Training on RINGS is HARD!

Hey how are you?! It’s a good day today! I’m warming up Ahahah Chri: I do that every day! After this video, everyone will start skipping the rope. From the 1st set of the very 1st handstand of the day, I can understand if the workout will be good or not. This is a very important moment! 50% ahahah Chri: I was sure about that! Chri: To not put my feet on ground, I brought these today! Ahahah With this temperature my hands are freezing When at the bars/parallels, everything is harder. I always hit my head when I do this ahahah 1st planche of the day! What do you think? (Talking about future objective) I just want…are you recording? I just want… Ohh I almost dead, too much swing. Hold it! Good! The shoulders, gives me problems, otherwise I could hold the cross forever… Almost dead. Again! My shoulder! Mark my words! When my shoulder will get better, then I’ll comeback training 100%. These damn shoulders! I always lose the form.. I’m hungry, so I eat now. Intra-workout. Discount code: LAROSA10 What taste is this? Cookies! Chri: I like it! Come on! You just have to try it a few times. I don’t know If I’m still able to do this. Last set! Wait wait! After all the pull ups I did, It’s not possible to do front lever pull ups ahah Christian is training pull ups and handstand push ups today. I always said to me: soon or later I will meet him! I don’t usually come here! There are not good parks in the city. So, workout it’s almost done, we did 2 hours and half of training. We tried some combos, handstands etc. And also 4 sets of front lever pull ups, just to see if I was still able to do it (I don’t usually train it). Not bad, to clean it up a little bit, but was okay. I hope you enjoy these type of videos! So you can see some moments from my workouts. Today I’m training with Christian. Christian where are you? After a few months without training together! The bars and parallels are sooo cold, but it’s always fun to train at the park. Last little combo of the day. Christian: Yes! Christian: Let’s go! I don’t know how I just did this combo. I’m completely destroyed. So, at the end, I almost trained for 3 hours today. I’m pretty satisfied, except with my shoulder. It gives me pain, especially some rings exercises. Also I feel a little pain in the chest, probably because I trained every day this week. I will do the last session of the week tomorrow and then I’ll rest a little bit. Now I’m eating a little snack and finishing my bcaa, then I will go to lunch.

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  1. Hey guys, I hope you enjoy this video with some clips from my training session at the park.

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  2. proud of holding my first backlever for a few secs… then i see crazy shit like planche on rings XD …insane man 😀 .. also you seem to be a funny and nice guy 😀 would love to learn stuff from you ^^

  3. andrea you dont do basic at the end of your trainings bro?? And other thing, i think (me and a lot of people) that it would be so so interestin that you make a video about your weekly training planification –> how you distribute your training days along the week, what do you train each day… I hope you do it bro!!

  4. Good job. Your shoulder and core are really strong. I can also do the handstand pushup and lever. Rings are hard. Torque on shoulder. My guess is you are 5'6. 135 lbs. I'm 6' 180 lbs. So I have a little more weight to hold. I can lift and control 140lbs No problem. But 180 gets tough sometimes

  5. You are gifted do you pray and thank God for your gifts

  6. If you are not going to speak in English don't title your video in English. And yes I know there are subtitiles, I'm here not to read your subtitles. You write your description in english and most of your fanbase speaks English not spanish or whatever it its. If you are not going to speak in English at least write down in the title that the audio is in Spanish or whatever it is.

  7. Bravissimo !! This kind of videos are so enjoyable, amazing workout… Hope you get better of that shoulder soon 💪💪

  8. Look now dude,i don't hate you.I neither envy you.I've done so many priceless things in mah life that I do not have place for envyness.But i want to give an advice.Look i can see that you have passion.Too much in fact.For good or for bad.But please stop the energy boosters + the other boosters that you take.Like protein shakes and the much worser boosters.All this shit is FAKE! So that makes your career FAKE! And eventualy that makes YOU … FUCKING FAKE! I'ts like you're living a dream.But dreams ain't fucking reality! Milk,meat,cheese,vegetables,fruits,eggs and water is what your organism should take! These things should be your source of protein and the other healthy chemicals!

  9. Could you do a V-sit tutorial I've been working on this for some time and would like to find some easier ways to progress

  10. Hello.
    andrea larosa
    I am 20 years old living in Korea.

    I'm a huge fan! I love you so much.

    I want to be like you. I'm 20 years old. I'm going to do it right now. If I start now, is it too late? I am 20 years old!

    I was wondering if it was too late to start at the age of 20

  11. A proposito mi ero scordato… puoi fare il video sull'OAP??(trazione monobraccio)💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼daje Andrea!!

  12. Ciao Andrea io ti stimo troppo.
    Io faccio palestra da 5 mesi quasi 6, io sono magro cosa posso mangiare per mettere massa muscolare.
    Per favore puoi fare un video

  13. Larosa, why do you lie in video's title?
    U told that training on wheels is hard, but watching you made me think that it's easy as fck 😆

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