Sustainability Program at the University of Dayton

(mood music) – This is an excellent
place to kayak, it’s so beautiful and very
shallow and the water’s, it’s very good for beginner kayakers. I’m currently taking a
sustainability research class and we are trying to propose
ways to develop Old River Park for better use for the university. Environmental biology uses part
of the park for observation and River Stewards use it for
kayaking, but besides that it is not really used by students. My group is focused on campus recreation and how recreation can be
more developed over here. It’s really fun. It is hard work, but you
get out what you put in. – I’ve worked on so
many fantastic projects that came from the students,
I see it come to fruition, I see its impact on the
community, it’s the reason that I love this job, it’s
what, it makes teaching such a delight and also researching
with them such a delight. – I’m in Intro to Sustainability
this semester. In that class, you work in
groups and develop solutions to different problems
that they’ve targeted in the Dayton community. My team is actually tackling
the issue of food and security in old North Dayton. A lot of people don’t have
access to grocery stores so we work with the
community, talk to people on housing boards in
Dayton, talk to a bunch of different resources
throughout the community and figure out what we could
do to find a solution to that. – These are major projects
and the results of what the students come up with,
their reports will be viewed by the Dayton city
manager and by the leaders in the community. – I know that in the past a
lot of UD student projects have actually been implemented
into the city of Dayton, so it makes me very hopeful
that our ideas are actually going to be put into
place in the community. – We have a bachelor of
science with tracks in energy and in sustainable watersheds
and we have a bachelor of arts with tracks in
urban sustainability and sustainable food systems
and those tracks intersect also with other disciplines in such ways that double majoring is very possible. – This is a curriculum that was
conceived from the ground up by a group of faculty in
many different traditional disciplines and crafted
to provide students with a truly interdisciplinary
approach to sustainability. – The jobs of
the future and the problems we face as a society require
expertise from all fields. – So, sustainability
requires the student to have that knowledge to be able to
combine all these different things to come up with solutions that are considered sustainable. – Sustainability is a very high priority for this university,
it’s one of the pillars of President Spina’s strategic
vision for the university. – We have a lot of
opportunities here on campus to get involved in sustainability,
whether that’s through classes or here at the Hanley
Sustainability Institute. – The Hanley Sustainability
Institute works on research, education, campus sustainability,
and community engagement. – I am one of the student
leaders for the education team here at Hanley, we host different
presentations throughout campus, both with students and faculty and even facilities in dining services. So there’s a lot of
opportunity for you to grow, not only as a student, as a
person, but also as a leader. (mood music) – I think that right now there’s
a ton of job opportunities and I think that the
field is really growing. – Every field is starting
to recognize the importance of sustainability. – [Student] I think it prepares
you for almost any career you’d want to go into. – The major is so broad,
there’s so much I can do, but all I know is I would just
want to make a difference.

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