Superintendent’s Strategic Plan Van – School Service Center

I’m out today in the
Strategic Plan Van and it is very cold
out today. I had to turn on the heat. It’s beginning to look
a lot like winter. I wonder where we’re
headed today? [Music} I’m at the School
Service Center! Woo hoo! [Music] Today we are here with
Leland Vance, and he has a very important job around this time of the year. Leland, tell us, what do you do to ensure that our schools
are safe places? We take care of all the
playgrounds, the fencing, sidewalks, concrete and asphalt parking lots, potholes. We do a variety of things… flag pole ropes. Anything outside,
we take care of. Awesome. And so this time of the year is
pretty bu… it starts to get busy for you. Yes. So when it snows and it’s
time for you guys to get this lovely
big machine out, to be able to
do what with it? What do… what do you do that
what causes you to say it’s time to pull out
the big dog? Anytime we get four inches
or more of snow is when the big
trucks come out, typically. We take them out occasionally
when there’s icy conditions so we can spread salt and sand. We also pre-treat with
some salt brine to try to help it not
be as slick. Awesome. So that means you must
work way into the morning and all
night long to ensure that our
schools are safe when families and
students and staff get there. Yes, my guys know they need to
come in anytime we call them, whatever time at night
or day it is. Awesome. So Leland, you have a
department here, and I know that we
have 90 buildings, over 90 buildings, that you have to remove
the snow and the ice from. So how do you all
accomplish that with the small department
that you have? We have roughly 90
people we call out on a major snow
removal. We use people throughout
the crafts here at the Service
Center, and then we also ask for
volunteers out here at the
Service Center who want to come in
and get some extra overtime. Absolutely. So are they all trained
on how to use, what… …do you have a nickname
for this thing here? No, not really. [Laughter] We hold a training
every year to… …and all those people
that sign up get out the chance to
run all the equipment. Okay, so do you think I could
have the opportunity to come out and get some training
and be able to drive? Sure. I think I might need to do that. That might be fun. [Laughter} So I know that you
all do not clean everything that’s around our
school properties when the weather
is bad and there’s snow and
there’s ice, so I know that you have a
collaboration with the building
site engineers at our sites. So tell me a little bit about
how that works. Yes. At the high schools, the
groundsmen are responsible for all the sidewalks, and then we’ll come out
and take care of the bigger parking
lots for them. At the middle school and
elementary schools, the custodians are responsible
for helping us with the sidewalks, especially
if it’s under 4 inches. We don’t send the whole big crew
out unless it’s over 4 inches. So if it’s under 4 inches, they help us get all the
critical areas. Handicapped spots and bus
loading and unloading zones. Awesome. So this really is a
collaborative effort between the folks at our School
Service Center and our buildings to ensure that all of
our sidewalks and all of the
critical areas are all ready for our staff and
students and families when they
arrive on bad days. Yes, we utilize everybody
we can. Absolutely. That’s what I love about
this district. We teamwork. Awesome. I’d like to thank everyone at
the School Service Center for allowing me the opportunity
to come here and learn about a;; the wonderful things they do
to ensure that our kids and our staff have safe
places to learn. I wonder where I’m gonna
be next month? I wonder if they’ll let
me drive this? I guess not. I don’t have my
CDL license…yet. [Music]

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