UMBC Teaching Kitchen

(upbeat jazz music) – Hi, I’m Tim Dunn. I’m the campus executive
chef here at UMBC. – And I’m Adam Sachs, I’m
the campus dietician at UMBC. – And welcome to our teaching kitchen. Teaching Kitchen is a
Chartwells Initiative, where we found that sometimes
students come to college not exactly having some basic life skills. And not really being
nutrition and being prepared to eat properly. So our goal is just one by one, teach them knife skills, cooking skills, and things of that nature. – [Adam] Obviously we want to teach those basic cooking skills, kind of learn a little bit about that, learn skills in the kitchen, but we want those meals to be healthy, we want you to be able to know what to cook, what it does for you, how to cook healthy items
for you and your friends and your family, and just those kind of skills can help you for the rest of life and we hope this brings
a lot of things for UMBC and a lot of things for the students.

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