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hi everyone I’m Jess and I’m here to talk to you about how you can get involved in the University’s Christmas gift project so the residential wardens at the Uni have set up this project for people who are staying in Lincoln over Christmas and the general idea is that you can send in little gifts and they will go out to people who are staying in Lincoln over Christmas just to cheer them up a little bit and to give them a little bit of festive joy so what I’m gonna do is I’ve set up this little gift guide to give you a few ideas on the sort of things you can donate so hopefully it’ll give you a few ideas on how to get involved and it really won’t cost you much money at all so the first idea for the sort of thing you can send in is clothing and buy clothes then we mean things like gloves socks hats and personally I love a good woolly hat and you can get these really cheap in places like Primark and new look and obviously they keep your head nice and warm and they look really cute too you could also opt for some earmuffs if you want to be a little bit different or a pair of bed socks and if you’re cool like me you can get a pair of cats on the next video is stationary items and this is really good because everyone loves stationary and no matter who you are so I think this is a really nice idea something to include and this could be literally anything it could be notebooks 20/20 Diaries pens like honestly I love stationery so I’d be happy with anything but just think of like nice little things that you’d like to receive and I think that’s a really nice way to make sure you again something that someone else would enjoy as well so I personally would probably include a little notebook or a planner and a few little pens but like nice pens like gel pens and highlighters the next idea is toiletries so anything like shower gels perfume deodorant literally anything to do with that category is always a really nice thing to throw in because there are so many nice Christmas cents at this time of year and getting gifted like nice shower gels and body lotions is one of my favorite gifts to receive so I think that would be a really nice thing to include when you’re looking for toiletries some really good places to shop our home bargains Poundland and bnm because they have lots of the big brands that are really cheap and alternatively they do do their own gift sets which obviously look really nice as they sort of christmas gift the next idea is to have some board games because it is basic a Christmas tradition to have some board games it doesn’t necessarily have to be really tedious games like monopoly you could also include a few little ones so I got this travel edition chess set for three pounds in the works and actually the sale for a pound so it’s really affordable and even if you don’t have to play chess it will definitely keep you busy trying to learn there’s so many different games out there as I say you can get into places like the works if you want in a bit more variation you can also have a look in WH Smiths or Smith’s toy superstore there are loads of places you can get these and I think it’s a nice gift because it also gives you something to do on Christmas the final idea is you could include some food items so like a bar of chocolate however obviously you don’t know the person who’s receiving its dietary requirements but if you wanted to chuck in like a bag of sweets or a bar chocolate I don’t think it would be an issue however just be aware I wouldn’t get all of your gifts as food because some people obviously can’t eat them if you had a slightly bigger budget as well a really nice gift to give would be something like blankets and cushions just to make your student accommodation feel more homely because especially in winter when it’s cold having a nice blanket to snuggle into is like the best thing ever so if you can like throwing in a nice blanket or a nice cushion for someone to put in their room I think is a really nice touch and you can get blankets in literally any shop Primark again do really nice ones you can also find them in supermarkets like Tesco and Morrison’s and in terms of home where I’d also look in places like TK Maxx because they’re really affordable too so those are my main gift ideas I hope they were helpful and will encourage you to get involved in this little project if you do want to get involved there are two steps to it so the first thing you can do is donate a gift to the project and if you do want to donate again you just have to bring an unwrapped gift to the Student Support Center before the 18th of December I will leave the information in the description for you guys so you don’t forget but that is the first option of how to get involved the next way is to nominate a student that you know will be alone in link in this Christmas so if you do know anyone like a flatmate who is gonna be here over Christmas you can nominate them to receive these gifts which is so nice and if you do want to do this you email the residential wardens down below again I will leave all this information and that is where you can nominate the person that you’d like to receive the gift and then give their address and if you also have any questions about the project and that sort of things that you can send in that is a really good place to contact as well so I hope this was helpful and it gives you a few new ideas on what you can get for this project and I hope you all get involved you

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  1. What a great idea 😁👌 I think 2nd year students should donate their notes from last year, and make some 1st year students really happy 😅

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