Teaching our Kids to be Kind, Wilson Elementary Kindness Retreat

The kindness retreat is a great way to
get the whole grade-level together and really focus on one topic kindness. And
then what we try to do is we bring those the things that they’re learning
throughout the day back to the school so that we can spread kindness all over the
school. It means really fun, kindness is going around the school so I think it’s gonna be really fun. We can all be kind in different ways to make our school a better place. I think days like today are super important because kids aren’t just born knowing how to treat others with kindness.
Sometimes it’s the easy thing to do just to follow whatever is happening out on
the playground or in the classroom and days like today where we really take
time to talk about it what does it mean how can you throw kindness out into the
world are very important. I hope they take away a couple of things from it at least and when they get back to the classroom if they see kindness they’re
gonna say something like “Wow that’s really being kind”, that’s being inclusive,
that’s what we want to see. Well I learned that our there’s many forms of bullying and there’s different ways you can stop that. It means like you’d be nice to people like inviting people to play with you
and maybe there maybe they’ll be happy and maybe they can be friend with you
and stuff and maybe it can be really kind of like bully people can look up to
you and then you know yeah. Let’s be kind! Let’s be kind! Let’s be kind! Let’s be kind! Let’s be kind!

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  1. Such a beautiful event to help students teach them the importance of kindness! Thank you all for sharing and taking part in this event. #creditunionvendor #CUcares #CUfamily

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