Somi with low self confidence ends up crying with Teacher’s advice [Sister’s SlamDunk 2/2017.03.17]

(Class 1, warming up and group practice) (Class 2, private lessons) Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s an honor to be able to teach you. I’m the one that should be thankful. I never thought we’d be able to work together. And we meet like this. (Her singing is as perfect as her dancing) (We can believe in her) (Does Minzy have concerns about her singing?) I sang a lot of songs in a lower register. We did a lot of kitsch melodies. So I was a bit worried about the parts with the high notes. (Tries the high notes) Keep going like that. Harder. Just like that. (Shaky) – Don’t be off beat. / – Yes. You’re pushing out the notes with your throat voice. And as you know from dancing and singing, it could be quite the burden. So we’ll practice mixing in your head voice. – Let’s try it out. / – Okay. Let’s do “ee.” You don’t have to be so tense. Use a thin voice. Try humming it. When you just hummed… You should go like this. But you went like this. – It sounds a bit flared out. / – Flared… You’re losing breath. Let’s work on that. (The teacher sings with his head voice) That wasn’t just my chest voice. Minzy, I know you have that head voice. And we’ll change that from the ground up. Let’s try again. (She’s more comfortable and her voice is powerful) Keep going up like that. Right. Just like that. – I see. / – Okay… That means you’ll be able to hit the high notes near the end. (Let’s go up higher) Yes. Don’t strain your voice. – It’s too high. / – You can do this. You can do this. You can do this. (Confidence up) (High note explosion) – It was a bit flat… / – Yes. This isn’t too high, right? You’ll be able to hit these notes in no time. You can go up higher. – You understand what I’m saying? / – Yes. I’ve learned a lot throughout my career but I still do have flaws. He taught me how to fix those things so now I know how I should practice. So the class was great for me. (Before she couldn’t hit the high notes) (Now she can sing high notes with her head voice!) (Another member trying to hit the high notes) (Bobbing) (A+ for acting) (She gets into the music like Adele) (She gets to the climax of the song) (Singing with her nose) (Goodness) I have earphones on. Why did I hear Jinkyung? (Her voice can even be heard with earphones on) (Jinkyung sure is amazing) I really hate the private rooms. When I was a trainee I’d practice for 15 hours in the private room. – In the private room? / – Yes. That’s like imprisonment. There was a camera too. If you went out for water, they’d say, “Why are you out?” You can’t even go for water? I’d tell them I was thirsty and needed water. And if I tried to use the bathroom… “Where are you going?” “The bathroom.” What year was that? When you practiced like that. Since I was 21 years old. I did that to prepare for “Love Battery” too. I had to practice winking. – You did that too? / – Yeah. I’d practice winking 8 to 10 hours a day. What if your eyes start to quiver? That’s why my winks look so natural. From practice. I’d just be singing like… ♪ Why do crappy things keep happening? ♪ Like that. Or I can wink on a different note. ♪ Why do crappy things keep happening? ♪ Like that. Now I can do it naturally. (After all that exhausting practice) (Even a single wink seems meaningful) Wow… You can do anything with practice. – But it was so hard. / – I bet. I’ve never sang a rhythmical song. Even when I was a girl group trainee the songs weren’t this rhythmical. (My old song…) (It went like this) (Acting cute) (What should I do?) – I see. / – Yes, it went like that. So I’ve never sang a song this rhythmical. ♪ Oh, lucky you ♪ (She sings with cuteness in front of the teacher) ♪ So, so ♪ (How a trot singer sings on beat) (She tries to get excited and into it) (Is this right?) (Wary) (Compliments please) First off… You’re still good with a sore throat. You are indeed a singer. I always give it my all. – You definitely are a singer. / – Thank you. When you sing… (Bouncy) You tend to sing in more of a trot rhythm. This? – So… / – I taught Chaeyoung this earlier. For “So, so hurry, honey…” ♪ So, so hurry, honey ♪ I told her to do that. Singing to the beat. – The beat? / – The beat and rhythm. (Trot singing is totally different from girl group singing) For trot, you bend the notes. Actually, people always told me I sang like that. I’d like you to focus on connecting. – Connecting? / – Yes. – ♪ Why do only crappy ♪ / – Don’t accent. (Bad example, accenting each note) (Good example, connecting the notes) Connect those. (Like this?) Again, no need to accent the notes. Connect the notes. – I tend to talk like that too… / – Right. (Tries to connect) (Connected) That’s great and all but watch your pronunciation. I worry about things like that. – You connected the notes there. / – Sorry. – Yes. / – Right? (Tries to connect the notes more!) (Her singing got clearer) And that’s what happens. It got a bit clearer and the accents have disappeared. – ♪ So, so ♪ / – Right. In pop music, the groove is totally different. (Before her singing sounded like trot) (Now her singing is clearer) You didn’t bob like before. You got clearer and your rhythm was good. I think you’ll improve a lot more if you work on connecting your notes. Like a skilled tutor… Like plucking white hairs… It felt really refreshing. I felt myself changing. Gosh, I want to rap. Go ahead. Time for a total change. (The trot singer wants the rapping part) ♪ It’s scary to be alone, I’m afraid to be forgotten ♪ (Determined) What? Wasn’t that good? – It seemed good to me. / – Right? I think Chaeyoung would be good at rapping too. – Chaeyoung, freestyle rap. / – No, no. Even singing is too hard for me. ♪ Singing is hard, it’s too hard ♪ Just do that. ♪ Singing is hard, it’s too hard ♪ ♪ I can’t sing, so what? ♪ Pretty good, right? – Pretty good, right? / – “So what?” So gutsy! – Hello. Goodness… / – Hi, Somi. – Hello. / – Hi. Somi, what’s the most difficult thing about doing this song? (Hesitates) I can do it but I have no confidence. Even though you can do it. I should be able to sing hard when I’m alone but I can’t do that sometimes. And why can’t you sing hard? In case you damage your voice or it sounds weird? No, I’m afraid of myself. Singing… I see… And why did that happen? As I said before, my voice always stood out a lot among my group members. So I tried to sing softer. When I was in I.O.I, and when I saw our singing being judged, I lost a lot of my confidence. I used to think my voice was unique and I really liked it. I still like it now. I was a trainee and suddenly debuted as a singer from an audition show. When they watched our performances, they kept saying my voice stood out a lot. Then I started to agree with them. I’ve always had that in the back of my head… – I become more careful. / – Why? I don’t know. When I try singing I’m always unsure of myself. If I could give you some advice on that… You’re always happy when you first start singing. – Yes. / – Because you love singing. But when someone tells you, “You were flat.” Then you’re like, “What was flat?” And start to become timid. – Isn’t that true? / – Yes. And when you sing worrying about that stuff… This is a problem that effects professionals and trainees. That’s where you’re at. I’m not saying you’re not a pro. I usually call this stage where you are trying to become someone who sings for others from someone who can just sing. I think a singer isn’t someone who can sing. It’s someone who sings for others. – I see… / – This is necessary. Somi, you should be able to tolerate all the judgment from others about your voice. But don’t let that consume you. You have to keep moving up fast. You understand? So I’m going to help you improve in the more technical aspects. Alright? Why are you crying? Why are you crying? Minzy came back from her lesson and said you were sensational… – And you’re a great teacher… / – No, not at all… I thought I was ready to learn. No, no. Don’t cry. (Nobody expected Somi to cry) – Are you okay? / – Yes. – Careful you don’t smear your makeup. / – It’s okay. As you know, it’s like that for most trainees. They have to be wary and can’t sing how they want. Right. I’ve experienced many of these things. It didn’t catch me off guard when Somi said that. She’s actually been very strong. She hides that side of herself. And I was proud of her for that since she’s so young. And I also thought I should hurry and help her overcome this. I’ll judge whether your voice sounds weird or not. And we’ll just fix it so it sounds a bit better. Okay? – You okay? All done crying? / – Yes, I’m okay. (Embarrassed) Let’s hear you sing then. – Yes. / – We can start after a break if you want. – I’m just a bit… / – Gosh… – Sorry. / – It’s okay. First of all, you’re with me now and when you’re with me I want you to just belt out the notes with your chest voice. – Alright. / – Okay, please play the song. It’s okay. Just relax. Don’t worry. Okay. (I can do this!) (Listening) (Somi still sings cautiously) Harder. You can go louder. Belt it out more. Okay. How was that? Still a bit weak, right? – Yes. / – So… How about this? Sing “Get lost.” Get lost. Go ahead. ♪ Get lost ♪ Like this? – ♪ Get lost ♪ / – Harder. – ♪ Get lost ♪ / – You can go harder. – ♪ Get lost ♪ / – Sound really annoyed. Listen. ♪ Get lost ♪ Try that. – ♪ Get lost ♪ / – Nice job. A little more. – ♪ Get lost ♪ / – There. Your chest voice is pushed down in many aspects. This is what I think. Have you always had a low voice? No, right? I can tell by listening to you talk. I think you’re closer to a mezzo or soprano but you’re trying to be an alto. I didn’t know how to lower my voice properly. When I sang low I felt like it sounded softer. It’s okay if your voice cracks. Don’t push your voice down. Let’s go up around 3 keys and go back down. – In one key. / – Um… Okay. Do you get what I’m saying? Once more… (Turns it off) So what I’ll do… Hold on. This keyboard isn’t mine. This is it. I’ll raise the key. (3 keys higher than the original song!) Try singing here. (Can I do this?) (Hey, I can) (That’s it) (As she sings in higher key…) (Now you’re so blatantly different) – It sounded stronger, right? / – Yes. Practice the song 2 or 3 keys higher. Okay? Alright. Okay. Good work. Thank you. – You should wipe this off. / – Yes. Thank you. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go. I think he’s a lot kinder and nicer than I thought. Let’s go! This is so sad. Most trainees are like her. They’re so lost. And I’m sad because they don’t know if they’re doing it right. (The final winner of the girl group audition show) (I.O.I released numerous hits) (To most, this story seems like a happy ending) (But 17-year-old Somi…) (Is neither a trainee or in a girl group now) (So she’s nervous about this) I haven’t been in a practice room in forever. Wow… Let’s do this! (In a higher key with confidence) I’ll have to debut eventually. I’m all alone now. And I worry that the girls I trained with will be a lot better than me if we all debut at the same time. I want to take lessons to keep up but I can’t because of work. So I always felt nervous about that. That’s why I love this show. I can get lessons here. I want to learn more from here and I’m trying my best. (Another reason this is important to Somi) ♪ So, so, hurry honey ♪ ♪ Bling, bling, my baby ♪ (Laughs) (Practicing harder than any trainee) ♪ Call me, call me ♪ (My beloved colleagues) Hear that? (Let’s all perform together) (How cute) I cried a little bit. – You cried? / – She cried. – A bit. / – Why? The teacher hit me where it hurt. She found herself. – Really? / – Something that felt plugged up. That seriousness we saw before… He wasn’t like that. – For real? / – For real. As soon as I went in, he looked at me with such sweet eyes. Honey drips out of his eyes. – For real. / – Oh, come on. My heart was abused. You’ll find out once you go in. I’m kind of into him now. Gosh! I’m kind of into him now. Gosh! (Goodness, this girl) What’s wrong with you? Not until you turn 20. – Right. / – Not yet.

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  2. I'm just so jealous right now and I'm also adoring it,
    I want to become an idol, train and do stuff. I want a teacher who'll teach me and tell me more about my voice, and I'm really sincerely waiting for that day

    Where I live there's no one or no academy or ANYTHING and anyone who'll teach you anything related to entertainment and I can't even sing at home since our place is really small and there's a lot people and if I sing I'll get a bad reputation (it's bad singing here ) and more importantly I'll trouble people ( it's not good to trouble your neighbors and family members specially when they have headache all the time and they want silence ) and troubling anyone would be the last thing I'd do, I just hope good things break my door and came through even if it the Window

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