Toyohashi University of Technology Introduction Video Campus Life Introduction

Unlike at KOSEN, I can focus on research at TUT. I like having more opportunities to do hands-on experiments, instead of just working at my desk. I feel as if I’m studying overseas, even though I’m still in Japan. People in the International Affairs division are very friendly and helpful. Our university looks after its students well. The Campus Festival is the biggest student event, and a lot of fun. It’s a great experience enjoying live events throughout the day. The library is very new and has women-only break rooms. It’s a clean environment and as a woman I feel comfortable using it. There are always lights on somewhere on campus, day or night. My favorite time is cooking meals together and chatting with friends. It feels as if we are family. The dormitories are just like regular one-room apartments, but they’re cheaper than private rental housing. The dorms are right on campus, and that makes it easy to go to the lab or my lectures.

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