University of Cincinnati Co-Op

This could be terrifying, but it’s not. Most college grads are out there, scrambling
to find that first job. But he’s got multiple offers for his fourth. Because of the three coop jobs he did in school
beforehand. The University of Cincinnati invented this
move beyond the classroom more than a century ago. And Bearcats have been ahead of the game ever
since. Next lives here.

2 Replies to “University of Cincinnati Co-Op”

  1. Get off the Kentucky side if y’all are gonna be talkin about Cincinnati 😂🤦🏽‍♂️show Cincinnati not a view of Cincinnati from Covington. Terrible. This isn’t even by UC it’s in Clifton this is downtown which has horrible areas besides the designer stores 😂advertise the school. Jesus it doesn’t take rocket science.

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