24 Replies to “Two students stabbed at Mililani High School, both in serious condition”

  1. Prison yard fight wit shanks gone wrong 😂 LOCK DOWN…hey Cinderella go find yourself a fella 😂 don’t look at me puppet don’t look at me 😂

  2. Where's the parents??? Serious Mililani, come on Hawai'i schools supposed to be better then this. Shame, shame, shame. Some pride.

  3. Heard this from my daughter who attends JCHS. Not not knowing we know the female victim… HealingPrayers to all.

  4. Dumb kid should know a little by now that things don’t always go the way they want. You’ll learn many people won’t like you, much less find you appealing.

  5. Over a girl for real bra thers alot in the sea why get mad at one girl this dude must really like this girl hope shes ok

  6. Lmao 😂 She no like you bro so stupid plenty of fishes in the sea sharks, lobsters, or what have you. Bra just like how someone when fight over a pizza in campbellhigh school… bra young kids still think about life after high school.

  7. This is just an isolated case involving some punk rocker garage band kids. Target the juvenile delinquents and allow schools to expel them for god sakes rather than make all of these parents fearful to send their kids to school!

  8. Hello. I am a student that goes to Mililani High. I’m here to say that to everyone, adult or otherwise, that it ain’t just heartbreak. They were known to bounce up and down in life, doing many bad things, including alcohol and drugs. I do not want to reveal much about the person but they were already messed up before without apparently receiving help. So heartbreak is the tip of the iceberg and that it ISN’T that childish. They had a breakdown after being rejected possibly many times and not just by the female student. You can’t assume these things are petty because you don’t know what their dealing with. I am not a friend of the person who had stabbed but many have told me the truth. A close friend had. Please, don’t assume that a student as messed up as them is just some petty guy who can’t deal with heartbreak. They were a great person I heard until shit went down. Nobody can really say anything unless you know what their going through. We are students but we will stick up for people even people who aren’t right in the head. You all see a child who can’t take anything well and an attempted murderer. We see a kid in need and desperate for help, they were the same age as us after all. As a Mililani High School student. That’s all I have to say. Plus, get your shit together school and everyone who don’t think about who much this kid is in need.

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