The gifts that ELLs bring to school

We see our students that having gifts, it’s
not a detriment to speak another language, it’s a gift; some of these babies are traveling
to different countries, having to assimilate in different communities with different family
members, with different friends and classrooms; that takes a high level of emotional intelligence,
which to me is a gift to be able to do successfully and I don’t think we give our second language
learners and our immigrant students enough credit for what they have to do as children,
Lord knows, I couldn’t do as an adult, so our staff sees these gifts in our students,
not just the academic gifts but the emotional talents and we try to really reach now to
find those gifts and talents. And I’m very proud, one of the things that
we do at Minnieville is that we have a very high number of students found eligible brought
up for eligibility for gifted and I think that’s a place that we want to be and it just
takes a change in perspective of how you see these students; it’s not, they’re not academic
challenged, these are students of promise, we just have to make sure that we’re actively
seeing that.

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