That’s HOT! 🔥 Quick and EASY HOT Lunch Ideas for Home, School or Work

(upbeat music) – Hey, guys, Jennifer here
with The Family Fudge, and welcome to “Subscriber Lunch Sunday.” Today, I’m going to be sharing four quick and easy hot lunch ideas. Now if this is your first time here, thank you so much for stopping by. On this channel, I share lots
of lunch ideas every week, but on Sundays I make lunch
ideas sent in by my subscribers. So if you have a lunch idea
you would like to send in, number one, make sure you’re
subscribed to this channel, and number two, there is a
link in the description box of this video where you
can send in your idea, and then if your lunch idea gets chosen, it will be featured in an upcoming video, and now with all that being said, let’s get on to the lunches.
(air whooshes) So since I’m gonna be talking
about hot lunches today, I thought I would take the
time to share some general tips and tricks when it comes to thermoses ’cause I get asked
about them all the time. Now as you can see, I actually own lots of different kinds of thermoses, different sizes, different brands, and basically they all work pretty good. I haven’t had any major problems with any, but if you’re in the
market for a new thermos, number one, I would recommend
that you find a thermos that claims it can keep food
hot for six hours or more. I’ve actually purchased most
of my thermoses on Amazon, and I always make sure to read the reviews before I make any purchases. Definitely do that. I also recommend choosing thermoses that have a wide-mouth opening. This definitely makes them easier to fill, although sometimes I
still manage to still. If you struggle with this as well, you can definitely get
yourself a wide-mouth funnel. I got this one at Walmart
for less than a dollar, and it really makes filling
the thermoses a lot easier. So my number two tip is
to pre-heat your thermos, and I don’t mean in the
microwave or the oven of course. When you pre-heat a
thermos, all you have to do is fill the thermos
with boiling hot water, get the lid on there, and
let the water hang out for about 15 to 20 minutes or so. Then once you’re done making your food, you can just dump the
water out of the thermos, and get that food inside, and that brings me to my next tip. When I’m trying to
decide what types of food to put in the thermos, I always
think of more liquidy foods such as soup or chili,
something that a lot of sauce or broth works really well. These usually can stay hotter for longer versus drier foods like rice
or even chicken nuggets, and my last basic tip is to make sure before you add the food
into the thermos that that food is as piping
hot as you can get it, and you guys, hopefully,
with all of these tips, you’ll find success at
packing hot lunches yourself, and, you guys, I am super curious. Let me know in the comments down below what your favorite food
is to pack in a thermos. (air whooshes)
First up, I have a lunch idea sent
in by Reanne from Maui, and I don’t know about you guys, but I would love to be in Maui right now. That sounds amazing. So of course, I already have this thermos filled with boiling hot water,
and while that’s happening, I can prepare the lunch itself. For Reanne’s main course, she requested cheeseburger sliders. So to make these, I’m gonna start by forming some mini burger patties. Now even though I’m
only going to be putting two of these in Reanne’s lunch, I am gonna make up a whole bunch of them so that I can have leftovers, and then to cook these patties, I’m just going to add them to
my little tabletop grill here, and I’m going to cook these until they’re no longer pink in the middle and have some nice grill
lines on the outside. So I’m gonna take these burger patties straight off the grill
and I’m going to get them into the thermos as quickly as I can. Of course I did dump out
the boiling hot water that was inside so it’s
nice and preheated, and I’m going to get the
lid on as quickly as I can so that I can trap all that heat inside. So now that we have the
burger patties done. It’s time to add in some buns, and since Reanne is from Hawaii, I thought some Hawaiian
rolls would be perfect, and of course since I
loaded two burger patties into the thermos, I’m gonna be adding in two of these Hawaiian
rolls into the lunchbox to go with them, and I’m
definitely gonna make sure to slice them before I add them in. When packing burger sliders for a lunch, I really would like to keep all
of the ingredients separate. That way when it becomes lunchtime the person eating them can
build them at that time. So they’ll be nice and fresh
and not soggy and cold. Now in this back section, I wanna go ahead and divide this into two sections, and I like to do this
using silicone liners. Not only does it keep
these foods separate, but it’s also going to keep the moisture away from getting onto the bread so it won’t get soggy, and basically I’m just adding some classic burger toppings in here. So I have things like sliced
tomatoes, some pickles, and then over on this other
side, I have some lettuce and some little squares of cheddar cheese. Now in a separate container, I did go ahead and add a little
bit of ketchup and mustard. To save on space, I did go
ahead and add both of them into one container because after all they’re going to mix together
on the burger anyway, and then you guys, as far as
these cheeseburger sliders go that is everything that I’m
going to be packing for those. So that means it’s time to
move on to Reanne’s fruit. For her lunch today, she
requested a cantaloupe. So once I have this guy cut in half, I will go ahead and scoop out the seeds, and then one of my favorite
ways to serve cantaloupe or just any melon in general is to create melon balls, and I’m just going to put as
many in here as I can fit. So moving on to the back
section of the lunch box, I’m gonna start by adding
a little silicone liner, and in this space I’m going
to add the vegetables. Reanne requested a combination
of carrots and peas. So in here, I just have some baby carrots, and then instead of adding green peas, I’m adding some sugar snap peas instead. I just love the combination,
and so do my kids. Because, you guys, even though these are
subscriber lunch ideas, these lunches that I’m making usually end up being
my kids lunch or dinner over the weekend. So I definitely keep that in mind when I’m in making these lunches. So for Reanne’s snack and her treat, I’m gonna go ahead and put
those in a separate container. This is just a Sistema container. I really like those ones as well. So for Reanne’s snack, she requested some of these
Parmesan-flavored Goldfish, and you guys, have you’ve
not tried these ones, I definitely recommend
them, they are very good. I think they definitely have
more of a buttery flavor versus the regular
cheese Goldfish crackers, and then on the other side, I’m going to be adding
in some mini doughnuts. Now I’m not quite sure what Ryan’s favorite doughnut flavor is, but I decided to go with
these powdered sugar donuts because they looked so cute in this Valentine’s Day packaging, and I think two or three is probably a good amount for this lunch, and now to complete Reanne’s lunch, I’m going to be adding in her drink. She requested some pink lemonade. So I’m just going to add this Country Time lemonade
bottle right on the side, and there you have it, guys. There’s everything in Reanne’s lunch. (upbeat music) (air whooshes) Next up, I’m going to
be making Megan’s lunch. Megan is from Colorado. Her lunch idea is meat
free, and for her lunch, I’m going to start by heating up some creamy tomato basil soup. Now, you guys, Megan let me
know that she is a Disney fan. So this recipe for tomato basil soup is actually a copycat recipe
from Disneyland itself, and I actually have a separate video on how I make this soup. I will go ahead and link it down below if you’d like to check it out, but you guys, it is seriously good, super creamy, super flavorful. I’m basically just going
to heat up the soup until it is piping hot,
and then I’m going to very carefully add it
into my preheated thermos. I’m gonna get that lid on nice and tight, and then to go along
with Megan’s tomato soup, she also requested a
classic grilled cheese which I think is an excellent combination. Now I’m basically going to
make this grilled cheese as you would with any grilled cheese, but to give this some of a Disney Flair, I am gonna go ahead and make it a Mickey-shaped grilled cheese, and I’m also going to be adding three different kinds of cheeses in here. So I have cheddar,
mozzarella, and provolone. Now, you guys, I get asked
about grilled cheese sandwiches and lunches all the time and
whether they stay hot or not, and you guys know they actually
usually don’t stay very hot in a lunch, but when you pair
a grilled cheese sandwich with some hot tomato soup
it works out really well ’cause you can actually
take the grilled cheese and dunk it into your
soup, and if you eat it just like that, it really doesn’t matter that the grilled cheese doesn’t stay warm because the soup will definitely
help to reheat it a bit. So now before I add this
grilled cheese sandwich into the lunchbox, I am
gonna go ahead and add a little Mickey Mouse cupcake liner. This little paper liner
not only makes a lunchbox look cute, but it will
also absorb any extra oils that might be on the outside
of the grilled cheese, and then of course we already
have the soup ready to go. So at this point, I’m ready
to move on to some fruit, and for Megan’s lunch today, she picked out a triple combination of blueberries, strawberries,
and raspberries. So I just sliced up the strawberries, and I’ve added as many of them along with the blueberries and raspberries as I can fit right in this section. Now in this back section of the lunchbox, I’m going to be adding in something that I don’t actually remember that I’ve ever put in a lunch before, but it actually sounds really good. To make this, I’m just starting with some mini sweet bell peppers, and I’m gonna go ahead and
cut those in half lengthwise, and I’m gonna go ahead and remove the insides and the seeds, then I’m going to fill
the center of each pepper with a little bit of cream cheese. Of course you can do this with any kind of cream cheese you want. I just happen to be using garden vegetable because I think that sounds
like a really tasty combination, and then before I add
these into the lunchbox, I’m just going to close
these peppers back up so that that cheese can stay inside, and it hopefully won’t get
messy in the lunch box. For Megan’s snack today, she requested some Goldfish crackers, and of course I’m going
with the Mickey Mouse ones since they are perfect for this lunch, and then for Megan’s sweet treat, she requested some
caramel filled chocolates. Now I know that Megan’s favorite
caramel filled chocolate is called Carmelo, but unfortunately I had a really hard time finding those. So instead, I decided to add just a few of these little caramel filled M&Ms. They fit perfectly in this little Mickey Mouse-shaped snack holder, and I think I have just enough space to actually add this into
the lunchbox as well, and then lastly for Megan’s drink today, she requested a sparkling
blackberry drink. So I’m just going to add one
can of this right on the side. And there you have it, guys. (upbeat music) (air whooshes) This next launch idea
was sent in by Brynn. Brynn is from North Dakota,
and she is a fan of horses. Now unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of horse-themed napkins
or lunch accessories. So instead of horses, I’m
gonna go with unicorns. They look similar, right? So to get started on this lunch, the first thing I’m going to do is cook up some ground turkey, and once this is cooked
all the way through and it’s no longer, pink my next step is to add in some taco seasoning, and you guys, since I’m
out of my big container of taco seasoning, I
went ahead and picked up this one from the store to use for today, and this is actually a Taco
Bell brand taco seasoning. So it’s gonna be interesting to see if this taco seasoning really tastes like the restaurant or not. You guys will have to let me
know in the comments down below if you are a fan of Taco Bell. I know some people really like Taco Bell, and some people avoid it. So let me know what you think, and once I have a lid on here tight, it’s time to move on to
the rest of the lunch. To go along with a taco meat, I’m going to add in a good
amount of these tortilla chips. These are the whole-grain Tostitos scoops. I really like that these
chips are small enough to fit perfectly in the lunchbox. Keeping them in here means they won’t be crushed on
the way to school or work, but there are a few more things that Brynn requested to go with these. So I’m gonna go ahead and
separate this back section using two silicone liners,
and in the first section, I’m going to add some shredded cheese, and in this other side, I’m
going to add some sliced olives. Now of course, you could also
pack salsa or sour cream. Those would both be
delicious in here as well. Next step, I’m going to
be adding a combination of cottage cheese and sliced strawberries. Now I know that might seem like
an interesting combination, the cheese and the fresh fruit, but trust me you guys, it is so good. You could even add other fruits like blueberries and
raspberries to cottage cheese, and it is really good. The next thing that Brynn
requested for her lunch is some baby corn. So I thought it would be
really fun to use these guys. Check it out, you guys. Let me know if you’ve ever
had this baby corn before. If you cut them in half, they really do fit in
the lunch box perfectly. For Brynn’s snack today,
she requested some Chex Mix. So I’m just gonna add a handful or two right on the side here,
and then believe it or not, for Brynn’s treat, I’m going
to add in some mac & cheese. Brynn let me know that she often eats mac & cheese as a treat, and since I’m going with a
unicorn-themed lunch today, this unicorn mac & cheese
comes in the Easy Mac cups now which makes it even easier to
make yourself a little treat. And then finally for Brynn’s drink, she requested some juice. So I’m just adding in some
grape-flavored Good 2 Grow with a unicorn topper on top, and there you have it you guys, some DIY tacos that would
be great on Taco Tuesday or really any day of the week. (upbeat music) (air whooshes) Now that brings me to a lunch idea sent in by Brooke. Brooke is from Ohio, and for her hot lunch today, she requested some mini pigs-in-a-blanket, and of course this is the U.S.
version of pigs-in-a-blanket which basically means little hot dogs with bread on the outside, but you guys, usually I
would use croissant dough to make pigs-in-a-blanket,
but for Brookes lunch she requested biscuit dough
on the outside instead. So I’m gonna go ahead and bust
open this can of biscuits. I’m gonna cut each biscuit into quarters, and then I’m going to flatten
out this dough just enough so that I can wrap it around
each a little hot dog. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say hot dog. If you look for these in the store, they’re actually called little Smokies, and if you’ve ever had
these in a crock pot with a little bit of barbecue
sauce and/or grape jelly, they are delicious. These little pigs-in-a-blanket
are perfect for a party or even the Super Bowl, which
is actually today by the way. So once I have all my little
piggies in their blankets, I’m just going to add them to
the oven for about 10 minutes or until they’re nice and
golden brown on the outside. Okay guys, now when it comes
time to fill this thermos before I add in this
food, I’m going to add in about half of a paper
towel that I folded up, and the reason I do this is
because pigs-in-a-blanket are obviously not a saucy food. It’s more of a dry food, and
so sometimes what can happen is that the moisture gets trapped inside and it can actually cause
the food to get soggy. Paper towel can actually help absorb some of that extra moisture. Mow moving on to the vegetable, Brooke requested some ants-on-a-log which basically just
means stalks of celery filled with peanut butter
and topped with raisins. Now you guys will have to
let me know in the comments down below if you are in
countries outside of the U.S., do you have ants-on-a-log or
do you call it something else? ‘Cause I’m very curious to know. For all I know,
ants-on-a-log might just be like a U.S. thing, I’m not sure. To go along with the pigs-in-a-blanket, I’m also going to include a
small container of ketchup. My kids love dipping their
little hot dogs into ketchup. So I’m just gonna put a
little bit on the side, and then in this larger
section of the lunch box, I’m gonna go ahead and divide it using two silicone liners, and for her fruit today,
she requested a combination of both blueberries and peaches. So on this side I’m
adding in the blueberries with a little puppy-dog
pick, and on the other side, I’m gonna fill that with the peaches, and this side will get
a little bunny pick. In the back section of the lunchbox, I’m going to add Brooke’s snack. She requested Goldfish crackers, and then for her treat,
she requested a cookie. So I thought it’d be pretty interesting to give these ones a try. I don’t think my kids
have ever tried these. They’re called pecan
or a pecan shortbread. So I’m gonna put about
two of these cookies right in this section, and
then the very last thing that brick requested for
her lunch is some juice. So I’m just going with some
good old apple juice today, and to go along with
the puppy accessories, I’m going to add in the apple juice with this little puppy topper. This lunch turned out so cute, but it was actually a
really very easy to make. (upbeat music) (air whooshes) Okay friends, now don’t
forget to give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Hit that red subscribe
button if you’re new. Thank you guys so much for watching, and I’ll see you in my next video.

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