Use Screencast-o-matic in Your Teaching

Hi, It’s Bonni Stachowiak here to … share a bit about how Screencast-o-matic works. Screencasting (which is the core function of … Screencast-o-matic, but it can actually do a lot … more than that) is the recording of whatever is on one’s screen. Right now, you’re looking at my desktop … image. Whatever I place inside this … dotted line frame will be included in the video portion … of my screencast. I can also record audio either … while I’m recording, or after the fact. Here’s me getting ready to record a PowerPoint slide. Note that I can record my screen, what’s showing on my webcam, or both. I love how easy it is to go … back and forth between my webcam – and “making eye … contact with the web cam” and then moving back to … showing the slides. It’s not only PowerPoint that I can “screencast,” though. Here’s me showing how to do … something in our learning management system (LMS). I can click through different steps, making it far easier to show rather than tell our faculty how … to perform something in the LMS. If you prefer not to speak extemporaneously when you … are screencasting, you can write a script in … advance and read from it to create your recording. Import/export options add to the convenience of this … feature, in case your script already … exists outside of Screencast-o-matic, or you want to take a script you recorded in … Screencast-o-matic and use it somewhere else. The free version of Screencast-o-matic is pretty … full featured. It does limit you to 15-minute … recordings, but my recommendation is … that you don’t want to hardly ever record anything longer … than that without having some kind of interaction with the … learner. You can publish directly to … YouTube, or save the video file on your … computer to upload into a service of your choice. The pro version removes the Screencast-o-matic logo … watermark on your videos, allows for longer than 15 … minute recordings, editing tools, scripted recordings, drawing and zooming, other places to publish directly to, and a screenshot tool. This has been a brief look at Screencast-o-matic. If you haven’t ever used it, I suspect you will be surprised … at how quick it is to get up and running with it. If it has been a while since you have seen it, you might be like me and be delighted with how … easy-yet-robust of a tool it is… If you enjoyed hearing about a tool we can use in our … teaching, check out the Teaching in … Higher Ed podcast on your favorite podcast app, or visit teaching in higher ed dot com to learn more about … how to facilitate learning in higher education.

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