Speaking English ||| Get the results you need from a master teacher!

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  2. Vc poderia colocar as legendas das falas em inglês para quem não consegue entender tudo de ouvido. Grato pelo vídeo.

  3. Hi Rachil, I am confused with the letter( S )when we pronounce it like s, and when we pronounce it like z ?

  4. Did U know that I have stopped using the dictionary since I knew U? . U became the dictionary "Gad bless you" ,wonderful teacher ❤

  5. You are a good teacher. I like your videos. No one teaches as good you teach. I was not that much interested but I have seen your teaching method and commited to learn.

  6. You are the first lady who made American spoken English easy that I know of. God bless you and your family.

  7. Your dad is hilarious, Rachel. I’ve been watching him, and he comes across as a laid-back person. He always cracks jokes at the right time. Spot on. 😂

  8. Your videos are really useful. I have a question, why at 16:15 you said 3 OF 5 but your father said 4 OUT OF 7? What's the difference between OF and OUT OF?

  9. Woo, wooo, woooo, I would like to learn codenames in English. Thank you very much my dear teacher! 🙂

  10. Hi Rachel, I have a question. My teacher (Non-native) said that in words like school where the sound "K" is after S, we pronounce it as "g", or when "T" comes after "S" like in "star" we pronounce it as "D" , and even when "P" comes after "S" in a word like "spoon" we change "P" to "B". However, I've heard non of these rules so far in your videos or any other video on YouTube. Are they correct?
    Thank you very much

  11. Love it! It's awesome to see real English interactions and your family is very amusing. Thanks for sharing it with us! 🌹

  12. Hey Rachel, got a question. I notice there're some differences when native speakers say words that begin with "con" or "com". For example, the "con"s in "conserve" and "concave" sound somewhat different, and "com"s in "combine" and "complex" are also not quite the same. The dictionary seems to confirm this with different phonetic symbols. Can you explain a bit on this? Thank you.

  13. dear Rachel,
    How you going?
    This is Alex from China. My daughter is in primary school and she has a question. So I want your help . Do you have messenger or ?
    How do we speak “ goes swimming “ ?
    Go swimming and go shopping or just speak “ go swimming and shopping “
    Thank you

  14. Hi Rachel, I have a question. What's the difference between "cast" and "plaster?" I mean, of course, when you break a leg or something. Thx!

  15. Hi Rachel! You're a great teacher! Love your videos and the way you explain! I'm also a teacher (dance teacher) here in Brazil! I dance a lot, but unfortunately I can't speak English very well… rsrsrs I used to learn English with songs, when I was a teenager! Today I wrote this to Vicki, that I knew on your Podcast! She is so cute! And you're so cute too! Congrats! Thank you for everything that you give us!

  16. I also have a channel here in Youtube! It's very new, but it's pretty cool (at least for me! rsrsrs).
    If you want, take a look!

    Kisses and hugs!

  17. One video suggestion for you Rachel: how to pronounce and tell the difference between 'send' and 'sent' with all its possible pronunciations please. I love your videos Rachel, thank you.

  18. Hi there Rachel… I have a question again and I think it's random one…. I've been in a situation of determining the difference of "Do the dishes" and "Wash the dishes" I know basically they are both the same but on the other hand is there any way to differentiate it? like is the other British or the other is American grammar? thanks and more power!

  19. I 've joined your academy last month.
    But I don't have enough time to study, so I sent an email to cancel the subscription but no one response to my email.
    Please help me to prevent another charge in next month.
    My academy account email is '[email protected]'.

  20. pronunciations of behind, before, opportunity. They rather sound like this bahind, bafore, opportunidy in English movies.

  21. Hello , could you do a lesson about having two gerunds in a row in a sentence. For example ”I’m eating waiting for him” is it right?

  22. This video is awesome! You are explaing the phrases , nouns. I love real life video!
    I am from Brazil.

  23. God I love your channel Rachel !
    I am strict and disciplined at work and I am just dreaming that everyone could do things AS GOOD AS YOU DO !

    the way you build your videos and explain things = that bears fruit

    a lot of other resources = a lot of blabber, wasting time, no explaining the sense of the thing
    they really just can't make it

  24. I'm from India give me a mobile number to communicate with in English i want to develop my English language

  25. I don't if it's me or something else, but both your parents' are difficultly audible in this video 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  26. I discover your vidéo by error and I really like it but it hatd for me to follow i realy struggeled i dont know why it seems hard and complicated it's makes me nervous
    I need to see the vidéo more often purheps it become a habit to follow

    The intressting think it's very great english and more academic english.

  27. Do you want me to be controversial here?
    Many older people have to deal with extreme loneliness.
    So why not have English learners from other countries (or living in America) talk to them via Skype or another service with video capability?
    Of course, many learners would have to deal with older people complaining about how good it was in the old days before the arrival of so many immigrants (I have to deal with it in my professional life).
    English learners should be warned of that possibility and also of the fact that some of the elderly might openly insult them (and that there would be hardly any legal liability since they could claim the onset of dementia or that their blood sugar was too high or too low when the insults were expressed). It would be a valid learning experience though.

  28. Wonderful family. I loved you all. It's a great pleasure to study with you all. I feel St home as well. Thank you!
    This game must be very interesting. I hope I will learn to players it some day. My English level is not enough to follow the explanations you've made.
    But the vocabulary I am following and learning very well and the pronunciation as well.
    I am try ongoing to improve my English. I study alone at home, without any practice.
    Thank you and nice to meet you together your beautiful family.

  29. what a wonderful game! and your explanation is amazing! I've just started following your channel but I've already fallen in love with it! thank you so much!

  30. Thanks a lot for making this video!
    At first I thought it's going to be boring. But your notes about pronunciation made it really helpful and interesting! Keep it up!
    Greetings and good luck to all your nice family!

  31. thank you for your useful video. However, i find 2 words which is pronounced differently from the word in dictionary
    I don't know why the word "associate" is transcribe /a'sou.shi.eit/ in dictionary but you said /a.'sou.si.eit/ instead. Explanation: /sh/ as in "show".
    I don't know why you stressed the syllable " text" in "context" instead of stressing "con" in "context".
    I'm sorry about my bad english. Hope you understand and answer me!

  32. There's a lot of videos! I want to study with you but by WHICH VIDEO START. . I need a lot of vocabulary and TO BE ABLE UNDERSTAND when they speak to me. I NEED PRACTICE WITH YOU.
    Thank you VERY MUCH.

  33. 12:34 Your mother said "I'm gonna go with—-"
    this "with" was almost silent for me. it happened when I watched the trailer of a new game. I dont know why I counldn't hear it. I'm so disappointed to myself.

  34. This is great youtube chanel, thank you mrs.rachel i can improve my english because i always watching your vidio😊

  35. me encanta la ayuda con la escritura de lo hablas porque es de gran ayuda pues estoy aprendiendo English a mi 65 anos.Gracias lástima que en otros vídeos no aparecen

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