USYK & TOROKHTIY // How to build explosive power for Boxing

Hello, everybody! We are at the Olympic training base in Koncha Zaspa. Waiting fro Alexandr Usik´s arrival right now. We will conduct 2 trainings together today. First one – a weightlifting training, and the second one – a box training. We will ask several questions The first one is why Aleksandr in a heavier category Second question – what he sees in similar between box and weightlifting. And the third things, if we survive till then we will discover how strong his kick is. It´s been a while I saw something similar in a movie where somebody was standing and just doing this Basically the same. Well, it´s my first box training today… hopefully not the last one. hopefully not the last one. Alexandr! Alexandr! Hi! Hi, trainer! I can show you boxer´s legs Of course! We have 3 things to figure out today! Why, what in common… and the third one… I need to feel the strength of your kick! Is it possible? -Will you kick? -No, you will! -No, you will! – No, I can’t! – Really? Of course, not. I can’t do this to someone we became olympic champions same day with. Furthermore, I don’t do this kind of stuff free of charge. I’ve heard that! Perfect! You know what that means, don’t you? This? Focus, bitch! It’s not a secret for anybody that you’ve been putting weight recently. I haven’t actually started putting on weight. It’s pretty much the same it was in the off-season. I just need to work a bit on it and turn it into another quality. We used to think that I didn´t need 100 kg not even 99. My weight was supposed to be 97 at its highest. In case it´s more than that theoretically we won´t be able to box. We aim at 12 rounds. It´s never 2, 3, 5. It depends on the fight. There was a fight where the knock-out occured in the 8th round But we usually focus on 12 rounds. To overcome 12 rounds 3 minutes each with extra weight will be hard Why weightlifting? Because it makes legs work pretty well…leg explosive strength. Have you felt anything already? I did a bit on Monday. By the way, I was searching for my boxing helmet at home It was supposed to be on some upper box. Where I couldn’t reach it! So I jumped and kind of froze like that uo there. I could even see that the helmet wasn’t there. Which one will fit? I don’t which one will fit. It’s our production. Thanks! You are supposed to perform pull-ups this way And you do this way. I don’t know how much it will help me to accept the kick but I´ll be doing this just in case. The right hit falls on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th joints – And in my case are these, right? – It’s not about the flatness. It’s mostly like this! You see? – Am I doing it right? -You are! That’s it! Relax the shoulders! Be calm, watch your arms! Then the same but swinging a bit. Swinging… After the fight with Murat Gassiev when I won 4 belts and Muhammad Ali prize I used to talk to S. B. Kolosov. I had this idea of contacting Alexey Torokhtiy to clarify some things and also attend his trainings as I know he conducts seminars and try weightlifting So there was an idea… and here we are! Today we have a pause jerk from the racks And Alexey will give us a couple of good advice Because it’s something he is a master in! Shoulder width grip even a bit wider Put the barbell on the chest and hold it. – Now sit down as much as you can. Can you feel it? – Yes! 30 seconds or so This position is good for wrists, shoulders, elbows That’s exactly the position used when performing the Clean. Take some rest! Don’t relax it down there! Good! Shoulder blades together…one more time by yourself! That´s it! Very good! First time the distance was like this. That´s how we define…when you perform the squat! You sit…if there´spoor mobility – the distance is like this. If you do this way – you see how it is. Meaning that first time your elbows touched the knees. Now there’s some distance already! Have a look! -If this one is working… – The other one is protecting you. -What’s the height? – Right here! -Eyebrows level! – More or less over here. Closer a bit! Not in front of the eye! You are supposed to protect as it may come from here! This will not save me in any case! Fist clenched! Arms and shoulders relaxed! Don’t get clamped! If it´s comfortable for you this way right now – it´s okay, but in general you should control it! What comes first – the arm or the leg? Simultaneously! This first So you make a step pushing out ahead now try from this position without extending or pulling back! Back! One and back! Turn a bit! Tha back arm goes and you go against the weight! In weightlifting we believe that in order to perform snatch, clean & jerk, etc at least 3 – 4 months are needed to master the movement technique Do you have anything similar in boxing? Before starting the main work there is one hour and a half on the ring Looks like you know everything And then you have 3 or 5 minus out of 10. It´s the same method and sequence you used to see in previous videos, I guess. Press the barbell, bring your shoulder blades together and squeeze your shoulders to your ears. But again…if it’s heavy weights weightlifting, 200 kg or so obviously you won’t be able to do like this but it’s still necessary to create the memory of reaching up! and not just relax for the barbell to smash you. Best of all is to work on this with small weights then with the bar and only after that – 40-50 kg which will be transferred into the barbell consequently. That’s exactly what Aleksandr is doing right now. -Do you feel nervousness already? -On my face? – In your knees! – I do! Yours is 20 too, right? Yes, it is, but it’s handmade. Need to order beforehand. The 20s are not being produced, only up to 18 mostly. The 20s must be ordered. The guy helps us out as we are friends. Once you hit, teh back foot goes up but the head shouldn’t go further than the knee. We’re talking about this foot, aren’t we? Exactly! If you’re a bit uncomfortable, just do like this! A small step! Exactly! Try to hit the floor! Like this! You’ll be able to feel a totally different speed! You do like this – and it’s okay! But if you hit the floor too – you will activate the speed qualities automatically too! And everything will be done much faster! Knees straight! Knees straight! Knees straight from here too! Not bad! Up and down! – Why is he nervous? Psychologists and psychiatrist are different people, different professions, guys! – He mentioned our ukrainian shot put olympic champion. -Bilonog? Yes! When he was about to lose, but then pulled himself together shouted and did it! So we started practising before the Olympic Games! Sanya is like this… not feeling well, we were going to lose. Please, pull yourself together, shout! Ehhh! – No! Do shout!!! – Ehhhhhhh! (Alexey’s laughter) And this is a split squat! I’ve got a question. Our position for the split squat is like this. I notice many similarities with your! Is it the same position? Well, yours is wider a bit. Some people can stay like that. Those that work like this mostly. What´s the benefit? It’s comfortable! If he stands like this in a narrow way he will have to incline like this. If from here he will be able to do this! -And the leg arching gives more speed! -Yes! But this should not be done! Is this position correct? Not like that! Better to prepare the leg this way. Twisting the leg? Yes, this way! I hit and I start turning just a bit, this is enough! As I usually explain, when you do this, you stand on one toe. On all toes! And when you twist your leg – it’s 3-4 toes! this too, so it comes from here and from here too I can see it’s bent. But I try to jump up! So it’s up first and then down 1, 2 , 3. Not bad! Good! Up! Great! Be like a spring! When you get bent, you need to be like a spring! If you get bent like this When I do this It breaks Yeah Good movement! Elbows ahead Feet not so wide On your foot…go! Calm down, bring it back. Hit it and then comes the shoulder till the end! Don’t worry you’re gonna make it left one 1, 2 left, right It’s really cool when 2 ukrainian masters of sports exchange skills. Alexey Torokhtiy, Roman Kapitonenko Speed! That´s it! Imagine there´s an opponent on the other side of the gym Shouting to throw the 25kg one to him. You take it and throw it! Do this with the leg! Turning the buttocks. Turning the buttocks. And you do like this…of course, it’s your first training but you’re a master of sports! Use the leg! It’s too late! That’s it! You are not moving it. Watch your hands! Some big guys that train with us can’t even do like this and you just keep hitting him right there! Arm comes first and head comes after Don’t move your head, that’s it! Awesome! This time it’s much better! It’s like there’s a bar put in some capacitance and you´re trying to get it out with your legs. You wouldn´t be doing that with your arms, right? Here comes the arm! One more time! That’s it! Feet closer! Your back straight! Where’s the noise? Very good! Bring it back carefully. I look like a real weightlifter I scratched my legs first let some blood out. As Alexandrs says: “Let some blood out!” I started wearing special stuff afterwards. He told me it was totally okay and that I wasn’t supposed to be shy as he was wearing pink shoes Do you know a story about a weightlifter? It’s really easy to identify a weightlifter at the beach! Hairy legs And some bald parts here and here due to the scratches from the barbell in the power position and he’s walking like this Great! That’s enough for today! Get some rest! You told me it would be 80? And you come Can you see my arm? You just turn it The back hand, you see? Can you see? -Can you see how people work? -Focus, bitch! -Hey! -Come on, focus on the beach! and it’s a stone belly, isn’t it? That’s how we spent this day together! I can say on behalf of myself that in my opinion there is much in common between boxing and weightlifting between boxing and weightlifting but the most important thing is willingness! I totally agree with you, Alexey! That’s true! In order to reach goals, one must work hard sacrifice many things Work, work and work! So, guys, to make our video even more interesting we’re gonna conclude it with 2 questions: one from each of us. 2 winners will get T-shirts from us randomly My question is: how much will it be in weightlifting 25 + 25 ??? Leave the answer in the comments section. When I’m on my way home and my beloved wife calls me asking me how much it will take me to arrive I usually tell her I’ll arrive in 3 rounds! So, how long will it take me to arrive home? Leave your answers under this video and two of them will receive our T-shirts! You’ll be wearing nice T-shirts just like this..

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