Voice Teacher Reacts to Dimash – Sinful Passion

Hi, my name is Sam Johnson, and I’m a voice teacher. Today I’m going to be reacting to and analyzing Dimash performing Sinful Passion It’s a light chest voice because his vocal cords aren’t coming together as fully as they might if it was a heavier chest voice Because of that it gets a breathier sound rather than a more full sound like even just with how I’m speaking right now It’s a lot more of a full chest voice than how he’s saying most of that There was one part where he came in with a little bit more of a full sound starting with a fry on set Uh-huh, and then he went through and got a little bit breathier again. So that’s a choice that he’s making for a style it’s a nice keyboard that’s a reverb on his mic Now it’s getting a little bit more full Just all the way through the the overall tone of his voice is going from that breathy or quieter place It’s impossible to get really loud and breathy together. It just doesn’t work together as he started getting louder in the song he also had to start getting a little bit more vocal cord closure so he did. And Along with that though I did hear a little bit of an over darkening I wonder if that’s gonna affect any of the future parts of his voice Usually if someone was darkening like that in the middle of their voice It would make it harder to go to higher notes. And I know that he like lives in the high world So it probably won’t affect it very much, but that’s something to kind of look out for Then it just gets breathy but up in the higher register But I’d say that’s pretty much the same coordination up for high notes as he was using at the beginning for low notes So is one of them head voice and the other chest voice? That’s where it gets So confusing because a lot of people associate chest voice to be a full sound, right? And so at the beginning was he singing in chest voice? According to that definition probably no. Because it was a much breathier sound. And then right now when he came in in this higher note It was really really breathy. Is it head voice? Is a chest voice? It’s a breathy sound. Like the head voice and chest voice are mostly there To describe how it feels to yourself. So it’s like yeah, I feel it in the chest. Okay, that’s chest voice Okay, I get it. But as I go higher I want, it kind of needs to go into the head There’s nowhere else that it can go If you try pulling that feeling that works well for chest voice up high and making that work for your high notes it just gives out eventually. The way to make a consistent sound is to let the feeling, let the sensation move up into the head but maintain the same Overall tonal quality. It needs to have the same balance of air and muscle whether it’s a low note or a high note so at the beginning he was probably, he was singing lower notes and They were a little bit breathier, but it was a coordination that he knows what now that he’s going up to the high notes He’s singing even notes, but they’re all kind of breathy To me that sounds even. And I know some people will kind of disagree and there’s so much passion about the language of head voice and falsetto and chest voice and I don’t think that there needs to be. Because if we’re focusing on Just trying to make something happen in a certain register We’re missing the point because we’re not focused on what the overall sound we want is going to be. And you can only really tune the overall sound that we’re gonna get by focusing on Register at a really primary stage of learning how to sing. When you’re actually expressing yourself if the focus is, okay I need to be just chest voice right now. You probably need more repetitions Just focusing on the chest voice before we start going out to perform a little bit more So now he’s going instead of any of the breathy stuff he’s using a really full configuration of his voice where there’s a lot of cord closure not so much that it’s really Making things heavy and hurt but enough that he’s able to get this sound rather than the breathier one that he was using before. Now as he’s going between notes he’s keeping that same amount of resistance and the pitch is just changing a little bit The vocal cords are just stretching a little bit more to get to higher notes But they’re staying together basically the same amount. And so that’s what I mean by like finding an even sound all the way through and having that be the main goal, rather than trying to just Be concerned with pulling chest voice up to a certain place or producing it using exactly this configuration And it’s it’s just too much. Start thinking about it in terms of the sound that you want and your body will start Accommodating towards that sound. But the goal is an even sound all the way through your range Regardless of what note you’re singing We don’t want the high note to sound a different way than the low note. Dimash is great at that He’s great at having the same tonal colors from high notes all the way to low notes and choosing when to go between them so that he can express himself in the way that he wants And then that came in in that same configuration that he used with the hum. The hum set it up really well he opened up into it and then he backed off. But he didn’t back off in a way that it went really breathy it’s just went quiet, but it was still about the same amount of resistance. So we can have a variety of volumes while having the same amount of resistance. And a variety of pitches while having the same amount of resistance When we start changing the amount of resistance, that’s when it gets a heavier sound or a lighter sound You also might notice at least I have so far in this clip that he only does those darker vowels at the middle part of his voice up to maybe an A he doesn’t ever use a really dark vowel at that B or C and When he just was there it opened up to a really bright kind of blaring vowel DAHH instead of the DOO That is pretty common because it’s hard to carry that super ultra dark sound up Very high even to the A is really really high to carry that dark of a sound in a full voice That’s a kind of darker sound though right. A little bit rounder rather than the trumpety AH AH AH It’s a really hoodey kind of choir like sound fluidy There are effects after and it sounds awesome He went up to the E it sounded like he was trying to add in a little bit of vibrato for part of it And it wasn’t quite taking, so he backed off. He found the place that was just, that was working But I don’t know something in that to me didn’t sound like it was as stable as he wanted, or exactly what his goal was And he just kind of made do with what was working. And then settled into that. Which I think is the right thing to do If your body’s saying ‘nope, this isn’t gonna work today’ maybe don’t try to force it into something That’s cool Wow, I love that Oh The agility in his voice is wild He’s very good at singing. As is demonstrated by the performance we just watched yeah, he has so much control over what tone he’s gonna use and at what part of his range. It’s nothing is Constricted, in that he can only do this note one way He has a lot of different options and if he’s not afraid to show those off. To switch between all of these different options One thing that I did notice is that when he wanted it to sound a little bit more classical He would beef things up a little bit where it would go more of a HO type sound at the bottom rather than that AH type sound at the bottom but as soon as he got up to that A or really the A sharp he started broadening it and it went to more of EH type sound which I think is the only way you can really sing that high and have it sound decent and balanced as a guy to get like a full voice sound. If you’re trying to pull up Oh It breaks. It’s going to break almost every time I don’t care how skilled you are at doing that It’s not very reliable, especially at the highest parts of your voice. I’d argue through most of your voice it’s not but when we get to the extreme high, it’s just not gonna work. So you need to find Modifications that will let you have the same sound color spectrum that you want Without destroying your voice or doing something that’s not gonna work. I mean, it’s just not gonna work So you have to come up with an alternative. His alternative went a little bit over to this side I think that if he wanted it to continue sounding as classical as it does in his lower notes and his middle register maybe just dropping it a little more to – instead of It’s a really small change, but that’s if he wanted it to sound more classical I don’t think he does. He’s singing pop music and he’s singing pop music really really well. Thank you for watching Please like subscribe and leave a comment below it really helps in helping me grow this channel and I super appreciate it. If you’re interested in signing up for a voice lesson with me go to my website vocalease.net Thank you

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  1. Hello, I really like the way you explain the reactions to the various artists. You have a very professional and serious way. Thank you! Can you give a reaction to a Russian girl named Diana Ankudinova? He's 14 years old and a voice you've never heard. The first song is called Wicked Games, and the second song is Rechenka. Wanting would also be the third Human It is a phenomenon… The primordial voice. Thank you very much

  2. YouTube needs more content creators like you. Not only are your videos hella fun, but also educational, the way you point out certain things from a professional point of view is very refreshing. Side note: Dimash is still, in my opinion, the greatest singer of all time, he has really changed the way I perceive vocal talent.

  3. Is it really wrong that I like his lows much more than his highs? I know his highs are out of this world, but his lows are the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.

  4. Мне понравилось то, что Вы исследуете голос Димаша и пробуете дать объяснение этому феномену. И у Вас очень значительное новое представление о том, как исполняет песню Димаш. Очень долго жду Ваших новых реакций на его творчество. Вы очень креативный и интересный учитель по вокалу. Спасибо.

  5. Sam , please please PLEASE react to Dimash singing Unforgettable Day live at Gakku, too – it contains the highest note he's ever hit live, and it's a song he composed when he was 17. I really think you'd enjoy hearing/watching it!

  6. I think that Sam will soon find out that Dimash defies convention. Dimash has been exposed to so many influences of culture and music, that he can go from one to the other seamlessly. His new effort Ogni Pietra will definitely put a twist in your knickers.

  7. Seems to me that every song he sings, he wants to reveal his entire range and it is always building to his E8 crescendo.

  8. I’m not a singer but let me tell you this channel is so informative and educational. I really love Dimash voice. No to be correct I’m in love with his voice and I appreciate you really taking the time to break down his vocal technique so that non singers understand just how that amazing voice operates.

  9. the rise in hormonal level listening to dimash has caused you the extra need to rehydrate is the best part of the reaction in my humble opinion

  10. Hi Sam, nice reactions 😍😍…
    Please react to Dimash – Ogni Pietra (Olimpico). My fave is the fancam version, although the sound quality is not 100% but we can see Dimash techniques while singing…the shape of his mouth, his larynx, his facial expression…

  11. Много лишних слов…, говоришь больше, чем Димаш поёт… Тебя смотрят не только твои ученики… Не подпишусь.

  12. Thank you for really dig into and analyze his voice piece by piece in extreme details on how each sound was handled by the artist where few people do as I was trained as a classical tenor. It is amazing someone is dynamic as Dimash.

  13. I really appreciate good analysis but I feel like I just watched you conduct an autopsy. It’s as though you don’t see any beauty here at all. Perhaps I’m wrong?

  14. Пить в эфире обязательно надо было?
    Сходили-бы еще пописили.. чего уж там….что естественно, то не безобразно…
    Димаш – бриллиант!

  15. Много говорите во время прослушивания, говорите после…. Я вас с удовольствием послушаю Вас потом …извините….

  16. Finally a reactor notices and appreciates the crazy run at the end. That has always been my favourite part and so many miss it.
    Thank you Sam 🙂

  17. I can’t believe that I discovered him through you channel, went to 3 of his concerts and has 2 more to go to this year and 3 in March. Can’t thank you enough for the first reaction you did about him ❤️❤️❤️

  18. I have listened only a few times ,I agree he is almost perfect but he does not move me, no goosebumps or feelings one way or the other it is almost like a robot for me, I like to feel like the person singing has lived the song

  19. I just finished watching another reaction video to this performance and the reviewers seemed pretty certain he was lip synching. At first I thought, "no, he can't be lip synching, he doesn't need to". But after listening to that run a number of times..as good as he is…that run seems almost impossible for a human to pull off live. I'm  not a hater…I think Dimash is probably the best vocalist in the world, but that run was so good it's hard to believe.

  20. Maybe you should react to the newest sinful passion performance moscow 22/03. Here is the link https://youtu.be/uxLhwfFFUQs

  21. For me personal,you are wier talking,for me Dimash has a beautiful voice to lisening and look at him ,you have some many words for something to beautiful.Sorry but is the way I feel.

  22. Sam Johnson-Thank you for sharing that information. I watch this type of video only occasionally, since I'm not a student of music vocals for my own sake (my voice went out several years ago, due to repeated attacks of broncho-pneumonia.) However, I love learning, and the phenomenon that is Dimash has focused interest on that. I must acknowledge, however, that in all of this, and though I have found religion disappointing, I do believe that he is a miracle of some sort; that in spite of mundane explanations, there is something about the whole package—the miraculous voice, the exceptional personality, the physical beauty that helps people respond positively to him–even the physical height (despite short-to-average height parents) as well as his innate love for others, and for human harmony– that hints of a deliberate design, a FASHIONING, for a PURPOSE. This does not diminish the importance of the mechanics of his voice, for those mechanics are vital to the whole thing. And that is one reason that I find those mechanics of interest.
    Again, thank you. I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of people who share information with other people, and I do what my circumstances allow, to help those who do it.

  23. Sir, I’m obsessed with your channel. I’m not a singer other than a shower singer, but I love how you break it down. 90% of the time I have no idea what you are referring to because I have no clue when it comes to music… anyhow, just love your channel. It’s soothing. 🙂

  24. Wow men, do you know there are lots of people faking being voice coaches just to get views!? YOU REALLY EXPLAIN HOW VOCALS WORK!! Glad to subscribe to your channel!

  25. Thank you a lot for your explanation I think that Dimash a miracle coz he has all vocal ranges and all technical voice and use all one time without any difficulties 🌹🙏👍

  26. You respected that whole 22 seconds unlike other react videos and i'm grateful for that, because I think that part must be heard completely to appreciate the feeling he's trying to express.
    I really like your videos, I can't comprehend some things because my main language is spanish but your analysis are objective without falling in the typical exaggerated gestures or rumble constantly, you go right to the point and I think that's what makes your reactions so interesting.
    Thank you.

  27. Sam, you've been granted a great talent as a singer and as a voice teacher, well you have won everything. And it is a pity that you stopped reacting to the awesome Dimash interpretations. Why?. It that he is too good to be true? Would you please try Ogny Petra, for instance? Thank you and Merry Xmas.

  28. The skill of Dimash is so so high that he can play with his voice getting so low that almost touches whispering without crossing that line. The only useful way I can describe that mastery is to picture it as fighter jets that fly few meters above ground to avoid radar detection

  29. I feel like your the debunked channel of the singing community. Everytime i watch your videos i learn and notice things I've never noticed before.

  30. Its sure that he is unique.. would you please take a look at this guy too…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V34GVaBBo54

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