Training Shorinji Kempo. The development of speed, endurance. Do as we do, do better than us.少林寺拳法

We go to school every weekday. Rainy weather, we will not prevent to reach our goal. We are always happy to come to school when … We come to the gym to work out … Shorinji Kempo. We respect ourselves and respect the place of learning. Now you will see how we train serinji Kempo. We always start training with the guidance of cleanliness and order. We promise to do better ourselves and
world around us. And now we have a warm-up Exercise #1. Easy running. Exercise #2. Side step. Exercise #3. Cross step. Exercise #4. Running back. Exercise #5. Double step. Exercise #6. Hard walk. Exercise #7. Tap, tap, knee, kick. Exercise #8. Back and forth. Exercise #9. 50% speed. Exercise #10. 70% speed. Exercise #11. 100% speed. Exercise #12. Back and forth. Exercise #13. Forward-backward. Exercise #14. Right-left. Exercise #15. Open-close. Exercise #16. Switch. Exercise #17. Cross. Exercise number 18. Knees up. Exercise #19. American football practice. Exercise #20. Wheelbarrows. We showed exercise-warming up before you practice Shorinji-Kempo. Do as we do, do better than us. And now we have a training session with the teacher, that’s a different story.

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    * Shorinji Kempo is an educational and creative channel about martial arts, self-defense and much more. Formats of interviews with Shorinji Kempo masters and trainers, video tutorials, trainings, master classes. If you are not familiar with Shorinji Kempo, and perhaps a training dojo near you. Below are links to the Shorinji Kempo World Organization, as training in the art of self-defense and spiritual growth in more than 40 countries of the world.

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