University of Dundee | DJCAD | MSc Animation & VFX

The course is a three semester Masters program in one year program, and on that course we look at preproduction work. We look at post-production and most importantly, look at the production of animation visual effects using the professional pipeline that industry uses. The unique thing about this course is that we blend the creative and the technical skills so we will look at story we can narrative script rating but we also look at the technical processes utilizing software such as my NUC and other composing software that is industry standard. I picked this course because it had a really good reputation internationally as well and definitely it’s in the top of the UK. So that’s why I chose this one also because I did an undergrad here and I already knew the city so I thought was a perfect opportunity. What makes this course unique is the way it both focuses on individual work teamwork. We do a live project with an industry partner. In the past, we worked with the mill in London. We’ve worked with Actors Animation in Glasgow and we’ve also worked with big studios this year. And what’s great about that project is it’s externally lead and the students have to answer a brief that is set by the client. The first live project we worked for this course was the Beano Project. We worked with Beano Studios here in Dundee and the assignment was we were to take the previously existing character from the comics, a very famous character. We had to choose 5 4 choices and re-imagine it nobodies and make it marketable for a younger audience but is today’s television. So we pretty much made a short film. It was a 3D film and it wasn’t a competition. We just pitched ideas. Was so much fun. They loved our films. They have really good feedback and this really helped us to see how a client is going to ask for things. How we can put on our own little details but still create the product the client wanted. So this was really educational. The other students all come from different backgrounds. And it’s actually really interesting because, for example, I come from an interior design background and we got someone who was an accountant before and so we all got this different skill set. It’s really good to see what they bring to the table. And it was so valuable to learn from these people all have different skills and talents. And yeah, it was a good mix as a master student you’re given your own space to be at like the craft centre. You’re also able to work on like the treaty lab and also the green studio, which you can do your life action films and basically anywhere else that’s available for use like the library or other places. So we do have a lot of freedom and places you can work on. A lot of our graduates going to work on TV, film, animation, video games, works. We have some of our students going into studios like Industrial Light and Magic and NPC, working in Vancouver or working in Bangalore, working all over the world. We have really strong connections with industry. So we do internships, placements. We have a very good track record of getting our students into practice. I think my favourite part of the course was this room, because it is literally designed for animation students and creative people. This is where we became a team family. This is where we first met, our teachers, and we first got to bond with the environment just the way it inspires the creative person to do the stuff we want to do without it being a straight educational area.

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