The School of… | Official Trailer

Philosophy is back, baby. ( music playing ) Announcer: “The School of Life”
is sending some of YouTube’s most popular creators
on a series of field trips to explore some of philosophy’s
most intriguing ideas. And thus I present
my seven secrets of happiness. No more Tinder.
No more I’m about to go into
a mini-election to get me
into power. Anwar, what do you know
about capitalism? – Capitalism is, um…
– ( crickets chirping ) woman: Ordinary people
asking real questions
and discussing big ideas. Goodness, isn’t that lovely? Announcer:
A fresh, colorful, glossy new YouTube original series. Manstool? Make sure you subscribe
to “The School of Life” YouTube channel right now
to watch the rest of the series. Announcer:
Couldn’t have said it
better myself.

100 Replies to “The School of… | Official Trailer”

  1. Fuck this. I do NOT want to hear what youtubers have to say about this. These aren’t “normal people.” They are messed up public figures that have no business hanging around a channel like yours.

  2. Which yt audience is this aimed towards? Philosophical thinkers….? Because i assure you YouTube, they're not going to watch this. We need some Jordan Peterson, Carl jung up in this….

    Stop pushing your shitty agenda. Your Audience deserves the truth, not sunshine and bullshit.

  3. This Bs selling Christianity in a subtle manner through entertain… nothing new Under the Sun. Satan after your mind & votes through entertainment new mind game toward the young mind. They're just found another ways to pitch it!!! The same Kanye West slime. Wake up. The after your money anyway they can get your interest

  4. Would gotta listen to advice and philosophy, preaching from someone who would use a human as a leg rest. Just shows how much they know.

  5. Welp, this channel went to the trash. I know where supposed to embrace culture but this is the wrong type of culture. All these people are fake and a bad influence to the viewers.

  6. So basically it's a cluster-f#ck of Millennials & Gen Z "Woke" SJW's… What the Hell do they know about LIFE?? 😏

  7. Isn’t the whole point of the school of life something like: every human being can get involved in some intrusive questions about themselves and issues that matter most?

    Why all the hate about people who aren’t really similar to those who watch the channel? Do we not want to see the School of Life schema at work with people out of the norm? Why the hell not?

    YouTube series or not, trying something new is always a gamble when it comes to making the original market happy. I say give it a shot 🙂

  8. How about the school of the grow the fuck up assholes, grossly rich, money you inherited and didn't earn by legal means. Filthy rich, bored with life and gotta make a video of how life is great for you,, doesn't revolve around your simple whims and money, sex, fame and gluttonous wealth will only get you far…so if you happen to lose all your wealth, fame, beauty ..then what? That's right, wake the hell up spoiled fucks!! 🙄

  9. Man stool. It's so cute to do something to a man that we would never do to a woman. This is a school of life lesson in equity vs equality.

  10. This seems wrong. Sorry but don't.. those "influencers" are idiots.. why would you pick the shallowest set of people to impart philosophy? Wrong move…

  11. Embrace wahman accept AlL ReLiGiOnS no matter what what. Join antifa at your nearest libtard college and while your at it hey vote for terrorism and BLM. This is worse than YouTube rewind without PewDiePie Vsauce Leon Lush Mr. Beast or any actual intelligent popular channels.

  12. We don't want to hear this stuff from Hollywood celebrities. So what makes you think we want to hear it from random YouTube celebrities? Or as you guys call them "ordinary people"

  13. Are you guys serious? I've been following your content for YEARS and even downloaded your app, got your books, and THIS is what you come up with? With the same mainstream BS bias as everywhere: "power to the black women", "empower women and to show that, we'll even show you how you can use men as a footstool"?? (And I AM a woman myself, mind you). This is disgusting and I am very much disappointed in you. Not much of a philosophy left when money is to be made, so it seems.

  14. This isn’t the type of programming I’d expect from The School of Life. Very disappointing! Were the Kardashians not available? I guess you’d like to skew your audience to ignorant, young, dumb, consumers.

  15. I’m new and all I’m seeing is a bunch of comments saying this idea isn’t as good as their previous ones. Why is that? Just curious lol

  16. Wow! If I said…. "bitch stool" and some girl came an knelt down before me…. I'd be a misogynist rite???? Fuck this liberal new age bullshit. This comment is meant to offend u

  17. I think it's a good idea. Collect the websites most vapid and self absorbed people, and then try to teach them something. Brilliant!

  18. Oh god… I mean I guess they can experiment a litte but the writting feels so shallow… I guess I thank the school of life for making the old videos and I will still see them from time to time. But this is not a productive emotional discussion as the rest of the channel seems to be.

  19. Noooo please they gonna destroy philosophy .
    Philosophy is from inside to outside.
    They're from outside to outside.
    Celebrities will never understand how do people think

  20. I am subscribed lets go. Muslims are single because their terrible and woman think they solved everyones problems not the men who created philosophy and science. Woman need to learn their place before they are forced in their place again like the last time they had power in Europe.

  21. I am losing respect for Alain now as this looks like a bunch of crap, I don't want to see these people and these styles, has nothing to do with philosophy

  22. Please don't! The school of life was our quiet, interesting place to think about our life and society, we don´t need this commercial "good vibes noise"

  23. This is the best way to reach a larger audience. This move is smart and I am totally supporting it. Don't listen to the immature narcissists in the comment section that only think of their own interests.

  24. Am I supposed to hate this? I feel like I should hate this. A yearning welling up to just… hate it. I was already tortured by the popular pan flash rappette manipulating children into embarrassing them selves and everyone around them. And then it tops off with the foot stool punctuation. Who is this series for? This channel has produced such content of quality and then these come along… and premium. So not only am I sold on it I question what your long term motives are as a platform. Are you switching your focus away from generalist philosophy to… other?

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