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‘This story relates to naughty kids like you’ ‘who don’t use dustbin’ ‘Do watch this story till end’ ‘One of my student Dhwani had the bad habit of littering’ ‘like other kids’ ‘She never used dustbin’ ‘and used to litter wherever she wished’ ‘She used to throw peels of pencil the the room’ ‘One day I summoned her in my room’ May I come in Madam. Yes. Madam you remember me ? Yes Dhwani I have called you. I am getting lot of complaints against you. You use to litter a lot in the class room. You throw wrapper of chips/toffee and water from bottle anywhere in the class room. You should use dustbin. Yes Madam. You shouldn’t repeat this mistake in future. Unless we keep our environment clean. How others will follow us? You should understand and teach others too that ‘Clean India is a healthy India’, Yes Madam. Tomorrow write an essay on ”Clean India, Healthy India’ Ok Madam. You should keep your country clean. Always remember this You are the future of India If you will keep your surroundings clean other will also follow you. Do write the essay and show me tomorrow. ”Clean India, Healthy India’ ”Clean India, Healthy India’ What have you done ? Sorry I threw a plastic bag here. You shouldn’t do this If you keep on littering like this how our country will be cleaned. And if it’s not clean, how will it remain healthy ? You are right, it is my mistake. I will never do this again. Promise me that in future you will always use dustbin. I promise to obey you. Mam, do this road leads to G.T Karnal ? Yes go straight and turn left and take the highway. Ok thank you so much. What is this? My Madam told me to keep India clean. If you keep on throwing objects like this on road How our country will becomes clean ? I am surprised that educated person like you are doing this. Sorry Madam, it’s my mistake. Unwittingly I threw this bottle here. Let me pick it up to throw in dustbin. I think you haven’t recognize me yet. Who are you? What is this? Can you recognize me now? Dhwani You are a DSP now ? Wow Dhwani. What a surprise. Sorry, I forgot myself, what I taught you. No problem but don’t repeat this again. Happy Teachers Day, Madam. It was great to see you. Now please pick bottle and throw in a dustbin. Sure let me pick it up and throw in a dustbin. Friends, see how my student taught me the lesson which I used to teach her. Kids, this video has been made to celebrate ‘Teachers Day’ Teacher is like your second Mother. Always respect and obey your teachers. Even if they scolds you, it is for your welfare. Today I would like to wish happy teachers day to all Teachers. Happy Teachers day to all my teachers. Happy Teachers day to all my Madam. Friends, what we are today all that is due to efforts of our teachers. You should always appreciate and obey them. Friends, this is the time for winner of last episode question. We have received lot of answers. We all are excited. Jinwani will pick up the slip for the Lucky Draw. Ready ? Our winner is ‘Deepika Upadhyaya. Congratulations ! I hope you do like this video. Do like, share and subscribe this video. and do press the bell icon.

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