’s all here. There
is definitely a spirit that UK had that no other school has. It was a spirit of unity.
I love Rupp Arena, I love basketball. I got shivers just in the stands. We boast excellence
in a lot of other sports that are up and rising. We all have one common goal and that’s to
support the Wildcats. If you want to go someplace where you can be part of something bigger
than yourself, this is definitely a good choice. Yeah everything I see is blue. See blue. See
blue. See blue. See blue. See blue. See blue. See blue. See blue. Ver azul. See blue. See
blue. Being a Wildcat is just the whole experience. You don’t just see blue at the weekends or
during football season but all the time. You have athletics, when you have academics, when
you have that social life it all comes together in a really good blend. UK is making me into
a more well rounded person. I don’t want to go home. I’ve made such good friends that
I think will last a lifetime. Just imagine what they’re going to do down the road, we’re
gonna make a mark. It is a really wonderful, wonderful feeling to be a Wildcat. I’ve fallen
in love with UK, honestly.

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  1. As a Scottsman, true blue is of course the best…and as an Original "McCoy", true blue is of course the best,…so i think i found home! Sincerely Robert the Bruce [McCoy] Winsmann II πŸ˜‰ [awesome promo]

  2. I'm an A B student and I want to go to the University of Kentucky! I'm going to be a sophomore this year.

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