UVM’s M.S. in Athletic Training

(upbeat music) – Our master’s degree in athletic training is set up to be two consecutive years broken down into six semesters
including two summers. Our students will have
multiple didactic courses as well as clinical courses each semester throughout the curriculum. – The benefit to this program, you get to see in real life
the things that you’re learning in the classroom. – From the very first
classes that they take, students get that unique
and invaluable experience of hands on learning that
they can immediately apply into the clinical setting. – We currently have over 25
clinical affiliated sites. These sites include division one and two collegiate athletics, a wide
range of local high schools, outpatient orthopedic
rehabilitation clinics, and students also get exposure
to our health care providers down at our student health services. – The variety of different
clinical experiences that we have is different than a lot of other programs and a lot of other schools that I’ve seen. You go from just learning
and observing and watching to really initiating, leading,
and teaching other people as well. – In the general medical rotation, there’s also opportunity to
run point of care testing, for instance rapid strep
test, urine analysis, we look at EKGs together. – [Kit] As the students
progress through the program, their roles and responsibilities change, but in addition, their
opportunities to provide the hands on, high quality
healthcare of patients increases as well. – We also have a lot of collaboration throughout multiple colleges
at the University of Vermont, and with that we’ve
developed some really great research collaborations. They’re very, very high level, NIH funded, national level research projects involving post traumatic osteoarthritis, so after significant knee injuries, such as ACL injury or meniscus injury. – [Kyle] I’m always so impressed about all the different skillsets that our certified athletic trainers have. Things like accu-release therapy, dry needling, cupping
techniques, positional release, advanced kinesio taping. It’s a really unique
mix that comes together here at UVM and makes us special. (upbeat music) – [Kit] Students have a unique opportunity to graduate with complimentary
credentials as well, both in EMT and also as instructors for basic life support trough
the American Red Cross. – For myself, as a team
physician being embedded in the athletic medicine facility, I think that’s a really unique setup that I haven’t seen in a lot
of other division one colleges. – [Kelly] We’re developing
a five year MSAT program to capture students who are interested in athletic training
right from the beginning of their college experience. Students will complete a bachelor’s degree in an identified field, and
the subsequent master’s degree in athletic training at the
end of five consecutive years. – [Kyle] This program also
gives students the opportunity to be at a large university, but it feels like a
small school environment. – [Tim] The university is phenomenal in its climate, the attitude here, the laid back mentality. – [Kyle] And there’s
something for everybody here. You got the lake that’s
right down the hill, you got mountains that
are 30 minutes drive away from Burlington, and
it’s just the perfect place to live. – [Kelly] Here are UVM,
we really prioritize student centered learning, and really feel like
it’s a family atmosphere where we get to know the students and they get to know us
because we spend a lot of time together both in the classroom
and in the clinical world. – My education set me up to come out and just be really
confident, and I felt like I could handle any
situation that came my way, whether it be medical or interpersonal. – [Kelly] We’re incredibly proud of our high board
certification exam pass rates, and feel this really
demonstrates our ability to successfully prepare students to be leaders in the field
of athletic training. – [Kyle] I think it’s the perfect place to learn athletic training. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. – [Kelly] Please visit our
website for the most current information on our master of
science in athletic training program here at UVM. (upbeat music)

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