University of Sussex Library

I can’t imagine the campus
without the library. I can’t imagine studying without the library. For me, it’s a place where
I can work and concentrate. A space that’s a good solid
working environment. So much human endeavour
goes into producing these books. This building represents an
overwhelming accumulation of knowledge. The place I like to work in the library
is cocooning me in books. It’s perfect for working
without distractions. The fact that we are working with
everyone else who is knuckling down. You’re in a space where everyone else is
working, revising, getting on with the same things. So there’s a common impetus
to work together. Revising in a group is
much easier and stress-free. Four or five of us can work downstairs
or we can book out the group study rooms. I don’t think we’d be able to do
that without the library. I guess the library is the place where
I spend the majority of my time on campus. It’s not an intimidating place
or a scary place. It’s very friendly and you
can feel at home in this library. It’s open 24 hours so you can just stay
in here from 6 at night to 6 in the morning. It feels safe, it’s a good place
to get your work done. I can just come in whenever I like,
flick through the books, find the ones that I am interested in. It’s a great way to just discover something new. The library is very useful. It’s a very huge part of my degree
because you’ve got a lot of resources. Being a science student, it’s very good
to be able to download journals whenever you want. The journals are very useful. You have to know what’s going on
in terms of current research. The online resources are fantastic because
there are subscriptions to journals and other things. If I wasn’t at the University of Sussex,
I wouldn’t have access to those and they are very expensive. Everything is self-service here. They have their own machines that
you can just scan your card into. Then you place your books on there
and you’re done! Bringing books in is quite fun as well.
You pop them in and they just disappear. You know that they will be back on
the shelves quickly which is really great. The staff at the library are really nice. If you have questions about
finding books and researching things, everyone is very helpful. I really like the Hive because research
can be quite an isolating experience. You can go in the Hive and do your work
but be amongst a community of other researchers. The library to me is absolutely invaluable. It’s a thinking space, a creative space
and a comfortable space. It’s a place where I can find all the resources I need
in one spot and without too much hassle. It’s fantastic.

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  1. Whilst I was studying at Sussex I once fell asleep in the library and when I awoke it was 3am. I'd been asleep for 7 hours.

    They aren't exaggerating when they say it is comfortable!

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