University of Michigan News “Beyond the Headlines” podcast intro

[music plays] I’m Mike Wood, this is Michigan News
Beyond the Headlines. Barb McQuade is one of our most frequent
guests here in the Michigan News studio. You may know her as a law professor or
former US Attorney, but did you know when she was a student here she was a sports
editor of the Michigan Daily [Crowd Cheers]
Announcer: Second and long. Harbaugh’s first throw is deep! [Fades] Barb McQuade: My senior year, I covered the football team which
was great fun. Jim Harbaugh was the quarterback of the team, and Bo
Schembechler was the coach, and it was a great season. Michigan won the Big Ten,
went to the Rose Bowl, and got to be in the press box at the Rose Bowl to cover
the game. You know, sadly it was one Michigan lost, but it was a thrill just
to be there. Mike: Barb McQuaid will be my guest on episode one of our new podcast,
Michigan News Beyond the Headlines launching on Monday January 13th. I’m Mike Wood, I’ll see you Beyond the Headlines. [music fades]

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