Student Athlete’s Day In The Life *University of Texas NCAA*

How much do supply Here in Austin on a Monday. Yeah, but can you how their own cuts in this? Today it’s like I said Monday, which usually I would be in Fayetteville. So this is weird and Tyra had class this morning and just practice in like two hours So we’re headed to a coffee shop right now so that we I can do some work I have a video edit that goes out today and She was like some test or something, I guess right with what’s it for? School so Whatever that is. I don’t know but she apparently leagues. It’s really important We’re going to one of our favorite little coffee shops. You guys have seen him before but you’re gonna see it again today Are you in jail, buddy? Mom walked you in here Alright We made it the excitement is just unbelievable I’m so excited this study To preface this we were at the apartment sleeping. She woke up what time you wake up for class? Like 8:15 I also woke up then I took my lot and then I slept I just kind of sleeping off and on and then she came Home to nap. We didn’t get up till one o’clock. So Tired. Yeah, this weekend was rough it where they killed us, but we’re out now and we’re gonna go Study. Mm-hmm. I think you should go back home what you Just got here You see Ya know Who’s Dan yeah, it kind of stinks I Will get back to you and you figure out what we’re actually doing Tyranian, they grab some food just be hungry, but we found a spot with some Chargers here I’m gonna send you to work further in a while. There’s the It’s a really cool spot this turtle is a fish out there dudes I Have a paper due at 6:00 p.m. And it’s to a cod I have practice one hour 15 minutes That lasted a whole 45 minutes or so. All right well Didn’t last too long the Wi-Fi that is horrible. So ty was working on the Google Doc and I just wasn’t really huh No, and I didn’t and it’s a research paper kind of thing antara has practice in 50 minutes so I guess we’re going what near the track and I’m gonna continue working and I guess she’s gonna try to grind something out before practice but life of a student athlete Was very good Taking our just a little bit of breeze in her face, but now No You happy you something I’m getting it I’m the same dollars made it 2:30 So there’s 29 minutes to practice what do you wait wishing away it’s time to go bye. Oh, yeah All right guys, it’s been a pretty crazy last few hours I In any ways Can you sleep see I know I said I came out of my mouth and I was like Over the past few hours, I finished editing This whole video and posted it. So if you guys walked it’s super killer and We finished our essay Like I don’t know it was do one minute ago, and we turned it in two minutes ago So it’s pretty good. Now. We’re focused on dinner. We’re gonna see we’re gonna go eat and then go back to Medellin and study more. Oh It’s do you know so far mm-hmm Golden Hour There’s a leaf right in front of my face Sorry, I sneeze we’re gonna go grab some dinner probably some text max what you got there, babe Your shoes Will pay a game to decide who takes him out We have been elected to Both sides together Milo. So anytime I’m back in town thar loves taking advantage of it and having me take my lap cuz when I’m not here, she does it all so I can understand it but Maya have fun in these times anyway stuff don’t even mind it really at all He knows exactly where he’s going oh Come on gopi Know who milo know you’re so close He runs right along the edge sir, he stays off of the grass are you done buddy you’re done boy good job Found it good boy. What are you doing some Cheetos? Yeah We’re home and shower I think Why Not give it a mile but I’m not the guy you’re taking home I keep dancing on my own You show me the lights to the music times But you don’t see me stay

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  1. Hey 👋🏼 guys ~ Hook ‘em Horns 🤘🏼 ~ I’m in San Antonio & most my family are Alumni 🤘🏼
    You guys are The Cutest 🤗❤️

  2. Dang!!! Dang!!! I’m late for a very important date!! Move over!! I have to get home!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys 😍😍😍!!!

  3. I’m pretty sure we should start a band I was singing with you guys at the end and it sounded pretty good… I think 😂😂

  4. More coffee, of course. Milo, steals the show every time. Tara belly laughing, excellent stuff. Love you two, your the best. So lucky to have what you two have. Sound, almost good but your so sweet with each other.

  5. Awww the support is great, Tara's laugh is hilarious. Lol the singing performance was epic, I would totally pay for concert tickets😂. Y'all love is just effortless and precious❤.

  6. Wow, that was cool.. I watched as my pizza was getting made, glad I was waiting in my truck you guys had me LMAO.. Real talk! LMAO– , I can't recall LOL so hard, this is going in the save bin!

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  8. I love vlogs of you and Tara just being together, no need for a storyline. My favorites are random and anytime you guys are singing together.

  9. Now that's REAL love😘 y'all make my day every time I watch your videos…love ya God bless. P.S. Milo is the cutest dog y'all have really done an awesome job w him👍

  10. Nice vlog…..Tara, did you get graded on your essay yet,? I s all College, work done on the computer these days? You don't have to ✋ write anything anymore??

  11. It’s cool you did this video to show what you guys have to do on a daily basis ❤️ love the singing at the end 💜

  12. Hey my babies, y'all r tooooo funny. OMG!!! & I love the singing session. Love u Smooches 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭🥰❤

  13. I smiled at you guys throughout this entire video. I love your energy and the naturalness of your relationship. Keep it genuine❤️

  14. Hi guys remember to put hashtags in your description box to reflect the topic/topic in the vlog . It will help people who are doing searches to find to find you. Also your video would show up in their recommendations.

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