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Hello everybody, I’m Christina and today
I’m gonna bring you along a day in my life of revision. Now I know that revising
for a whole entire day is not easy, it’s not easy on your mind, it’s not easy on your body, it’s just not easy let alone if you have to revise for a whole entire day or a whole entire
week or longer than that depending on when you have your exams on top of that
you have stress because you know your exams are coming, you have deadlines still and it’s just it’s just not an easy task and I completely know that and
I understand that however we have to do it so I thought that in this video I
will also bring you some tips that works for me personally in the hopes that you
can do the same thing or adapt it to yourself and in the hope that it will
help you. On the days when I’m revising I usually wake up between 6:30 and 7:30
but I am a morning person I work really well when it’s light outside and
I start being way less productive when the Sun Goes Down so that’s why I wake
up this early because I know that my productivity
hours are in between sunrise and sunset if you’re a person who naturally tends
to be more focused when it’s dark outside then what’s the point in forcing
yourself to wake up a sunrise if you’re not going to be productive until 10:00
a.m. right if you’re not going to be productive until 10:00 a.m. and you will
be productive until later at night then make the most of what you can do
Revise more at night if you are more focused at night and then get your sleep
I usually sleep eight hours otherwise I’m not as focused so get your sleep
time in full do not sleep less in order to revise for longer hours but be
smarter about how to revise, how you plan your revision and how you spend your day
of revision the second thing that I always always do is I make my bed and I
get ready for the day. I revise in my room but that doesn’t mean I could spend
a whole entire day sitting at my desk in my PJs that’s not good for me, It’s not good for my mindset is not good for my body so I usually shower make my bed I
get ready and I make sure that my environment is tidy. Tip number three I
think we are at this point always always make it a to do list in the morning before
I start studying based on that to-do list I decide what I have to prioritize
on the day and how long things are going to take me or how long I think it is going
to take me to do So based on that I will plan my day. Now
I usually do this on my planner but you don’t have a planner you don’t have to
just whip out a piece of paper and write it on that. When I plan out my day I try
and give myself breaks to do other things that are not sitting at my desk
revising my that I do not mean go to youtube and watch a YouTube video I
might do that while having lunch for example as a general rule I try and do
other things that still keep me going so I’m still productive. So for example if I
studied for two hours then I take a half an hour break and then in that half hour break
I will maybe do my laundry or tidy the room that I messed up throughout the day.
I do think that not sitting at my desk and revising but it’s still me being
productive and doing something instead of being sitting there watching a video
or scrolling through social media which we all know that once you go on
Instagram and you look at your feed you’re not going to be able to log off
after the half hour you said you were gonna be on it. Get out of your house
or get out of the place your revising in. So for example I revise in my
room, I stay at my desk and revise at my desk because I’m not one to go to
library and revise because the library just stresses me out but if you’re
someone who’s revised then if you’re taking a lunch break then
go to the hub and have lunch there so your changing environment your in.
Also something that I think is really cool that our university offers is our
revision week events. During revision week AUSA organizes events that you can go to
to get your mind off revision and have a small break we have goats this year we
always have therapy dogs which I love, free pizza as well and this year at the
bottom floor of the library we also have the SOS room now I went to visit the SOS
room just today and I think it’s really cool I got to make little stories and I
got to like put piece of paper and hang it to the tree It’s just a nice way of
taking a break. doing something that is not revising and doing that in a place
that is not the same place in which you are studying. Another thing that I try to
do every single day when I’m revising is do some form of exercise now it has been
proven that exercise enhances the effectiveness of your study. It is not
something that someone has just made up there’s actually scientific Studies on
it and i had to google it because i want to
be as precise as possible. Exercise releases endorphins which reduce
stress levels make you happier among other thing so working out gives you
energy and also makes you happier and less stress
so there you go work out every day for at least a little bit to be more
productive, more happy and less stressed The final tip I’m going to give you is see
and talk to other people. Don’t spend the time alone with your thoughts get
distracted by talking to someone else. For example I try and put two and two
together so when I do my workout for today I go to dance classes at dance
Society and in that environment I can see other people I can talk to other
people and I can socialize while taking a break a while producing the hormone
that makes me less stressed. And with that I’m gonna end this video I hope you
guys enjoyed it and I will see you again in another one

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