Summer School | Pre-University Honours Programmes | University of Amsterdam

My name is Luuc Brans
and I am the academic director of the pre-university honours programme
Politics & Society. In the programme, we introduce students
to core concepts of political science. But it’s a good environment
for students to get to know what’s it like to study
at the University of Amsterdam. Hi, I am Zoe, I am from Argentina
and currently living in Mexico City. So the reason why I chose
this programme is… …I came to visit the university
like, a year ago. And I thought, oh my god,
I want to study here so much. So I looked into summer programmes
and I thought… …this is perfect for me
and I just went ahead and applied. Hi guys, I am Lara Maia
and I am from Sao Paulo in Brazil. I just come to the University of Amsterdam
for the summer programme. Mostly because I’m applying
to uni really soon. And, erm– I really wanted to see
what a university experience is. But I’d also be
at one of my dream destinations. This city has so much stuff to do. You can go anywhere by bike,
which is so amazing. It feels very liberating
to have all this freedom. Especially when you’re–
You did not use to have it at home. Students in my group are
16 to 18 years old. They come from all over the world,
from about five continents. Almost all of us are coming
from a different country with a different perspective. In discussions in class we can all say
something very different and learn from another person’s culture. Here we’ve been talking about nationalism,
identity, gender, globalization. All these topics can intertwine. In the morning, we usually have
sessions in the classroom. Then in the afternoon, we go on excursion. We usually visit a museum,
or an archive. It’s a fun combination
of in-classroom sessions and going out into the world
to study the social world. Everything has been so amazing. From the courses to the lectures
and professors, to my friends and peers. To the space itself.
The campus, the university. It’s real–
truly a great experience.

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