The school principal even intervened in the sister fight! [Hello Counselor / 2017.09.11]

So we have a friend here with us. Hello. How close of a friend are you? We’ve been friends for 2 years now. I think that you heard about Wanna One members so even though you’re not a close friend… (Eyes wide open) No, no. We are really close. After hearing that Wanna One members were coming… “I’m your closest friend, all right?” Since you’re her close friend do you understand her concern? Lin and I were walking down the hallway and she said, “You’re so ugly! You should get plastic surgery.” Ji said that? Lin tapped my shoulder and said, “She irritates me.” – She’s good. / – She’s talented. She expresses things well. I’ve watched Ji for a year and a half now. I think she’s selfish. – What? / – She’s selfish. Does she only care about herself? In what aspects? Ji uses Lin’s beauty products, shoes and clothes. But when Lin asked to borrow her things, she said, “Who are you to use my things?” That’s what Lin told me. Ji was using Lin’s tumbler at school without asking for permission. And Lin saw that. Lin asked for her tumbler back. She threw it at Lin. What? Lin had coffee all over her clothes and she started crying. Then a teacher came and yelled, “Why were you so rude to your sister?” She yelled at Lin instead. I think Ji told the teacher that she was the victim. (You!) (Ha ha ha ha I’m sorry) I have something to say about that. We’re sisters. We can share our things. Now you’re calling her your sister? She asked for it back. So I gave it back to her. As she was washing it she spilled coffee on me on purpose. So I got really angry. You know that was a mistake. No. – Do you think she did it on purpose? / – No. We weren’t there so we don’t know what’s true. (Things have gone terribly wrong between them) Be quiet. Jihoon raised his hand. How long has it been? Are you embarrassed by your sister in front of other people? She often edited her pictures to look prettier. I’ve had many guys around me ask to meet her after looking at her picture. They were often disappointed after they met her. I was burdened by their disappointment so I ended up hiding my sister. So you weren’t embarrassed by her, right? I was. (This young girl is…) Usually an older sister should tell her friends, “Who are you to be disappointed?” If your sister brags about being popular why would you hate her for that? She’s your own sister. You say you’re not jealous of her but there’s some resentment inside you. She was so cute and lovely when she was young so I really loved her. I would even suck on her toes. Then we went to different schools for a while. When we met after being apart, she had changed. She started to get plastic surgeries and cuss at people. When she’s around my friends or her friends she’s sometimes mean to me. She should talk nicely to me first. Since we lived apart for a while I care about her even more. When I try to get close and she rejects me it hurts. She won’t accept my affections. When I run into her in the hallway I run over to her. When I try to hold her arm she says, “You’re disgusting, you crazy… Don’t pretend to be close.” (She has a dirty mouth) She acts cute when she runs over to me. How cute is that! She really isn’t. Honestly, she disgusts me. So what did you tell her? So I told her, “Go away.” You told her that she’s disgusting. How are you when you’re at home? Which one? The older one? We live separately in our dorms on weekdays. We live together on weekends to take lessons. Where? We come to Seoul on weekends. Only on weekends. We don’t get to eat because we leave early. So I always pack her lunch. You do? She says, “You packed our lunch so you do the dishes.” Who does the chores at home? I do. I do the laundry. She would lie and say she did it last time. It’s all right. That’s nothing for kids your age. She would lie and tell me to do the laundry this time. She does it even when I don’t ask her to. She’s doing it out of generosity, but you’ve taken it for granted. But she brags about doing good deeds. I can do it for her, too. I can do the laundry and the dishes, too. Then you should do it. (She’s so selfish) I have things to do, too. I’m busy with lessons. Things have piled up for many years I think. Things have gone awry between them. Their mother is here with us, too. Let’s talk to her. Hello. Hello. What do you think? Whose concern is it? When I first heard about being on this program, I thought it was because of their fights. I got a call from school a few days ago. I was told that they got into a messy fight. (Again? At school?) (Guilty) I was told that they were in a physical fight. They asked me what they should do. I was so embarrassed. They both came home one day and they were arguing again. I tried to figure out why. I guess she borrowed money. Lin said Ji owed her $170. Why did you borrow money from her? – Well… / – To meet her boyfriend. My sister earns a lot of money. She earns about $2,000 a month. From performing? What are sisters for? To share money. Why didn’t you pay her back? I don’t perform as much as she does. She performs quite often. Many people ask her to perform. So I end up borrowing money from her. Then she comes to me like a loan shark. If you treat her well she could just give that money to you. – Go ahead and spend it. / – She doesn’t. It’s because you don’t treat her well. I’ve treated her well many times. That’s what you think, but she never felt that way. Whenever people talk to Lin about her looks, she comes and tells me, “You made me look this way.” I let her get plastic surgery and braces. She was concerned about her face so I let her get acne treatment. To be honest, I’m not all that pretty and I never thought Ji is really pretty, too. She’s beautiful because she’s my daughter. I went through brain surgery twice. So I am worried about the two of them. I told Ji, “If I die early you must take care of Lin.” They live on their own on weekends. It isn’t easy to support them. I wish they would take care of each other instead of fight. Who do you think is the problem? They’re both the same. In my eyes, they’re both the same. How do you feel, Ji? Your mom had brain surgery twice. I don’t want to be on good terms with my sister. (You won’t make amends forever?) I don’t feel that way. You said you went to different schools. When was that? For 3 years when I went to middle school. – You were apart for 3 years? / – Yes. Were you comfortable in middle school? Because your sister wasn’t around? She came to my school for festivals sometimes. My friends would say, “She’s so pretty. What’s wrong with your face?” You should’ve said, “Because she’s my sister. Isn’t she pretty?” Couldn’t you brag about your sister? I did, but she really thinks she’s beautiful. You are beautiful just as you are. Right. You’re beautiful, too. You keep comparing yourself to your sister. You shouldn’t think of her as your rival. She’s your sister. But since I have an older sister, people evaluate me by comparing me to her. People will always give you hardships even when you grow up. You’re the only one who can overcome that. You’re the one who can overcome it. You must overcome it yourself. Do you think you’ll be happy if you become prettier? I don’t think so. Look at us. We should die if we compare ourselves to Wanna One. Right? We’re octopuses. Looks aren’t everything. Of course it’d be nice to be pretty or handsome, – but that’s not important. / – Sure. Listen to your mother. She says both of you are at fault. It’s not just one person’s fault. Your sister doesn’t talk nicely. She’s blunt. If you speak nicer, she wouldn’t be like this. Be a little nicer. You don’t mean it, right? Both of you are at fault. Tell your sister what’s on your mind. Ji, listen with a smile. Don’t frown. You’re her sister. I wish you wouldn’t tease me in front of others that I got plastic surgery. I want you to take care of me. Do you miss your sister’s love? (I miss your love) Let’s start with Minhyun. If Lin was hurt by her sister I think it’s a concern. I was ostracized when I was young. – Because of my looks. / – Your looks? It was quite bad in elementary school. But like Yeongja said, you must work hard to have high self-esteem. I may be uglier than others, but I dance better than they do now. I just need to do well on stage. Daniel was ostracized for being ugly? (Daniel’s opinion / It’s a concern!) Instead of fighting, I wish they would be nice to each other like you’re sisters. They are sisters. Everything has come true now. If you think it’s a concern for the little sister, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please stop. Please tell your sister what’s on your mind. I’m not that pretty, but at least I’m prettier than you are. (Sigh…) This society is all about looks. You can express yourself by your looks. I wish you would dress up better. (When will they grow up?) This is what I ask of you, Ji. Before we check the results, of course she has to overcome this herself, but please help her until she does. She’s working hard on her own. How many votes did they get? Please show us. There’s no point in pressing the buttons now. Will they get more than 170 votes? 123 votes. (They got 123 votes) “Please quite now” won this week. Here’s your reward. Congratulations. We have sad news. Our youngest member Taejoon is busy with many productions. So this is his last day on our program. Please say a word to our viewers. I felt like I was coming to school for a year. It was a special experience for me to be here every week and listen to people’s concerns. I will show better acting skills based on what I’ve learned from this program. We got a bouquet for you. Good job, Taejoon. You’ve worked very hard. (We’ll always root for you) I will laugh and cry with everyone. I will work hard as the youngest emcee. (He truly communicated with others with sincerity) (Thank you for supporting him for a year) Until the day we are all worry-free Hello Counselor will continue to counsel you. Thank you.

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  1. Lin’s sister is so mean I feel like I want to slap her and say “why can’t you be nicer?”
    God gave you a life now use it wisely and make good choices

  2. in conclusion, the older sister is seriously a bitch. also hats off to her, only a few people have the guts to show their true colors on national tv. She is going get hated on so badly.

  3. This witch of a sister… but your little sister's money is good and you're not embarrassed to take it from her either. I wouldn't lend her a cent! She's very jealous and envious not only of her sister's talent, but that she's popular with the boys. Little sister is even making more money than her. Big sis really has some some deep seeded issues.

  4. Honestly, as sister's they both look exactly the same, but the younger one seems cuter just cause she seems soft and sweet. The older sister just looks scary to me…

  5. Bruh, do looks really matter? Here in the Philippines, not all but many know their limitations on teasing. You should know so you couldn't cross a certain line that would hurt the other one. My friends and I often tease each other with our pimples, eyebags, oriental skintones, etc. We don't even get hurt at all because it's what we are. Well, I'm not saying everyone should tease each other but we should just learn to cope with people and accept who they really are. It's not that hard. One day, you'll be ashamed of saying she has a nosecake or whatsoever. The very next day, you'll be teasing her about her flaws in a way both of you won't get affected. You know, accepting each other is being comfortable with each other. Some people don't know of how much happiness it brings when we tease people but still have respect towards them. Spread love, ppl ❤

  6. Ji has a pretty face but and ugly personality. Sisters don't always share, they don't need fights, they don't need to be compared to each other. They need to protect each other, and love each other regardless of who they are. At the end of the day, she will always be your sister. Therefore it is a concern

  7. I have an older sister and whenever my friends see her, they are always like “wow your sister is so dang pretty” or “ your sister is a better and prettier version of you” etc etc. But never once i felt jealous of my sister. I know she is pretty and i brag about it so much lmao. So i tell her how people around me praises her beauty and she is like “ wtf are they blind? You are prettier than me”. Since the society we live in thinks that beauty is related to fair complexion and my sister is really fair whereas i am tanned. So therefore i am usually considered less prettier than my sister. But my sister is so loving and considerate and showers me with compliments. Many times i am minding my own business and find her looking at me, and then she will be like , out of nowhere, “ you are so pretty lemme pet u” honestly my sis is amazing.

  8. God forbid their mother passes, why do I see Ji abandoning her sister? That’s the personality she’s built and it’s honestly disgusting.

  9. What kind of sisters they are. My sister is so beautiful and my friends love her more than they love me, i feel so proud of her while talking about her. She can beat anyone who is mean to me.

  10. Ngl I think they younger sisters pretty, her personality makes her appear prettier and the older one is so mean to her so it makes her seem ugly.

  11. If i was there i would've smack the shit outta her. Bitch come on you aint the big dog here so stay tf in your goddamn place.

  12. In my opinion, the older sister has self esteem issues, too. The fact that she keeps blabbering about how SHE looks better than her younger sister proves she's just as insecure about looks. Sad.

  13. This is where gossip starts, all Asian countries are fuckers they always gossip talk behind peoples back….. I know everyone in the world does it but aisn countries are the worst they are shit fucks… I am asian so I can say these things… people who are good looking you have a nice life, if your below average or average nobody gives a fuck about you! Whoosh out of my system


  15. She thinks that her beauty is the only way to live in this society. Then, ugly people will be suffering and having a hard time? As long as you have a talent, it doesn't matter how you looks. Plus talent came from hard work.

  16. Bruh do they have prizes if their problem is the voted the highest? Idk I think the two especially the older sis are trying to act into making this seems the more upsetting the better so they can have money for their mother? 😀
    Just a wild guess

  17. I understand that siblings fight but this is abit much lol me and my younger sister fight and argue now and then but we still are nice to each other like watch anime together and stuff

  18. Here’s my unnecessary opinion:

    Ji is a rude ass bitch, we get that but Lin’s friend explained her perspective in a very wrong manner. Exposing and laughing about it doesn’t make the situation any better, like girl who do you think you are. And Lin she’s being mistreated, it’s true but getting plastic surgery? I’m not sure if that’s normal in Korea but it seems a bit extreme. There are double eyelid stickers that can be bought in most stores nowadays. Anyway, that’s about it.

  19. Omgggg you can so tell that the older sister puts on a face 😂😂 and trying so hard to hide her ugly side.
    Not to mention she's spurting out unnecessary information about the younger sister.

  20. I don't understand what the fuss is all about with the older sister? I don't know if it's because of her shitty personality or something but her features look more like a freaky doll than a cute doll :/ The younger sister actually looks cuter and more natural.

  21. That elder sister thinks herself as beauty queen , but her behavior & speaking sucks , without her makeup she's nothing

  22. She literally exploited her sister on TV, bullied her, was a selfish b,took her money, shes a total self loathing narcissistic selfish bitch, and she still dosent want to make a compromise what a bitch

  23. Looking at her older sister it reminds me to my "annoying sister" my sister even worse . she always get angry when she see my face and i don't know what is her problem luckily i was not offended …

  24. i have a elder sis who always make fun of me infront of her friend . she always treat me like a slave . she always said that she just tease me but i don't think so . i admit that she's pretty and a lot of my friend say she's pretty . and our face a little bit same and people always assume that we are twins . she's said to me that she sick of it and told me to not approach her when we are at school . and she will only being nice to me when my dad or mom is around . and my mom likes to compared us . she always compared about our marks in exam . my elder sis always get a higher mark in her class and i'm not always get the higher mark but i have passed it except for my math paper . i'm a bit upset with it but now i used to it . but i still love her because she's my sister .

    but she's still a good sis . she's will protect me if anybody want to bullied me . she still love me and i love her even though she's annoying sometimes .

  25. I have 3 siblings 2 sister and 1 brother. My two sister are both taller than me since they're my sibling from my father only (they are my half sisters and brother) since they are taller than me both of them always teasing me about my hieght and weight cause im a bit chubby. Sometimes they ending up teasing me in front of other people and it hurts my pride as a person and as their older sister. Because of that I learn how to discipline them that they should not bragging those kind of things infront of people and they should respect the differences of others. If they think something bad to other people like their physical appearance they should not talk about it and stay silent if its not necessary.

  26. Omg thats older sister. I want to smack her. Is not about pretty, but about you that press your young sister.

  27. Listen I think it's more complicated than the older sister is just a witch. In a fucked up, backwards way I think by putting her little sister down and encouraging her to dress better and present herself nicer in a society that values someones looks so highly, is her way of showing concern and taking care of her little sister. It certainly is wrong of her to say those things to her especially in front of company, I can only imagine what it feels like to hear that stuff from your older sister. If she would try to be more constructive like "you should try this style out, I bet it would look good on you" or "this shade would be so cute on you" or "let me show you how to do eyeliner" all would be really good ways to show your sister you care about her with out needing to just put her down and make her feel like shit.

  28. not only her sister is extremely cocky but her ego is huge too

    its clearly she’s jealous of her little sister (whatever the real reason is) even so, you still shouldn’t say mean thing to your siblings. Doesn’t matter if they don’t have that low self-esteem or shit, because bringing people down is a lot easier than lifting them up

  29. My sister and i live together with our parents but she is so selfish. For example my father bought some food for us and then she said "i wanna eat it myself u ****" and i cry by myself. I don't have anyone to talk to. She is bigger than me so she always win whenever we fight. She punch me and do the other things. Ughh idk if you become me you all will know

  30. I have an older brother and we have the same situation as them, He calls me fat and ugly i call him Perverted and Disgusting

    Here's a tip for people who have younger siblings:

    If you're little sister or brother is being compared to you, Please try and help them overcome it. If you don't then they will start will believe the insults and will start to hate you more because they think you could get away with anything by just your looks/talents/etc, If you're doing nothing and just "tease" them by acting like the insults are funny jokes then please go to the hospital and get a brain surgery cause that ain't funny

    sorry if any of these sounds dumb af but i'm just speaking on whats on my mind rn

  31. I hope Lin cuts her sister off when she reaches 18 because it doesn't seem that her sis would change. She has an unexplained hatred and jealousy towards the young one.

  32. That little sister will be more successful one day and that horrible elder sister will depend her life on her. That little girl needs to stand for herself. Her elder is a very rude girl. Her elder sister sounds like my own elder sister. That older girl is BADLY JEALOUS of her dongseng, she is serioualy mentally sick and needs to be cured.

  33. Is it just me or is the younger sister prettier than her older sister? She's pretty in my eyes and the older sister isn't… but that's just my personal opinion

  34. so , 2.3M people know how arrogant, selfish, overconfident and annoying her older sister is. I wouldn't mind if everyone hate and stay away from her and i don't even care if she cry and regret everything. Shame on you.
    There are a lots of pretty girl in the world, want to find the pretty inside and outside is so hard.

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