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Greetings students of the world, in this
video I’ll be explaining how a UK university academic calendar and term
dates work and taking a look at some of the main holidays or vacations. Hello again, Jack here from Cardiff Met
International to talk you through the UK university academic calendar. As always
some of my examples will be specific to Cardiff Metropolitan University, but the
information should be useful wherever you are planning to study in the UK. Once
you’ve decided that you want to study in the UK, I’m sure you’ll want to get an
idea of how your average year is going to look. When will you be studying?
When will you have time to explore Cardiff, Wales, and the rest of the UK? And
when will you have long holidays that you can use to return home and see your
family and friends? So in this video I’ll first of all be looking at university
terms and semesters, followed by the main holidays. The UK university academic
calendar can be a little confusing for international students, and even British
students, as it is quite different to the academic calendar in other parts of the
world, and even other parts of the British education system. Generally
speaking the academic calendar runs from approximately September to June.
Postgraduate students then have the summer to work on their dissertations or
final projects, whilst undergraduate students have a long break. Depending on
where you study, the University year will either be split into terms or
semesters. At Cardiff Met our calendar is split into terms. For universities with
a term system the academic year is usually split up into three sections.
These terms will usually run from September to December, January to March,
and April to June. The amount of work you have can vary a lot each term, especially
the final term which is usually when you’ll have any exams. University modules
and classes will often run over the course of a single term with essays,
projects, and assessments due towards the end of each term, so it’s a good idea to
make sure you’re not too busy in early December or early March, so you
can concentrate fully on your studies. Many universities, including Cardiff Met,
also offer a number of courses that start in January. Courses that start in
January tend to have the same term dates however the academic year can be split
up a little differently. Check out my video about the January intake at
Cardiff Met to find out more specifically how this works. For
universities that use the semester system, the academic year tends
to be split into two, and it’s similar to the American University system. If you
are applying to a university with a semester system it’s a good idea to
check out their academic calendar before you get started. So the good news is, in
between your terms or semesters you’ll have plenty of time off during the
university holidays. The main vacation times for UK
universities are Christmas, Easter and the summer. These holidays vary in length
depending on the exact University, but Christmas and Easter tend to be three to
five weeks, and the summer twelve to fourteen weeks. During holiday periods
many University facilities will have limited access and opening times. For the
week between Christmas and New Year, and over the long Easter weekend, most
universities will be completely closed. Some universities will require students
living in university accommodation to return home during these holidays,
although sometimes there are different rules for international students. However
at Cardiff Met students living in our university halls can stay from September
through until June without having to leave during the Christmas or Easter
holidays. These long holidays are a great time to explore Cardiff, Wales and the
rest of the UK. As well as the main holidays some universities will have
Reading Weeks which are a week long break from taught classes. However these
mustn’t be confused with holidays, as the name suggests they are supposed to give
you time to read your course reading list and complete personal study. If you
do have reading weeks it’s a good idea to use from wisely, as opposed to just
relaxing and taking a break from your studies. There’s plenty of time for that
during the holidays! So there we have it, an overview of the UK university
academic year and the main holidays. Each University can have slightly different
start dates and vacations and these can vary a little each year. So if you’re
after specifics it’s best to double-check the details. I’ll include a link to
Cardiff Met’s term dates in the description below. Please do give me a
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  1. hello sir, you mentioned the link in the description that was term dates of September 2019 intake, but January 2020 intake term dates aren't mentioned.

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