Summer School 2018 – Interviews

Ahoj Wow it’s really a new, new experience and challenging
experience. I learned how to make the concrete. When I was doing that I feel I’m also like doing a cake so through that I can also learn a lot about the transportation industry in Czech Republic. In summer school you don’t have any chance to get exercise so in the sports day we can exercise whole day. We have badminton, dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, it’s really nice. The most demanding… I think it’s the Sněžka trip. You have 22 students some of them are not fond of walking or even hiking. I really don’t want to climb when I saw the
mountain, yeah! wow I don’t want to climb that high mountain! Because i will feel so tired. You take them you try to challenge them to actually go all the way up by foot. I think was really nice really challenge for me. And then youn try to make them happy throughout
the way up. If I finish climbing, I might get some unforgettable impression, yeah. And we were doing it in a group as a group and we’ve been helping each other because some people were having problems and the others are helping them and there was a very nice sense of community. On the top, everybody take a lot of pictures together and feel very connected. I think at that time on the top of mountain
I was really happy. Finally I reach the top I feel I’m brave! Probably one of the best experiences that I was looking forward to from the start
of the program and that was really rewarding. I like that at the first week we went to Pardubice’s downtown and one of the teacher gave us a tour about
history of Pardubice. I like the cafes in Pardubice I think they’re
real nice even for a small city. I like the sign on the streets and I like
it to feel safe here like compared to other countries and I travel I
think Czech Republic’s are really safe country. Definitely I will tell my parents that Czech people
are very calm. They are very calm, patient, and very quiet but when I talk with Czech people I feel I
was respected and they were listen to me and replied to any of my questions. I feel happy to see all the dogs too like a Czech dogs are really cute. I think it’s amazing it’s fantastic sunset
here. It has layers by layers and when it’s combined all together with different artistic buildings or historical buildings it’s really like an oil paintings. The weather here is so clear and the sky is
blue and cloud is white and it’s very hard to see it in my country because there’s some pollution in my country but in Czech there is very very clear weather and very
beautiful. Super colorful and I’ve never ever seen another sunset so beautiful and so colorful
like in Czech Republic. I will remember it forever. Of course I wanna come again because there are some faculties maybe there’s more but they are very interesting and have very good education system so yeah definitely I will come again. Yeah definitely I will recommend to my
friends. Of course I will miss people here
forever and people here is so nice, I love them. It was really good experience and all the programs all the team work for
us they really care about us this really important because we are foreigners
so we need help here you feel all the support from the university and all the
people here It’s a really good experience for me. Yeah for sure I mean this year was awesome I really enjoyed it have every single moment
of it was awesome and great experience for me as well as
for the students but summer school 2019 is going to be better than summer school 2018 the same way as university in the year 2019 is going to be better place than in 2018. That’s what university is about make things better, everyday. CZ: Děkuji. CZ: Na shledanou.

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