Training with Motionhouse – Meet Beth, Sophie, Elly, and Stefania!

Hi I’m Beth! I’m Sophie! I’m Elly! I’m Stefania! I’m an Apprentice with Motionhouse, I started in September and I’m gonna be
here up until May. So for ten months I get to work with the company. I’m also an apprentice like Sophie, I’m here from September until May. I’m here as Artist in Development with Motionhouse and I’ll be here till the end of March. I’m also an Artist in Training. After my degrees, I then came to the auditions and received some feedback, I needed to improve on my strength and my stamina as well. So that’s what I’m really here to focus on. I joined the company because I really
wanted to work on my physical strength and lifting, and also my confidence in flying, being lifted, and working on the set. At this stage of my career, I wanted
to challenge myself in something new, so getting new skills, kind of gain something more that I can bring then to my already knowledge, to keep researching and shaping my identity as an artist. I really wanted to experience what real
company life is like. It’s, like the other girls said, a great insight in working with the company and getting to play on the sets and with the other company members as well. In the past few years, I’ve been working as a freelancer, so I’ve been getting different experiences from
different companies and different artists I’ve been working with. And so, being
here is a good opportunity to really experience and have a deep insight what
Motionhouse is, that unique style that it’s got with merging this dance and circus stuff. I’m here to just expand my repertoire and styles of a dancer, to push myself out of my comfort zone, so a lot of that is working within acrobatics
and aerial work, which are all new skills that I’m picking up and that’s even more
that I want to do. A highlight for me has probably been,
just being able to work with Kevin and understand how he works and how he makes his choreographies. Motionhouse have got a new commission which we’re very lucky to be a part of. We haven’t performed to an audience yet, but we’ve been doing small sharings to different people and that’s just been really nice to be able to be given the trust, to be able to perform with the company, amongst the company, as a company member within this commission. Looking forward to all the shows that are to come! I think a highlight for me is coming in on Day 1, and really struggling with certain tricks and strengths. And a few months in, working really hard on certain things and then, it just kind of clicking and being able to achieve them. That was a really special thing, that you kind of see that your training has paid off. I would have to agree with Elly, it’s being able to, like, learn the tricks and the
skills that I have not had the experience of doing before and from really hard complex skills as well. I think just even backflips, just being able to do that in the space, and being able to train that and really pay attention of detail, so then when I’m finished here, I am able to then take that with me as an artist. The more circus and more acrobatic and working with the set and the physicality of this unique style is something that, really, is a highlight for me. So it’s something I was, not say, I wouldn’t say I was missing, but say it was a good chance to
really go deeper into developing this skills, and then, really then, getting along on
my journey!

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