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Hi Friends, This is Daphney Kirby from iCert Global. Welcome to our YouTube channel. Today we will take a look at the Top 10 reasons
to pursue a DevOps Certification. Let’s start with:
What is DevOps? DevOps is a methodology at the intersection
of Software Development, Technology Operations, and Quality Assurance. This collaboration between software development
(Dev) and technology operations (Ops) enables businesses to build, test, iterate and release
software faster and in a more efficient manner. DevOps connects Software Development (‘Dev’)
and Technology Operations (‘Ops’) and tackles the entire ‘Build-Test-Iterate-Release’
with clear roles and responsibilities and well-defined inputs and outputs. DevOps Professionals are facilitators who
work with both development and operations teams. According to job search portal,
the average DevOps Engineer salary in the United States is $136,500 per year or $70
per hour based on data from 12,459 salaries. Entry level DevOps positions start at $78,036
per year while most experienced DevOps professionals make up to $224,250 per year. Now that you have seen the scope, demand and
value of DevOps, are you ready to take the first step in your journey of exploring a
Career in the field of DevOps? Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Reasons
to get a DevOps Certification. Reason Number 1. Reinvent your Career: A certification in DevOps opens greater avenues
in the organizations practicing DevOps. By understanding the fundamentals and tools
of DevOps through certification, you can reinvent your career. Google Trends data for the search term ‘devops
certification’ shows an increasing trend over the past five years. Reason Number 2. Be in the talent pool of an expanding DevOps
Job Market as a Certified Professional: According to The Ultimate DevOps Hiring Guide
by Opensource, – 42% of companies responding to the Open
Source Jobs study want to add DevOps skills across their hiring portfolio
– 57% of companies seeking open-source expertise is focused on DevOps skills Reason Number 3: Increase your Employability
and Earning Potential: According to, 70 Thousand Plus
DevOps jobs are open in the United States, as of date and the average salary of a DevOps
Engineer ranges from $81K to up to $162K per year. Reason Number 4. Get Recognition with more challenging work
and lucrative assignments: DevOps certified professionals have opportunities
to add value to their businesses as, – DevOps evangelists
– Release managers – Automation architects
– Software developers or software testers – Security engineers; among other designations. Reason Number 5. Enhance your Professional Competency: A DevOps certification enhances your professional
credibility and makes you proficient in: – Coding and writing scripts to customize
the software. – Monitoring the performance of software applications. – Connecting code libraries, databases, software,
or other tools together so they function more effectively. – Automating functions to improve efficiency. – Working with product managers, release engineers,
and other stakeholders to streamline operations and accomplish the objectives of the business Reason Number 6. Get Hands-On Experience on DevOps Tools: Gain superior knowledge of tools such as:
– Git for Version control system and source code management. – Jenkins for Server automation and developing
Continuous Integration or Continuous Deployment pipelines. – Selenium for Automated testing. – Docker for Software containerization. – Kubernetes for Container orchestration. – Puppet for Configuration management. – Chef for Configuration management. – Ansible for Configuration management, application
deployment, task automation. – Nagios for Continuous monitoring. Reason Number 7. Familiarize yourself with Software Development
(Dev) and Technology Operations (Ops) Lifecycle: As a certified DevOps professional get hands-on
experience on all the functioning Development and Operations areas such as Source Code Management,
Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management, Containerization,
and Continuous Monitoring. Reason Number 8. Increase your Productivity at work:
According to, DevOps results in a 51 per cent increase in employee productivity. Reason Number 9. Get an in-demand and a globally recognized
certification: According to the Robert Half Technology Salary
Guide for 2019, DevOps professionals continue to be in demand, with the DevOps Engineer
designation remaining one of the hardest to staff positions in technology companies. According to the DevOps Institute’s “Upskilling:
Enterprise DevOps Skills Report 2019,” 39 percent of respondents around the globe were
recruiting for the DevOps Engineer/Manager title. And last but not the least, Reason Number 10. Get Certified to Recession-Proof Your Career: DevOps is one of the hottest and in-demand
skills required by companies looking to improve software development and operational efficiencies. A DevOps certification makes your career recession-proof
as your profile stands out from the crowd and provides more opportunities for career
growth. A DevOps certification fast tracks your career
on the path of success and progress. So what are you waiting for, take the first
step towards your goal of achieving a DevOps certification by reaching out to our training
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