Talking Tom and Friends – Back to School | Season 2 Episode 17

No, no, no. Where is it? Where is it?! Are you sure you lost
your newest amazing invention? Don’t be ridiculous! I specifically remember saying “Eureka!”
when it was finished. Keep looking! Wow! Guys, we need to have a talk
about keeping this place clean. [Ben] Don’t just stand there
sipping smoothies! Today is the deadline to submit
for the Young Genius Award and I can’t find my Miracle Slurper! It uses high-powered suction
to collect and purify water at a distance of up to 30 feet. We’ll help you find it.
What does it look like? Ooh, good question, Angela. It’s a tube and it’s—
You don’t know what it looks like? -Hank, you’ve been looking for it all day.
-I figured I’d know it when I saw it. [sigh] Well, it looks like a hollow tube
with lights and a motor. Um, when you say lights and a motor, you don’t mean blinking lights
and a small motor, do you? -Yes, exactly. Have you seen it?
-Huh-huh. Uh, here’s the thing. The dictionary defines a “mistake”
as something that– Where is it, Tom? Where is my top-secret,
not-ready-to-be-seen-yet Miracle Slurper? Tom! That invention you said I could
bring to school got me in trouble! I was using it to shoot spitballs
at my teacher, but it got too powerful and the spitballs went through the wall,
so my teacher took it away. You know which invention
I’m talking about, right? The tube with the lights and the motor? -Uh…
-Aaargh! [crash] ♪ Wa-oah! ♪ You don’t give away
other people’s things, Tom! You don’t give away other people’s things! I can explain. See, it was early this morning, and I was
hard at work on a project of my own… [humming] [Ginger] Wha… [whirring, bleeping] Wow! Amazing! [Tom] I know, right? It’s incredible. [pow]
Can I take it to school? Yeah, that might be tough, but if you can
find a way to get it there, sure. [giggles] Thanks, Tom! [door shuts]
Huh? I don’t know. [Tom] So, the real problem
isn’t that I gave away your invention. It’s that Ginger didn’t try hard enough
to make eye contact with me. Wow, Tom. I think I speak for everyone
when I say… that is one amazing French toast tower. Thank you. I’ll have you know
it’s as structurally sound… [boing]
…as it is mouth-watering. Forget that! My invention is gone! Well, it’s not really gone.
Ginger’s teacher has it. Right! All we have to do
is go to his school and get it back. Except my teacher said
that my parents would have to come get it. Like I said, all we have to do is get Ginger’s parents
to go to his school and get it back. Except my parents are
in the South Pacific, riding submarines. -Wait. What? Why?
-Uh, for fun?! Okay, what if Angela and I pretend
to be Ginger’s parents, meet with his teacher,
and get the Miracle Slurper back? Oh, that could work. Ginger, tell me everything about your mom
so I can understand her character. -Come along, Junior.
-Ugh! Do I have to go back to school? -I just got out of there.
-Don’t you talk to your father like that! Is that something she would say? This better work! Don’t you dare come
back here without my Miracle Slurper! [kick] Wow, that is structurally sound. [footsteps echo] [Angela] Ginger, hold still! Uh! -You’re a mess!
-Stop it! I look fine! Man, it feels like just yesterday
I was running this school. All the guys wanted to be me.
All the girls wanted to… be me, too – that’s how cool I was. If there was a Spring Fling dance
coming up, I’d ask you to go with me. -Aw!
-So many memories here. If these walls could talk– Hm. [clicking] [clicking] [fingernails clicking] Thomas! You’re going to keep getting in
trouble until you learn to pay attention! Now, pick those up and organize them
by how much they need sharpening. [whimpers] What would the talking walls say? Ginger, you didn’t tell me
your teacher was Ms. Vanthrax! -You didn’t ask!
-I can’t go in there. She was my teacher, too, and
she’s the scariest person I’ve ever met! Your old teacher shouldn’t scare you, Tom. -Uh-huh.
-You’re a grown-up now, just like her. Uh-huh! -No, Tom!
-Come on, Dad! [Tom] Agh! No! [Tom strains] I’m glad we’re finally meeting,
Mr. and Mrs. Ginger. [creaking] [scary music] Ha-ha. Yes, it’s so great to meet you too,
Ms. Vanthrax. -Isn’t that right, honey?
-Huh. Right. Anyway, my son, who is Ginger,
who is definitely my son, -has told me so much about you.
-Has he now? I’m surprised he could stop
shooting spitballs long enough -to tell you anything.
-[gasps] Ha-ha. That’s our little prankster! But really, he is a good kid, and we’ll
make sure this never happens again. That’s good to hear.
Remember, discipline begins at home. We got the machine. Let’s scram! I mean, shall we leave, Mother and Father? -Ha-ha. See what I mean? Prankster.
-[Ms. Vanthrax] Oh, and one more thing. I recognized you the second you walked in. Thomas, my old student. [evil laugh] I hope you’re enjoying
your little back-to-school visit because it just got extended!
[buzz] -[Angela] What? Hey!
-[Tom] No! No! [Ginger] Way to go, Dad! It’s not fair! [Ms. Vanthrax] You come into my classroom,
you play by my rules. Welcome to detention, troublemakers. -Why aren’t they back?
-Oh, stop worrying and watch TV. Look, it’s the Bongo & McGillicuddy
where Bongo and McGillicuddy go to jail. -What? Aren’t they cops?
-[as TV announcer] Cops! Framed for a crime they didn’t commit. Will they break out of this prison
and clear their names? Well, when you say it like that,
it makes you want to watch the episode. Sure! We gotta break out of this prison. Dad, how? Ssh! I have a plan. [drawing] -[both] What?
-One… Two… -No, no, no!
-Now! Waaa! Ow!
[crash] Nice try, Thomas. But it looks like all your detentions
just turned into… double detention! -Aw!
-Oh, no! I can stay here all night.
Nobody’s waiting up for me at home. Just one benefit of being a single gal. The point is,
you three aren’t going anywhere! This isn’t fair! I was just sitting
at my desk like a well-behaved boy! A well-behaved boy wouldn’t
be in detention in the first place! Alright, Ms. Vanthrax. If that’s how you want to play this,
that’s how we’ll play this. I know my rights.
I want my phone call! [gasps] How did you know? Oh, fine, then! You must think you’re real clever. -What phone call?
-School Handbook, rule 437. “Anyone sentenced to detention
is allowed one phone call “to their parent or guardian.” You get one phone call and only one
phone call, so you better make it count. [phone ringing] -Hello? Hey, Angela.
-What? -Mom? No, this is Hank.
-Angela! What are you doing? Hi, Mom. I’m calling from “detention”. Are you speaking in code?
Confirm or deny – you’re in detention, and you’re using School Handbook
rule 437 to let me know. -That is surprisingly specific.
-Oh, no! Now I’ll never get
the Miracle Slurper in time. -[explosion on TV]
-[Hank] No! -[monkey speaks]
-[Hank] Phew! It looks like the best way
to stay out of jail is to break out. They did it! Just like the last time
I watched this episode. Hm. Angela, Mom is comin’ for ya! [intense action music] [voice echoing] Wooo-oh-ho-ho! [laughs] I see them. Now I just need to– Aagh!
[crash] [splutters] Well, if it isn’t another troublemaker! You just fell into the wrong classroom. -Benjamin?
-Velma? [all] Velma? I haven’t seen you
since the teachers’ pet mixer. -Uh, what’s going on?
-What in the world are you doing here? Well, I’m trying to retrieve
an invention of mine that someone gave away without permission. It’s a water collection
and purification device that, apparently, can also be used
to make, er… A-herm! …spitballs. [laughing] What a delightful
misunderstanding! -I’d love to see this in action.
-I’d be happy to show you! Um, hello? What about us? Um, you know, Ms. V,
Angela was just trying to help me, and Ginger is just a kid. Oh. Very well! You two, prepare to be educated!
[buzz] -Woah! Cool! Awesome!
-Woo-hoo! -Learning’s fun!
-Hey! What about me? Oh! I think you need a little longer to learn
what was wrong about what you did. What? You can’t do that! No talking, Thomas! -[both laugh]
-Now let’s go, youngster. Wisdom awaits! Yay! School! Wait! Ugh! Come back! Don’t leave me here. You can’t leave me here! [Hank, as TV announcer] Tom –
in detention for a crime he didn’t commit. Will he break out of his old school? Or will he remain a prisoner
of that teeny tiny kid desk? Yes, he will.

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  1. The ginger helpful information contained herein bedside is not working properly configured from ginger deid? Tom is back to school?

  2. Tom: So, the real problem isn’t that I gave your invention away, it’s that Ginger didn’t try hard enough to make eye contact with me.
    Me: Actually, it’s the other way around. Ginger was looking at you the whole time, waiting for you to look at him and say yes, but you were just staring at your French Toast tower and you failed to make eye contact with _him_.

  3. Talking Benjamin! How dare you acuse Talking Tom for that Miracle Slurper, you know that was a mistake!😡😡 Right….😒

    & Hank, you're still inside the vent, you can totally save Tom with the rope. He will break out in his old school, literally then maybe will get revenge on Ben as breaking up with Tom & Ben interprises or something.

  4. I bet Angela calls Tom honey a lot since you know they are boyfriend and girlfriend and I bet Tom calls Angela baby like you know if they're on a date or talking or just hanging out

  5. 4:07 THOMAS! You are going to keep getting in trouble until you "LEARN" to PAY ATTENTION!
    4:12 "Ms. Vantrax flicks off the colored pencil tower."
    4:13 Now pick those up & "ORGANIZE" them by how much they need sharpening.

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