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Captioning provided by
Disability Access Services at Oregon State University. Woman: You should
introduce yourself first! Ashley Barnes: Okay, so
my name is Ashley Barnes. I am a senior here at Oregon State studying English and
secondary education, and I am currently serving
as the MU President. Welcome to the OSU Valley Library. This is the premier place to study, research, and learn on campus. Why don’t we take a step inside and see what services are provided. All right, so now we are
in the circulation area which is where the Reserve Services in the library is housed at, and the great thing about this location is that you can check out laptops. You can reserve study rooms. They also have Kindles that
you can check out for two weeks, as well as many other computing needs that you may have as a student. So welcome to the
Self-Service Copy Center here at the Valley Library. Here you will find
black and white copiers as well as color
copiers that you can use if you need to copy documents
for your personal life or for your school life. Whatever you need, they will
provide that service here, and you can charge
it to your OSU account based on your student ID. They also have scanners here if you would like to scan documents and make them into PDF files, as well as e-mail them to yourself so that you have them on file. Welcome to Student Multimedia Services. This is an area in the library that provides a lot student resources, and they can help you print
off posters for presentations as well as provide you support in any of your multimedia needs. So we are standing in the
Learning Commons of the library. Here you will see
there are many computers that students can use
while they are on campus. You can just log in with your
ONID, and it is really handy if you do not want to
bring your laptop to campus or have a desktop at home. Also, in the back, you will see that we have a Collaborative Learning Center which is a great place to go if you need help with your studies. There’s tutors available for many of the classes here on campus, and that is a great place to
meet and do some group study. Welcome to the OSU Computer Helpdesk. Here, they have a lot of services that can help you with
either software updates, antivirus, or any of your computer needs they can try to help you with. So if you have problems and don’t want to go
off campus, come here. So we are standing on the third floor, and one of the unique
features about this floor is that it has Our Little Village, which is the child daycare center. So student parents who have children can drop their children off here while they go and study for
exams or for their classes. And they will also be
expanding their services soon to Dixon Recreation Center where student parents can drop
off their children there as well to be in childcare while
they get some exercise. We also have quiet rooms and
study spaces that you can rent out if you wish to have a
quieter place to study, if you don’t want to
be in the general public where a lot of students are studying, and it can get a little bit noisy. There are also specific
levels in the library that are designated quiet floors, and so you need to be
mindful of that as well, as if you want a quiet place to study that is probably your best option. Welcome to Java II, if you are feeling a little
tired while you are studying, you can come here and get
caffeinated and reenergized. One of the great things
about the Valley Library is that it is open 24
hours 5 days a week. So, on Sunday morning,
they open at 10:00 a.m., and they don’t close
until Friday at 10:00 p.m. But one thing that you should know is that after midnight until 7:00 a.m., you need your student ID in
order to access the library. On Saturday, they do close, but they are open from
10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. If the library is not the
place for you to study, there is also a list of quiet
spaces available on campus on the Dean of Student Life Website.

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