50 Replies to “Social Media Madness”

  1. DressGate:
    >Debate over what color a dress is.
    >all over the news.
    >evidence that a child sex trafficking rings exist and are protected by governments.
    >no coverage.

  2. the yosemiti park selfie death is very likely bullshit yosemiti park is janky as fuck that place is hella haunted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeOMH6uEMjc this is one of the videos on the topic theres a books and interview on it
    also theres way more then 250 death by selfie a year im smelling some (((supresssion))) here also the dress thing was a pysop

  3. me 2012: facebook is a evil data gathering front to get you addicted and im never joining
    everyone: your a paranoid wierdo and you dont want to stay in touch with family.
    me 2019: still not on facebook
    everyone: oh man facebook is a evil datamining platform listening to me and i cant stop shitposting. i think im gonna delete facebook.

  4. Station Nagatinskaya, the next station is Honkovskaya🤡

    shit, I get very few likes. I do not give a fuck.

  5. Good, I'm glad Darwinism is still kicking. A self cleansing system is most efficient. It means that you don't need a Hitler every decade, they can just purge themselves.

  6. The human females are no more evolved than chimpanzees. They simply lack the logical abilities of human males, thus they are not fit to be in the same civilizations males create.

  7. Status crazed people should be encouraged to take a selfie on a cliff's edge. We crave that edgie content and you want to please us right?

  8. Is it just me or are women used by the system to control us. They are all so basic, the female natural replusion to things not accepted by the mainstream is reinforced by social media. I see gender quotas as a means to destroy open resistance to the system. You can't say faggot openly in the military or construction for example

  9. I deleted all my social media except YouTube. I couldnt figure out how to delete Instagram so I just deleted it off my phone. I have never been so pleased to know nothing about this dress color thing.

  10. Satan's work is to bound humanity to material things, Lucifer is about freeing humanity (from god aswell) through Knowledge. Follow lucifer my boys.

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  12. heres a contrast… back when the camera was invented, people would be met with one and wouldnt even know what it was. they would just all stand there grimacing in uncomfortability at the thought of their likeness being recorded. now, people portray a mannequin-like happiness in photos as if to balance the emptiness in the actual moment. every one's a star in clown world right? honk back frens.

  13. Anybody who gets addicted to social media and has their life adversely affected is not a truly spirited individual and deserves whatever pain results.

  14. Vanity and distractions…. I'm not religious but.. We are all going to hell…
    This is what we get, right here… Maybe this is hell

  15. Narcissism: “It’s okay. Take a little picture. So everyone can see you.”

    Natural Selection: “Why Hello there. Oh don’t mind me. I’m just hanging here.”

  16. One thing I do notice is women and girls are the ones taking social media to addiction levels. But don't mention that it might be sexist to say that. honk

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