Track & Field Training : How to Sprint

Hi, I’m Les Whitley. I’ll like to take a few
minutes now and talk to you about how to sprint. The sprint is an all out fast effort moving
straight ahead. Ideally, you want to get to from point A to point B as fast as you possibly
can. In a straight ahead sprint, you want to minimize the contact your feet has with
the ground by propelling yourself forward pushing force into the ground moving your
body forward through space. In doing so, there are a couple of key factors to keep in mind.
One is your technique. The technique of a sprint starts off with your start. The start
takes you to the next phase which is the acceleration. You’re going from a dead stop position to
getting as fast as you possibly can over a set amount of time. Next is maintaining that
speed to the end of the distance that you’re shooting for. Whether it’ll be a fifty meter
sprint, a hundred meter sprint, two hundred or so on and so forth. The idea is to move
as fast as you possibly can. Cover as much ground as you possibly can with the effort
you’re putting into it. Your start position should be slightly staggered. You want to
be balance from left to right. Your front to back position should be just the same ideally,
about a toed heel position feet spread about hips width apart. Body again in a loaded position
sitting back on the hips using the large muscle groups of the lower body and a good start
position say at a two point the foot that’s forward the opposite hand as you run is opposite
hand and opposite leg moving forward maximizing the efficiency of the arms keeping a nice
short L position with the arm moving from up around the top of the cheek down back by
the hip as you’re moving forward through space. That start position you should be looking
eyes about three steps in front of where you’re going to be moving forward getting all your
center of mass over those loaded toes. Hips come down forward driving off maximizing your
sprint ideally, as fast as you possibly can through space.

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  1. Are you suppose to run on the balls of your feet (on your toes) when you sprint or are you suppose to run the way you do when you jog or walk (heel to toe)? Thanks a lot! Great vid!

  2. LOL i just saw the name and wanted to say… WHO IS SOOO DUMB THAT THEY NEED to have someone explain to them on how to run fast LOLOLOLOLL

  3. sprint efficiency is a combination of strength and speed, you wint get anywhere if you dont combine both of them, if you're strong but not fast you're essentially a bodybuilder, if your fast and not strong you're essentially a cat

  4. Im I the yulee middle school track and field and my name is kelsi my last meet is tomorrow but could this go for the 1600???

  5. hes was obviously jogging cuz he was just showing technique i dont get how people think he was actually sprinting

  6. lol what on earth was that? running tips for people who dont know how to move their arms and legs?

  7. Wow, opposite hand and opposite leg? oO*
    I was always going with both of the same side hand and legg! Thnx you so much, now I'll finally beat that Usain!

  8. @lightsout639 really? hahaha, you have to be an idiot to believe that black people only achieve greatness because of a white fellas…

  9. i hate it when the football players critisize track runners calling them gay for not joining their sport.

  10. wow this guy is retarded. you should atleast include the different phases of a sprint and how to keep/maintain proper form.

  11. Through space. As in the literal space ahead of you. Not outer space. It's a mental adjust that implies to stride through it "until you're done." This video is helpful. I swear people use internet anonymity to make mean comments just like they use the protection of a vehicle to use the middle finger.

  12. No this is the write move for sprinting… But that part of him talking-reli for retards.
    Oh, btw, My teacher actually ask me to watch this video

  13. What?'re not gonna teach about "leaning" from the start?
    That weight from your upper body on the lean really helps..

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