Teaching Tips | Student Response Systems (SRS)

This is another teaching tip from Humber’s
Centre for Teaching and Learning. Student Response Systems. Technology can support learning in many ways. One way to increase interactivity and student
participation in your classes is by using student response systems. A student response system is a method of polling
the class. You may pose questions, gather feedback, and
compare responses in real time. Students can use their own devices to respond
via text, a free App, a web browser, or even Twitter. Poll Everywhere, Mentimeter, Kahoot, Quiz
Socket and Socrative are a few of the free polling systems that are easy to use. The benefits of Student Response Systems (SRS)
are: • An increase of meaningful communication
and feedback from the students in general. • Anonymity allows students to take strong
stances on controversial topics. Quiet students who don’t like the spotlight
are comfortable participating. • A platform for discussion – why are
the poll results the way they are? • Exposure to a useful scientific tool used
every day namely, polling. Students can also discover the strengths and
weaknesses of polling. • An increase in engagement – It’s fun! Students tend to have better attendance in
fun classes. Give Student Response Systems a try.

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